Cursed Necropolis: Rio Grande Valley

Sesión Catorce - 3849 B.C.E. / 17 B.S.C. (3849 a.E.C. / 17 a.C.S.)

Ryan’s Notes:

We notice that we’re in a procession pulled by elephants and other dudes, we’ve been walking for a while, as our footprints stretch beyond the horizon of the desert.

Bahiti’s memory-self (Ahdidi) coughs up blood, this causes the guy walking towards us to walk faster. Citlali’s memory-self (Lahyah) tries to heal her. The guy (apparently a servant) arrives, asks if if Bahiti is well.

Apparently Bahiti’s memory self is afflicted with some type of inherited sickness, the coffin she was in was supposed to put her in stasis, but it didn’t work that well.

Citlali’s memory-self accelerate’s Bahiti’s memory-self.

Irah is talking to the guy who came up off to the side, asking demanding questions and making the poor servant cower.

Citlali’s memory-self tells Irah to shut up, Bahiti’s memory-self tells Citali to shut up. They roll initiative to see who tells who to shut up first. Citlali wins.

The servant guy moves over to me (Tadris) gives me a set of axes that look like Citlali’s old axes, save for the fact that they aren’t engraved and are linked with a chain. He says they’re my axes. I thank him and take them.

Irah walks up to me (kinda) and stares at me, while the servant man finishes giving me the axes. He then moves over to Anum and asks if he would give the voyage his blessing, as they journey has been long as people would like his god’s blessing (apparently he’s a priest and he does stuff like this)

Anum gives his blessing, the servant thanks him, tells us to get on the elephants (awesome).

I ask Irah what’s wrong. She says “you’re my husband”. I say “yep”. She says “I’m pretty sure you had a gun pointed at me earlier”. I say “You get used to this kind of thing in The Business”. She says “we’ll talk about this later”

We go to get on the elephants, the servants want to make sure Anum and Kazemde get on first.

Apparently the elephants have been magically modified to be more ridable.

Anum and Kazemde notice they can’t sense Sekhem, ‘cause they aren’t mummies anymore.

Irah and I talk about what we last remember before the memory-trip. She says she can’t remember any of this, and can only remember this because of “whatever this magic is” I ask “what magic is this?” She says she was approached by a figure that said this magic would let her relive the first days of her life. Says she also needed a lot of power to run it, as it’s not iramite magic, or not iramite magic she’s familiar with.

She also says that she’s not running this. Also tells Kazemde that he’s not getting his battery back. Make the “my bad” gesture.

Apparently we’re before what is commonly thought of as the stone age, 3849 BC. Her society existed and provided the proto-version of civilization, and that the god-kings had a hand in raising up human civilization.

I ask Irah if I was literally her husband in a past life or not, but she has no clue, but is confused as to why Bahiti/Citlali/Ahdidi/Lahyah are the same in this memory life and in real life. Also wonders why Kazemde is different.

I ask who gave her the magic thats letting her do this. Says it was someone named “Azid”, may or may not be a mummy. She doesn’t know much more beyond that.

The discussion turns to the axes, Irah blames Anum and Kazemde for their separated state. She’s mad at them.

Irah asks where we’re going, Anum asks him what he understands of our destination, he says is the last known site of the old settlement. I remember coming across this site, apparently there was a massacre in which I found Irah (mentioned in my backstory). It’s also in land where there are super animals that come out in the night and try to eat you.

I also remember that I have a talisman that lets me turn in to a fox. Bitching!

I notice that it’s gotten significantly colder, an unnatural cold. I remember vampires spirits that do stuff like this. I’m not happy ’cause something is going to try to kill us now. I remember some better methods for dealing with the cold spirits. I tell the servants together and they maneuver around us for better defense. The servants seem to have been prepped on this by me.

I tell anum to put me on the top of the coverings after I turn in to a fox, then turn in to a fox. Anum does this, and Irah decides to take a nap. This is familiar to Anum and Kazemde, who are irritated by this.

Bahiti notices that the servants are afraid of her memory self. She then remembers that the she belongs to an order of badass priestesses with serious mojo.

Anum orders the head slave guy to hand out some heated food, as it’s now around 40 degrees.

I notice that it’s snowing, I change back in to human and tell the rest, suggest that we go around the snow.

Anum remembers that the place we’re going has weather control tech, that it can also break and cause weird stuff to happen.

One of the servants comes up and tells us that we have provisions enough for another week, basically saying “I don’t want to go in there.”

We stop for a meal, ‘cause the mummies are hungry (a novelty for them). He also says he’s going to give everyone a blessing (secretly gaging if a march through the night would be received well). Finds that some would be okay with it, but not all.

Anum asks how many would march through the night on his say-so, finds that only 5 out of 20 would be willing, others would run. He orders them to double their dinners.

Anum makes a speech saying those who walk though the night will be rewarded with either freedom, or promotions. Anyone who choses not to come can stay here and be left with provisions enough to last the time we’re gone.

After the speech, 5 of the believers and 3 others sign on. 4 are warriors. Anum specifically thanks them and gives them blessings.

Then he tells Kazemde that they’ll cut their losses and leave the people who stay behind to fend on their own. Kazemde is down for this, as he wont have to pay these guys if they all die.

I feel alive. I seem to be walking in an older world. Slaves and elephants and desert. It is familiar. More, I am here for a purpose of my own.

We march to a site of power. There, we will secure it and learn its secrets. Kazemde and I are together. For so long, we have walked long roads together. It seems a cruel fate that makes us forget ourselves. But, perhaps it is the Judges, not fate.

I attempt to care for the slaves as I have feeling coursing through me. These are MY people. As the novelty begins to wear off and we face hardship, my feelings turn. I grow selfish. It is an odd feeling but I hunger for all of these emotions. I can understand my emotions in this vision trap.

Some of the slaves do not care to follow me. Very well. I leave them behind. The rest of us will march on to glory.

Citlali’s Reflections:

We were waiting at the Peace Conference to make contact with Ihrah, soon it became apparent that she wasn’t going to make a personal appearance here. We sense both danger and magic here, so we decided to investigate. Soon we found artifacts belonging to Lord Kazemde and we reclaimed them for him and then fowled up a display of a magical lightshow as well as the killing of one of my followers. We then drove the delivery truck to where Ihrah was hiding out. She tried to make us all feel at ease, telling us she posed no threat to us and was even willing to pay Lord Kazemde restitution for both the thief as well as the destruction of his personal ancient effects. To also show her sincerity she offered to show all of us the events which transpired back in days of my Lord Anum’s youth. This I couldn’t resist seeing with my own eyes and it seems that everyone else felt the same, save for Anum himself. She had one of Lord Kazemde’s lanterns brought before her and it was glowing with ancient power. She placed her hand upon it and then shocking all of us, crushed it like a hollowed out eggshell!

All went black and then I awoke not sure how much time had passed and felt a bit odd. There was also a swirling of someone else’s thoughts mixed with my own. I was horrified to find myself inside a sarcophagus, but I easily freed myself. Standing up I felt that this body was somewhat familiar to me. I could remember a bit about a woman named Lahyah, I caught a glimpse of my new face in a murky puddle of water in between the sand and rocky pathway. Right before a camel stepped into it the reflective surface, the woman looking back me somewhat reminders me of my Auntie Sophia, whose of Afro-Dominican American descent. So I realize that Lahyah was most likely one of my ancient ancestors. I glanced over my shoulder a saw a dreadfully pale woman and with what little new memories I had accent to at the moment could recall her name was Ahdidi, I also knew she was my half-sister but that was about all. However, much more importantly I immediately recognized her soul as my cousin Bahiti’s. My mind might currently inhabiting the body of one of my family’s forebears. But Bahiti’s soul was entwined with a younger version of itself, confirming my theory that my dear cousin was and probably will be reincarnated, as herself again and again and again.


Teleute Lord_Cygnus

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