Basic Mummy Powers


Affirming the Decree 1: Learning the true nature of a person or thing, uncovering an unknown historical truth, or proving the superiority of the mind over the heart and the body (and of planning over instinct or improvisation) restores these Deathless. A Whisperer may regain one point of any Pillar at the end of a scene in which she accomplishes any of these.

Affirming the Decree 2: If a King of Senet deliberately goes out of her way to learn extra information relevant to her current purpose, her Ren Pillar is restored in full. Note that this is extra information; it can neither be knowledge that she came across organically in her efforts, nor can it be any knowledge that she must have in order to complete said purpose. She may do this no more than once per chapter (game session).

Draining Vestiges: The Arisen may siphon a vestige’s spiritual power by converting one vestige dot into one point in any Pillar. (Storytellers: see “Destroying Vestiges,” p. 217.)

Meditation: Once per 24-hour period, a mummy may spend a scene (or an hour) in meditation to recover Pillar points. She strengthens her soul by taking refuge in her memories and sense of self. Roll the Arisen’s Memory rating as a dice pool; each success regenerates one Pillar point of the mummy’s choice. (Willpower can’t be spent for extra dice.) If the mummy meditates in her tomb, add its Geometry rating (see the Tomb Merit, p. 81) to the dice pool.

When a Pillar point is devoted to a Physical Attribute for an Arisen, that raises the Attribute by a number of dots as listed for her Sekhem rating, up to the maximum rating currently allowed. When a mummy’s player spends Pillar points on Strength or Stamina, use the number to the left of the slash on the Sekhem table above. (Players can mix and-match Attribute points gained from spending a Pillar to boost Strength and/or Stamina.) If she spends points to increase Dexterity, use the number to the right of the slash. If the maximum increase is listed as 0, the mummy may not use Pillars to raise Dexterity at all. Any Pillar-earned raises that would push an Attribute beyond its current trait maximum are lost.

In addition, the mummy’s nature allows for an additional, non-Physical Attribute to be enhanced on a one-for-one basis, up to the maximum permitted for the Arisen’s current Sekhem. The Arisen may only increase “Ren (Name): Manipulation”, and only with points from his decree’s defining Pillar. All Pillar-based Attribute enhancements last for the scene. A player may spend multiple Pillar points in any combination of permitted Attributes, up to the Pillar and Attribute limits listed for the mummy’s current Sekhem level.

Sekhem Max Attr/Skill Max_Pillars/Turn Utterance Level Sta,Str/Dex
10 10 5/1 5 4/3
9 9 4/1 5 4/2
8 8 3/1 5 3/2
7 7 3/1 5 3/2
6 6 2/1 5 3/2
5 5 2/1 5 2/1
4 5 2/1 4 2/1
3 5 2/1 3 2/1
2 5 1/1 2 1/1
1 5 1/1 1 1/0

If the mummy needs to heal wounds more quickly, her player may spend Pillars to repair them. If the player spends one point from any Pillar, the mummy’s body continuously knits itself back together for a number of turns equal to the permanent rating of the Pillar used. During this period, the mummy heals three points of bashing damage and one point of lethal damage per turn.
Furthermore, the Arisen can’t be “killed” (that is, damaged to the point of inactivity and forced to resurrect) while her flesh is sealing unless her heart has been destroyed. If the Arisen suffers enough damage to kill her, she dies as soon as the sealing the flesh period ends—not before. This is true even if the Arisen cannot heal fatal wounds. If the Arisen immediately switches Pillars to keep sealing the flesh, she can remain active, even if she is technically “dead” from aggravated wounds.
A mummy may only seal the flesh once per Pillar per scene. If a player spends a point of Ab to seal the flesh, for example, she can’t spend another point of Ab on healing during that scene, but could switch to Sheut if any Sheut points are available.

Basic Mummy Powers

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