A Guanche Huntsman acting as Guide for the Iremite Colonists, Relived by Ryan Mayer


Predator’s Bearing (••)
Something about your character reminds people and animals of the predators that hunt them. A human feels a base fear in his reptilian brain that catches his breath or causes hairs to stand up on the back of his head. Animals stand stock still, watching the character out of the corner of an eye, ready to run should she step close.
This Merit adds +1 die to any Social roll that would benefit from such unease. Intimidation benefits most
directly from this Merit, but some forms of Expression (reciting black, actually frightening poetry or appearing to be a “dangerous” rock star), Persuasion (fear can make for an exciting seduction) and Socialize (the cool kid who gathers the crowd can be disturbingly scary at times) are all viable Skills. The bonus from Predator’s Bearing can apply to animals, if appropriate.

Sense of Self (••)
Skinchangers with the Sense of Self Aspect recall their human identity and nature in the shapechange, using the kinship they feel with the animal as a method to keep themselves in control. When these skinchangers commit heinous acts in their animal form, they do not subtract one die from the Morality roll to determine derangements.

Twisted Tongue (•)
Most animals can’t speak human words. Not all skinchangers are satisfied to give up speech to attain their animal nature. Rather than becoming mute, they learn the Twisted Tongue Aspect. This Aspect gives a skinchanger the ability to speak in animal form any language she knows in her normal form.

Fast Skinner (•)
Create a new talisman in minutes instead of hours or days.

Permanent Talisman (•)
Talismans do not wear out.

Making a Talisman:
Hunt a creature, fashion a part of it into something wearable, and imbue it with 1 essence (you have 3 max). Taking the form of the animal the talisman represents cost 1 essence. Essence can be regained by dedicating a worthy hunt to the spirit of the skinchanger’s totem animal (the Barbary leopard in this case).


Born off the coast of North Africa (what are now the Canary Islands), Tadris found his youth a little too… peaceful. Leaving behind a comfortable life of farming fertile land, he made for the mainland to see what mysteries awaited. And he was not disappointed. Finding his passion, he devoted his life to hunting the dark wonders of the land. Ghûls, Babi-Ahsh witches, Riantes raiders, Anthropophage cults. In time, Tadis had become a master at facing the inhuman monsters that menaced the prehistoric night of North Africa. He even learned to taken on the forms of the creatures he hunted in order to hide in plan sight.

However, as he got older, he desired some semblance of stability. The harsh land only allowed strong tribes of nomadic hunter-gatherers to survive and his human relationships were fleeting. Sedentary settlements generally didn’t last longer than a few years against the creatures that hunted at night. In his early forties, he came across the largest of these destroyed settlements he had ever seen. Somehow, the settlers were able to construct a number of stone buildings and two large pyramids. He explored the wreckage, obviously recently fallen as bodies still lay in the open. In a collapsed barracks, he found a single survivor: an albino scribe named Ihrah who offered him riches if he escorted her back to the East, farther than Tadris had ever traveled. He accepted just for the experience.

Along the way back, Tadris found Ihrah to be a cunning woman, even if she wasn’t a warrior. He fell in love when she set a trap for him near the Empire’s territory, leaving him to a eaten alive by Anthropophage barbarians. After defeating the attackers, he tracked Ihrah down, claimed his treasure, married Irah, and proposed an expedition to restart the colony back west.


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