Cursed Necropolis: Rio Grande Valley

Sesión Treinta y Tres - In a Mirror, Darkly (Un Espejo a la Oscuridad)


Ryan’s notes:

Surrounded by black pyramids, I take a shot at one, causing it to shatter and disintegrate. However, once I did that, another one literally just popped in to existence. However, they do not react at all, just remain stationary. One approaches Kazemde, about an arms length from his torso, and my danger sense goes off. Kazemde rolls initiative. The top point of the pyramid is starting to glow red, Kazemde knifes it, and it goes spinning and a laser comes out and hits the wall, melting an inch or so through it.

Citlali and Bahiti notice that the laser’ed wall resembles an ancient text that they had been studying. Anum can tell it’s a simple sentence saying “for us please do not attack”. Anum tells us to not attack, and starts to talk in Iremite. A pyramid approaches him and starts to glow red, like it did Kazemde. Our danger sense goes off. Anum introduces himself, at the same time the pyramid shoots a laser in to his chest. On his chest is burned “Can you be able to understand me?” Anum tells it not to attack him, and tells it to communicate without layering him.

It goes back to Kazemde and laser communicates again. Kazemde grabs it and turns it so it doesn’t laser him, up on the wall, it lasers “please please help. looking for us, looking for one of us”. Kazemde tries to carve back “do not laser us, we can help” in it. it lets him do it.

All of them start to act together strangely, and eventually writes on the wall “You understand us, you will help” Anum carves back that he can. It tells us that one of it’s kind is hidden in one of your kind, and it needs help finding it.

there is a breif period where we work out communications, as apparently they can only understand things in the moment of writing, nothing else. Anum tells the pyramids to protect us and not attack anything that we don’t attack. Negotiations are had, and we agree to help them. Apparently, one of their kids is lost inside one of “our people”, and if it gets out in to the world, there would be significant consequences. They can’t sense the baby pyramids when they are inside someone else, but apparently the mummies can.

We tell them to keep an eye out for a “back mouthed shark guy” and open him up if they see him, as their baby might be in him. Wink wink.

They agree to help us with shark guy if we agree to help them.

While looking, Citlali hears a noise that seems far away that sounds like a child crying. She looks around to try and pinpoint it. None of us heard it.

Anum realizes that it’s not normal for a person to walk around with a gaping chest wound, and asks one of us for help. Citlali attends to him, although he rejects any use of sekhem

Kazemde and I are pretty sure we’ve spotted the shark guy. He’s hiding in a group of people to protect himself from us, and also Citlali can get a sense that the baby pyramid might be hidden inside one of the kids. Anum points them out the kid to the pyramids, and tells the rest of them to dismember the back mouth shark guy. the pyramids don’t understand the concept of surveillance on them, but they go to dissect the shark man.

They push the crowd away, and shark man tries to activate his supermode, but he gets caught in a net of lasers and dismembered.

Citlali goes to check on the kid, although the kid and the parents are freaked out. Anum asks if the human will be harmed checking for the baby pyramid. the pyramids tell us to observe their work on the shark man “We are very thorough”.

Kazemde recognizes that, while the dad does coke, they seem to be a happy family who were taking their kid on a trip.

We make a second look, just on the off chance that the kid isn’t the pyramid host. None of us see anything of note except for Anum, who notices that the kid is wincing every so often, but we can’t tell why.

Bahiti goes to try and suck the baby pyramid out of the kid, they manage to distract the parents for kazemde to knock them out and stash them somewhere, and Bahiti performs her ritual. After a bit, a baby pyramid comes out of the kid’s chest, with a small line of energy connecting it to her her. The baby pyramid seems to be trying to stay attached to the kid, Anum asks the other pyramids to help without endangering the kid. they try, but the pyramids say that they need to take the kid with them in order to remove the baby pyramid. They say that they’ll take the kid to a location our choosing after they’re done, and we give them the address we got off the parents.

We decide to hand off the parents to the pyramids, just so they can be together.

They fly away and vanish inside a ruined structure that hadn’t been there before. One stays back and asks us where we’re going. Anum points to Kyoto. Suddenly, we find that we’re now moored in japan. In a lake. In the middle of japan.

We eventually get off, the poor crew baffled as to how this happened. As we disembark, we get a call from Fernando, asking if that was us on the news. Fernando is confused and disappointed, but he’s going to text us where to meet him.

Also, Kazemde stole a quarter million dollars of stuff.


Teleute Teleute

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