Iremite Colonial Worker Health Monitor Relived by Citlali


Biokinesis 5:
Gain 5 more dice to attempts to meditate (Wod: Core p.51) or enter a trance (Second Sight p. 35)
Spend 1 Willpower and roll Int + Composure to potentially manifest physical merits (see Second Sight p.46-47 for more details)

Iremite Psychic Healing 5:
Spend 1 Willpower and roll Stamina + Resolve. Success results in the target healing three times as quickly for three day and gaining the Improved Immunity System for the same period. A lethal point of damage now only takes 10 hours to heal.

Psychic Vampirism 5:
Touch the victim and roll Wits + Resolve – the target’s Resolve. Success drains 1 willpower from the target and grants 2 to the user.


Born in the capital to an wealthy Iremite merchant and an Oromo (from modern day Ethiopia) slave transporter, Lahyah lived a blessed life. As close to a noble as one could get without being a noble. When she came of age, she was sent to the Temple of Pillars in the capital to study, with the possibility of awakening magic within her through meditation and the magical sciences. After years of physical and mental conditioning, she did eventually awakening the power to work on human bodies, heal and harm. At the age of 19 and nearing the end of her training, she found herself appointed by the Shan’iatu God-Priest of her temple to care for the slaves and workers of an expedition guided by her brother-in-law to reestablish a colony in the Ateria (modern day Morocco). Leaving her sheltered life in the city for the first time, she was eager to serve the God-Priests and help extend the bounds of the Nameless Empire.


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