Cursed Necropolis: Rio Grande Valley

Sesión Tres - Border Warfare (Guerra de la Frontera)

Fools attack my cult. I care little for the cult but it is my duty to defend them.

One thuggee wore a necklace of finely worked gold. It is a not-gold, not behaving as gold should. It is a product of this age, I assume. Learning more of it’s construction may take some time.

I took to the battlements of the keep. They are made of a not-stone. Like sandstone but gray and rough. Perhaps I shall study this later.

As expected, high walls and dropped stone still defeats modern weaponry. Perhaps this will one day fail me. Until then, people rarely look toward the sky.

The aggressors made use of iron-clad wagons. Elephants would have been more dangerous.

I saw a man ridden by a spirit snake dash to the keep gate. He was made to fall. I do not know what rode him but his speed was unusual.

The hale risen was felled like a goat by men with firearms. He will rise again. Still, these firearms may be quite dangerous. I shall study them, as well.

Ryan’s Notes:

Got a phone call that took me away from the rest of the group. One of our guys who I work with was attacked and I had to come bail him out. Unfortunately this was only the start, and he told me that the hideout of the cult is also going to be attacked soon. I’m making my way over to the rest of the party as fast as I can.

I make it on time, and see a bunch of cars pulling up to the cult hideout. Two cares are familiar, they belong to members of the fight club. After arming them, we make our way inside the cult hideout and form a choke point.

We get a text from Bahiti who’s hiding across the street telling us that there are 4 people outside. One of the fight club guys says they seem like scouts, and they both say they have friends on the way.

Kazmede is invisible and outside, scouting around. He sees a guy in the car watching the other 3, seems like the guy in charge. He teleports inside the car behind the the guy and snaps his neck.

Bahiti lets us know that the 3 remaining guys are making a call.

The 3 guys get in to the car and ask if the neckbroke guy is okay. Kazedme is between two of them in the back seat

Kazemde murders the two on either side of him, grabs the other and drags him out to the street, then brings him back inside the hideout.

Kaz throws the guy in front of the priestess (Citali), who pins him with her axe. Guy claims to just be just a scout, checking things out.

The guy is too grunt level to be of use, I knock him out and tie him up.

Anum loots my captive. Jerk.

The captive’s phone rings and after I bluff my way through a call I tell the rest that we have 20 minutes before more guys how up. I did deliberately mislead them as to our numbers, though.

Anum goes to the roof. makes his way through ceiling.

Bahiti is asked if she’s getting a haircut by the barber who’s shop she’s hiding in. I text her telling her shit is about to go down, to get herself and others out of the area if we can. She tells them there is about to be a gang fight and to get out, they do so unhappily.

I ask the biker guy and the collage kid how soon their friends will show up. We get reinforcements, I organize them in to a defensive formation in the building. Biker guy offers his help. His friends also show up and we organize them as well.

We set some guys up on the roof, as well as the roof of anther building. We’re hoping to throw them off with how many guys we actually have vs how many I told them we have.

We hear gunfire, two cars (one ours, one theirs) are shooting at each other.

Anum uses his sling to attack one of the drivers through the windshield. Our guys bail out of the other car and start shooting the other car.

Bahiti uses her vantage point to give the newcomers instructions on where to go.

Anum throws a big ol’ rock at the enemy car, it crushes them all just before they get out.

We hear cars stopping before they around the corner to the city hall we’re at. Enemy reinforcements.

After a few minutes we get a message from Bahiti telling us there are guys coping out the area, around at least two, + more.

I text Citlali to see if Kazemde can wreak shit up for our enemies. She does. Kazemde goes out and see 3 cars, and one guy asking for reinforcements. There are about 15 guys currently. Kazemde teleports in to the middle of the group of cars and starts using them as weapons against the enemy forces. He takes out 5 guys with the first attack, the rest with the followup.

Kazemde tells Anum that there are more dudes incoming after making his way back. The rest of us fortify the temple.

Three Mexican Cartel tanks shows up. Goddamnit.

Bahiti texts us the weakpoints of the tanks. Apparently they’re half truck, half tank. Windshields seem like obvious weakpoints. The guys wearing makes have an image of the faces of the egyptian gods on them.

I tell my flunky guys to target the windshields of the smaller tanks and Anum to focus on the big tank.

Anum throws a big rock and crushes the front of the tank, but it keeps going.

Me and my guys shoot through the windshield, we draw blood, might have hit more than one person.

Anum continues to attack the big tank, doesn’t make a much of an impact.

Me and my guys continue to pour on the firepower on the others, manage to take one of them out. The other one looks pretty badly damaged.

I make a perfect shot and manage to headshot the driver of the other tank car. It rolls to a stop.

Anum throws another rock, manage to take out the big tanks. We’ve taken them all out now.

A guy pops out of the tank, runs towards the door of the city hall. Anum and Kazemde sense something from the tank, Kazemde senses that the guys life energy has been augmented now that he’s running towards the door.

I take a shot at the guy and take out his achilles tendon.

I noticed that there’s almost no blood coming out of the runner, and his flesh is slightly green.

Anum sees the aura of the runner, sees that it’s reptilian-esque. He’s pretty rage-y, but seems human despite the weirdness.

The runner almost makes it to the door. Anum drops some masonry on the runner, hits him. The runner slumps off to the side, not moving, but breathing.

More guys with crazy strong life forces are coming out of the truck, they’re shooting at Kazemde. He throws the halves former runner at the new gunners. Kazemde gets gunned down. Manages to take down the both of the gunners. Tripple KO.

Reminders: Trace enemy cells phone numbers. Grill any survivors for information. Investigate image on their makes.

High-Priestess Scrolls (Entry 03)

(War breaks out in the streets!)

The temple is under attack and I’m doing my best to protect it within our blessed walls. The two Gods and our warriors brandishing firearms carried on the fighting from above. While my cousin, Bahiti sent everyone text messages keeping us all updated on the battle out in front. Lord Amun hurled stones and boulders down on our enemies from the rooftops, while Lord Kazemde in his invisible form killing our would be assassins with his bare hands. Tanks then came into the clash, but Lord Amun and our warriors were too much for them. They seem to have brought at least three supernatural beings of their own and they seem to be throwing our Gods off their game a bit, which is something no one foresaw coming. Now what do we do to turn up the scale of this fighting and still come out ahead?


Teleute Teleute

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