Sick Priestess of Ammut, Wife of Anum, & Oficiar of Slaves' Late Rites Relived by Bahiti


Sacrifice (•)
Effect: Your character is trained in performing ritual sacrifices to aid spiritual entities. An appropriate sacrifice channels the energy released by the death of an appropriate creature or the destruction of a suitable object to the spirit or ghost to whom it is dedicated. If the ritual is successful, the spirit or ghost receives its choice of one point of Essence or Willpower.
Dice Pool: Presence + Occult
Ritual Length: 10 minutes
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: In addition to failing, the sacrificial ritual displeases the ghost or spirit.
Exceptional Success: The ritual is particularly effective and the recipient receives an additional point of Willpower or Essence (for a total of two).
Possible Penalties: Poor quality sacrifice (–1 to –3), sacrifice not treated with respect (–1)
Ritual Details: The caster must destroy some object (often by burning it) or kill some creature (usually a small animal) as part of the ritual. Formally dedicating the sacrifice to the ghost or spirit in question is required.
Drawback: Although appropriate sacrifices please the recipient, they sometimes anger other spiritual entities. Sacrificing a chicken to the loa may aid them, but could offend an animal spirit in the process.

Soul Jar (••)
Effect: Creation of a Soul Jar allows a thaumaturge to trap the soul of a dying person, usually in preparation for nefarious purposes. The ritual may be performed upon an individual who is actually dying or who is merely trapped in a deathlike state (a vodoun bocor uses poisonous powders to achieve this state). The mystic must touch the subject throughout the ritual and must have a physical object ready
to receive the soul.
Dice Pool: Presence + Intimidation versus Resolve + Supernatural Advantage (extended and contested roll). No roll need for willing subjects.
Success: The ritual works as normal. A Soul Jar is considered a supernaturally Enhanced Item for purposes of its Durability, which means it can resist aggravated damage.


An Ozieri woman born just after the colonization of her homeland (modern day Sardinia), Ahdidi lived her early life under the harsh colonial rule of a Shan’iatu God-Priest who sought to extend the range of the Empire to the north coast of the Mediterranean. While most Ozieri, and their families, who did not quickly capitulate to the colonial authority and state religion of Azarism where enslaved, Ahdidi was noticed by an agent of the Shan’iatu. Believing that she held the taint of the dark god Ammut, likely due to her pale appearance and constant illnesses, he was sent away from the island to a temple outside the capital of Irem to be trained as a priestess of Ammut the Devourerer, a role both blessed and cursed in Iremite society. A professional psychopomp, she was trained in the rituals to dedicate human life to the Devourerer to appeases its hunger and the dark theology of nihilistic submission.

It’s here that she met Anum as he was being trained to become a priest of the official state religion. While most priests in training regarded the Ammutite priestesses with disgust, a necessary evil to quiet a dark god, Anum developed a close relationship with Ahdidi and they eventually fell in love. When Anum was assigned to an expedition to reestablish a colony in the Ateria (modern day Morocco), Ahdidi volunteered to join as the obligatory Ammutite priestess.


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