Cursed Necropolis: Rio Grande Valley

Sesión Doce - When Hell Freezes Over Pt. 2 (Cuando El Infierno Se Congele Pt. 2)

I am considering my memories as we cross a bridge. It seems, none of my memories are of blatant service to the Judges. My cult may have been involved.

Me. My. I.

Perhaps the studies I require do not wholly involve books. I will attempt to experience the world. I feel there is something to this thought.

We enter the building. It appears more market than a place of learning. A kind of temple, I think. Serious study is accomplished by a few while most seek festive surroundings or comfort or attempt pompous blandishments.

I lack a badge. I feign incompetence and the situation is soon resolved. Many parts of this new world seem very… …soft. Kazemde finds an attendant conspicuous. Moments later, it is clear she summoned guards. I assume the threat of violence changed her understanding of our presence.

Wielding superior badges, we travel behind the curtain. I have acquired a menudo and fruit juice. The flavor is somehow familiar. It is a fish stew. I may have eaten a similar dish. As we search for Ihrah and the stolen artifacts, I attempt to continue to appear as an incompetent. I may have succeeded as I was not questioned.

Kazemde’s vessels are found in the form of a battery. It’s ancient components have been combined with modern parts to form an arcane power source. I do not sense the power source. Kazemde’s priest tells us there are more “bling” vessels which were not a part of the battery.

We continue our search and find a building dock. Within are criminals hired as mercenary guards. They have no firearms. Kazemde’s priest acts to placate them. I have an idea and sit upon their cache of firearms. As the fools approach me, my companions make quick work of them. Now I have a crate of firearms. I smile at the thought and continue to sample my menudo. It contains may different kinds of shrimp, fish, and vegetables. I am not certain, but I believe I may enjoy this food.

Armed, we will soon continue our hunt for Ihrah.

Ryan’s notes:

Kazemde calls Fernando, we learn from him that the artifacts are in a convention center. We make our way there, and see Fernando getting kicked out of the building.

We make our way inside, see people doing conference things. Anum runs in to security troubles, Citlali is forced to hold is hand again and gets us all badges. Anum presents his own artifacts and asks if they have anything similar. We get info on where memorabilia might be displayed.

Citlali asks where we might be able to find the albino lady, we get her business card. Citlali calls the number, gets us a meeting with the secretary. Citlali lies lies lies to get us a meeting with the albino lady, fails.

I try my own hand at lying my way in to a meeting with albino lady (Irah), pretending to represent investors. I get a canned response, and offer $100 to make it worth the secretary’s while.

Kazemde gets the feeling that miss secretary is a cultist blocking us from getting to her leader. Kazemde hits secretary lady with a vision of his and Anum’s true self. She gets scared. Kazemde demands to speak with Irah. Secretary calls in to her walky-talky “Code 4-9”. Security guys come up, and I try to ninja away.

Kazemde threatens secretary lady with omnivolance on everyone here if he doesn’t get his way. She takes a hint and the security people leave.

Citlali and Bahiti end up in different areas from the rest of us, thanks to trying to stealth away in to the crowd. Citlali finds the Shaman guy (medicine man).

Secretary lady says she doesn’t have the authority to set up a meeting with the gods. I move in and tell her to get us in with whoever is higher up on the totem pole than her. She says she can get us in with the people in the back area.

Suddenly: Fernando! He comes in and asks for a badge, gets one.

Shaman guy tags along, uneasily.

Anum demands money from Citlali, uses it to buy food and drinks for himself.

We go to the backstage area, looking for Irah and/or the artifacts. Citlali and Kazemde find a chained and padlocked door. Kazemde snaps the lock off and inside they find Kazemde’s artifacts, bagdad batteries, all wired together in a signal point. Kazemde remembers that they were used for magical technology purposes. Anum remembers them as magical batteries.

Fernando: “you’re still missing the round, fancy frisbee thing.”

Kazemde rips them all out and takes them and we follow the tracks that was used to cart them in to the loading area. The dockworkers ask us what we’re doing here. Fernando seems to know a few guys here, specifically two guys that he got drunk with.

I ask them if they know where the bagdad batteries came from, Fernando says he’ll handle this, starts talking to the two guys in spanish. Apparently the two guys are here to move some things “under the table”.

Through Fernando, I ask the two guys if they’ve seen Irah, she apparently left, but seems like she’s coming back.

Anum hints at Kazemde to commit omniviolance, as they wont be able to fight back without their guns in the box. Bahiti hides.

Kazemde stabs two dudes in the face.

Fernando shoots a guy in the face.

I shoot a guy in the face, he loses his head.

Citlali cuts their heads off.

We look the crate, get six assault rifles and spare ammo clips.


Teleute Teleute

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