Cursed Necropolis: Rio Grande Valley

PreSesión - Sleeping (Durmiendo)

I stir.

The light of Sothis is warm.

I stir.

I do not know how much time has passed.

I must search again.

I descend.

Sesión Uno - Cultic Conspiring (Conspiración Cultosa)

Lotus Cafe

Palo Alto Battlefield National Historical Park

Danny Dale’s Notes: A New Job

The boss gave me a call. Some new job. I have a bad feeling about this one. Just like the last job, I guess.

We me at the Lotus Cafe. I hate that place. It’s haunted, for sure. There were two women and some guy I don’t know. I think Fernando is in to some mummy thing.

One of the women is a Priestess. She said she would look into a place we need to go. But, the guy said it was the old battlefield park. I don’t go there anymore, either. I thought it was haunted but I guess it could be a tomb. Same thing, really.

At the park, there were lots of cars. After hours, I assume there;s someone here for the tomb or a drug deal. Either way, I see three guys with black duffel bags and I know they are armed. So, I aim the truck at them. With luck, there’s no fight.

Of course, there is a fight. One guy I run over. Another one is beheaded by the priestess. I don’t know what her thing is now. She seems to talk a lot about animal shelters and poor people but she cuts off heads, too. The third one is the guy the boss was hiring. Pretty good shot.

We found a map.

The tomb is nearby so I’ll dig it up and maybe this is done. I still have a bad feeling about this job.

Ryan’s Notes: 001

I get a phone call from someone (Fernando) asking for “goods and services”, specifically a priest(tess) who can do a specific ritual. We set up a time and place to meet at a bad chinese restaurant.

I’m fashionably late, having scouted the area ahead of time with my clairvoyance. He pays me ahead of time to keep me for an hour.

After some talking, I send a text to Citlali asking her to join us to discuss the particulars of the ritual. She says she can join if she can get her cousin to go shopping.

I tell Fernando that she might be able come within an hour or so.

Citlali tries to convince Bahiti to come to the mall, things get awkward as they have to split up for a bit and Citlali doesn’t want to go in to detail about cult stuff.

Citlali meets with us. I introduce them and tell Citlali that Fernando needs her skill. Fernando says he needs a creature brought back, says he needs to bring back someone that the Guild of the Alchemist “put to rest”.

Citlali notices someone sneaking a look at them from one of the booths, I notice that someone is listening in. Female, short (Bahiti).

Citlali has excused herself, going to see Bahiti.

I smooth things over with Fernando, due to Citlali’s abrupt departure.

Citlali exasperatedly brings Bahiti over to the table, since Bahiti has clearly already overhead everything.

Citlali brings Bahiti to the table. Fernando is cool with this.

Fernando asks if Citlali can do what he needs her to do, says he can pay, offers 5% of the gold that’ll be transmuted from the Alchemist Guild guy. Deal is done. Fernando wants it done as soon as possible.

Citlali list out what she’ll need to do the ritual, Fernando can provide. I’ll handle the details. Citali and Bahiti leave.

Catali gives Bahiti the rundown on their cult. They have a family spat, a very long, amusing one (if I was there to see it)

Fernando’s friend Danny rolls up in a truck to take us to the tomb to find an item for the ritual.

We don’t know where the tomb is, but I surmise that the tomb is located somewhere quiet and out of the way. Danny Remembers that the last priest went out of town for his supernatural shenanigans.

Danny goes to get the Perez cousins so we can go find the mummies tomb.

Citali says she needs to meditate to perform a searching ritual to find the tomb. Fernando is fine with this.

I use my clairvoyance to try to find the tomb, I see a vision of a field in a farmland/state park. There are two people doing some digging.

We go up north to Palo Alto Battlefield National Historical Park, based on my and Danny’s psychic mojo hunch.

The park is closed. We break in because we’re PCs and B&E isn’t beyond us. In character its’ because we’re cultist and not above breaking the law.

Citlali gets her gear for the ritual.

When we get to the site, and we see three people walking away, carrying bags.

Danny sees that the cultists have black backs with heavy stuff in them. He moves to run them over with his truck. Quote Bahiti: “WTF?!”

They see him and open fire, he continues on and runs them down, taking a few hits to the truck.

The guys are focused on the truck, Citali rushes them with her axe, she takes one out. I open fire on the other one and take him out.

Danny says that the guys we just killed are here for our stuff.

We loot their dufflebags, find a shotgun, rifle and a map that indicates a point on the field. Danny loots their wallets and I set their bodies on fire.

We make it to the other side of the field where the map indicates.

I use my clairvoyance, I see a coffin and what looks like a glowing key.

With this info, Danny starts to dig like crazy.

After a few minutes, Danny asks Citlali for a better idea where to investigate, she does a meditation thing, she finds some buried steps and a hidden door leading to an area filled with holy energy.

High-Priestess’ Scrolls

…And so it begins

My name is Citlali Pérez, I am the High-Priestess to the modern cult of Amun, our culture and customs are a mixture between those of Egyptian and Aztec traditions. Just a few days after the ending of Día de Muertos my cousin, Bahiti came to town to visit. It has been a while since I seen her in fact the last time I saw her we were just girls in our teens. Back then she and I were fairly close, sharing secrets about our dreams and the boys we like, but again that was some time ago. Bahiti always was shorter than me, but a knockout – in fact when we were teenagers, boys use to fight over us all the time. So it was good to see her again of course and it would have been fun to play catch-up with her. However, I have so many responsibilities to my followers and my community that this wasn’t really a time for her or anyone else to be visiting. Today I received a call from a new and already invaluable friend Ryan Myer, who wanted to inform me that he had setup a meeting with a man that wanted to hire me as a Priestess. So I agreed to meet them at Lotus Café, the Chinese restaurant in the neighborhood strip mall, the man turned out to be Fernando Costa a local criminal that I knew by name and from his reputation.

Before this meeting occurred for her own protection, I left Bahiti next door in the mall and told her that I was seeing someone for maybe employment, she was thrilled for me. I told her that we would meet up later and I’d treat her to dinner at this very restaurant. During my talk with the crime boss, I noticed that we were being watched … I recognized that it was my noisy cousin. I excused myself to Fernando and Ryan then went to speak to her, when I asked how long she been listening, Bahiti had heard everything. I then told her to join us and introduced the men to my cousin. It would seem that this criminal, a man that I would otherwise be hunting down for some of his past deeds, wanted me to breathe life into Lord Kazemde an ally to my own God, Lord Anum. Since this was the case I agreed, Fernando would also be making continuous donations to my own temple, which was a negotiated, reasonable percentage from all the amount of gold that this newly risen God would be creating for his own followers. To finalize this transaction I requested of him the following to complete the ritual: A sacred item of power, the body of the deceased deity and a quite, still palace. I then asked Ryan to help make those arrangements afterwards I turned my attention to my cousin.

As Ryan took our client outside, I arguing with Bahiti who said she tough that the very idea of my religious sect was insane. We ended up quarrelling and in total disagreement until much later when A man I didn’t know came back into retrieve us. It would seem that Ryan not only finished arranging things, but Fernando and this man who was one of his goons had been waiting for us outside the restaurant for some time. We left the café. Bahiti, Ryan and I got into my car and followed Costa’s driver out to the fairgrounds where we saw three shady figures heading towards the same area of fairgrounds which we were ourselves, they had shovels and were armed with guns. The driver, Danny Dale ran one of the men over with his truck, Ryan shot another one in the back, while I had gotten out of my vehicle to dispatch the other one quietly with my sacred weapon, the Egyptian hand axe passed down to me. The men cleaned up this mess, so to speak and we continue on to the area of ground we sought out. Once there I meditated to locate the opening of the tomb, I could see the outline of the opening and an extraordinarily powerful object glowing with holy light inside. I walked over to this spot and placed the blade of my axe in the ground showing them where to begin their digging.

Sesión Dos - Awakenings (Despertares)

I awaken. Someone is talking. It is irrelevant.

A familiar voice says an attack is imminent. I rise and prepare for battle. A sling will suffice until I secure a weapon from my foes.

Sources of power are near. They may be targets for the attack.

Armed and hearing a noise outside, I brace myself for combat.

High-Priestess Scrolls

The Gods Awaken

The men had just picked up their shovels, Bahiti and I had just gotten into our lookout positions when my friend Ryan Myer received an emergency ring tone playing on his cell phone. He picked it up and his face turned white then he said that this was a matter of life or death and was very sorry but he had to leave us immediately. I trusted him and told him to please be careful. Shortly after he left Bahiti and I could hear what sounded like a ring tone that was the song, Sientense y disfruten by El Chojin. We told the others what we had heard and she and I went looking for its’ source.

We soon found the phone with the name Paco displaced on the screen and a picture of a gangbanger wearing a Texas Longhorns cap. We took the phone back to the men and Fernando Costa seized it from me. He then told me he’d handle it. Once we uncovered the slab covering the tomb of Lord Kazemde the phone rang for the tenth time. Fernando finally answered it and had an argument with Paco, he bought us about thirty minutes before they would be sending backup. It took all four of us to remove the stone slab and then we faced the total darkness on the inside. It was Danny Dale who came up with the idea to use our cell phones as flashlights and they surprising light up the entry inside of the tomb. Bahiti advised me to carry some pebbles inside with me to help avoid possible traps within. I tested one on the odd looking plates in the floor with a few rocks and sharp spikes morphed upwards from it.

I leaped, walked and jumped across the floor and made it to the altar where I removed the object that looked like a giant key, I left the cell we found on the far side of the alter then made my way back across the floor. I volunteered our temple as the still place and so we took them there. As I prepared myself for the ritual Costa killed Danny and offered him as “the Body” to complete the ceremony. I was very angry at first, because he had killed someone here in my temple yet Costa said that he needed a body and Danny accepted this as his fate. Since I couldn’t argue if this was something that the man had voluntarily agreed to or not, I went ahead with the rite and mere moments later before me stood Lord Kazemde. He turned to Fernando and demanded to know who he was and why he was there. Scared beyond belief the criminal almost in tears replied that the God had promised to give him immortality.

Lord Kazemde dismissed this claim and then demanded to know where my God, Lord Amun was. I responded that he was still slumbering and not yet awake. Lord Kazemde then insisted that we find Amun and awakening him. Using a bit of his power he located the still form of my God and commanded that we retrieve him at once. Not even bothering to change out of my Priestess’ garments, Lord Kazemde, Bahiti, Fernando and I loaded into my car. The God directed us to the site, which was a swampy stream of water and then realizing that we mere mortals could not survive going in after Lord Anum. He himself with under water to only minutes later return with Amun’s sarcophagus on one shoulder and a holy object of power in the other hand. We returned to my temple and I once again I performed the ceremony, only this time I couldn’t tell if anything had happened at all, even though I had a better feeling about it this time. Lord Amun just lay there unchanged in appearance. I crawled before him and kissed his hands begging him to please move. It was then that Bahiti came rushing up to me. Ryan had just text my phone to inform us that different cult temples were under attack. Lord Amun then stood up and said that we should prepare ourselves for battle. I sent a mass text to everyone in our cult and told that we needed help. As I started to receive replies, Ryan also texted back saying that he would be there soon to help out. Two Gods currently stood before me and now danger was coming to my house of worship.

Sesión Tres - Border Warfare (Guerra de la Frontera)

Fools attack my cult. I care little for the cult but it is my duty to defend them.

One thuggee wore a necklace of finely worked gold. It is a not-gold, not behaving as gold should. It is a product of this age, I assume. Learning more of it’s construction may take some time.

I took to the battlements of the keep. They are made of a not-stone. Like sandstone but gray and rough. Perhaps I shall study this later.

As expected, high walls and dropped stone still defeats modern weaponry. Perhaps this will one day fail me. Until then, people rarely look toward the sky.

The aggressors made use of iron-clad wagons. Elephants would have been more dangerous.

I saw a man ridden by a spirit snake dash to the keep gate. He was made to fall. I do not know what rode him but his speed was unusual.

The hale risen was felled like a goat by men with firearms. He will rise again. Still, these firearms may be quite dangerous. I shall study them, as well.

Ryan’s Notes:

Got a phone call that took me away from the rest of the group. One of our guys who I work with was attacked and I had to come bail him out. Unfortunately this was only the start, and he told me that the hideout of the cult is also going to be attacked soon. I’m making my way over to the rest of the party as fast as I can.

I make it on time, and see a bunch of cars pulling up to the cult hideout. Two cares are familiar, they belong to members of the fight club. After arming them, we make our way inside the cult hideout and form a choke point.

We get a text from Bahiti who’s hiding across the street telling us that there are 4 people outside. One of the fight club guys says they seem like scouts, and they both say they have friends on the way.

Kazmede is invisible and outside, scouting around. He sees a guy in the car watching the other 3, seems like the guy in charge. He teleports inside the car behind the the guy and snaps his neck.

Bahiti lets us know that the 3 remaining guys are making a call.

The 3 guys get in to the car and ask if the neckbroke guy is okay. Kazedme is between two of them in the back seat

Kazemde murders the two on either side of him, grabs the other and drags him out to the street, then brings him back inside the hideout.

Kaz throws the guy in front of the priestess (Citali), who pins him with her axe. Guy claims to just be just a scout, checking things out.

The guy is too grunt level to be of use, I knock him out and tie him up.

Anum loots my captive. Jerk.

The captive’s phone rings and after I bluff my way through a call I tell the rest that we have 20 minutes before more guys how up. I did deliberately mislead them as to our numbers, though.

Anum goes to the roof. makes his way through ceiling.

Bahiti is asked if she’s getting a haircut by the barber who’s shop she’s hiding in. I text her telling her shit is about to go down, to get herself and others out of the area if we can. She tells them there is about to be a gang fight and to get out, they do so unhappily.

I ask the biker guy and the collage kid how soon their friends will show up. We get reinforcements, I organize them in to a defensive formation in the building. Biker guy offers his help. His friends also show up and we organize them as well.

We set some guys up on the roof, as well as the roof of anther building. We’re hoping to throw them off with how many guys we actually have vs how many I told them we have.

We hear gunfire, two cars (one ours, one theirs) are shooting at each other.

Anum uses his sling to attack one of the drivers through the windshield. Our guys bail out of the other car and start shooting the other car.

Bahiti uses her vantage point to give the newcomers instructions on where to go.

Anum throws a big ol’ rock at the enemy car, it crushes them all just before they get out.

We hear cars stopping before they around the corner to the city hall we’re at. Enemy reinforcements.

After a few minutes we get a message from Bahiti telling us there are guys coping out the area, around at least two, + more.

I text Citlali to see if Kazemde can wreak shit up for our enemies. She does. Kazemde goes out and see 3 cars, and one guy asking for reinforcements. There are about 15 guys currently. Kazemde teleports in to the middle of the group of cars and starts using them as weapons against the enemy forces. He takes out 5 guys with the first attack, the rest with the followup.

Kazemde tells Anum that there are more dudes incoming after making his way back. The rest of us fortify the temple.

Three Mexican Cartel tanks shows up. Goddamnit.

Bahiti texts us the weakpoints of the tanks. Apparently they’re half truck, half tank. Windshields seem like obvious weakpoints. The guys wearing makes have an image of the faces of the egyptian gods on them.

I tell my flunky guys to target the windshields of the smaller tanks and Anum to focus on the big tank.

Anum throws a big rock and crushes the front of the tank, but it keeps going.

Me and my guys shoot through the windshield, we draw blood, might have hit more than one person.

Anum continues to attack the big tank, doesn’t make a much of an impact.

Me and my guys continue to pour on the firepower on the others, manage to take one of them out. The other one looks pretty badly damaged.

I make a perfect shot and manage to headshot the driver of the other tank car. It rolls to a stop.

Anum throws another rock, manage to take out the big tanks. We’ve taken them all out now.

A guy pops out of the tank, runs towards the door of the city hall. Anum and Kazemde sense something from the tank, Kazemde senses that the guys life energy has been augmented now that he’s running towards the door.

I take a shot at the guy and take out his achilles tendon.

I noticed that there’s almost no blood coming out of the runner, and his flesh is slightly green.

Anum sees the aura of the runner, sees that it’s reptilian-esque. He’s pretty rage-y, but seems human despite the weirdness.

The runner almost makes it to the door. Anum drops some masonry on the runner, hits him. The runner slumps off to the side, not moving, but breathing.

More guys with crazy strong life forces are coming out of the truck, they’re shooting at Kazemde. He throws the halves former runner at the new gunners. Kazemde gets gunned down. Manages to take down the both of the gunners. Tripple KO.

Reminders: Trace enemy cells phone numbers. Grill any survivors for information. Investigate image on their makes.

High-Priestess Scrolls (Entry 03)

(War breaks out in the streets!)

The temple is under attack and I’m doing my best to protect it within our blessed walls. The two Gods and our warriors brandishing firearms carried on the fighting from above. While my cousin, Bahiti sent everyone text messages keeping us all updated on the battle out in front. Lord Amun hurled stones and boulders down on our enemies from the rooftops, while Lord Kazemde in his invisible form killing our would be assassins with his bare hands. Tanks then came into the clash, but Lord Amun and our warriors were too much for them. They seem to have brought at least three supernatural beings of their own and they seem to be throwing our Gods off their game a bit, which is something no one foresaw coming. Now what do we do to turn up the scale of this fighting and still come out ahead?

Sesión Cuatro - You Can't Keep A Good God Down (Los Dioses Buenos Siempre Vuelven)

The attack continues with a sense of unease. I assume this is not a new technology, but cannot find the source.

A voice calls to me. The Tank.

I molest the tank but the feeling persists. Opening the wagon, a man with a scroll is revealed.

Kazemde seizes the scroll. I dispatch the man.

The scroll seems a focus for the magic. I secure it to a stone and Kazemde hurls it to the south. I note a creature pursuing the scroll. The attack has failed.

I must find information while I may. I cannot fulfill my purpose in my ignorance.

High-Priestess Scrolls

The war in the streets ends

I received a text telling me that Lord Kazemde had fallen in battle and we didn’t think that was even a possibility. My friend Ryan is going wild trying to decided what to do next which I read in his texts, when a wave of dread washings over many of us in the temple and I would assumed outside as well. I reassured my sect that everything was going to be alright and as they finally relaxed, I convinced them to let me out the side door so I could join my Lord Amun who had just leaped to the ground outside. As covertly as I could I crossed into the darkness of the streets and followed the path of destruction to stand beside the now newly resurrected Lord Kazemde and my Master in battle. Lord Anum ripped into the tank finding a man inside murmuring to himself that it was coming, my Lord dispatched with this foolish man then took a scroll from him and even I could sense the vile magic flowing from it. He wrapped it around a stone and then instructed Lord Kazemde to hurl this object southwardly into the sky. As the scroll rocketed into the air a manticore out of Persian mythology appeared in the sky above and followed the thrown item away. I saw a physically change come over both the Gods and could even sense a difference in their very presents. Once we were all sure there wasn’t any other danger, I went to bring my cousin, Bahiti back to the safety of our church. The followers inside were asking for answers to what had just happened, I persuaded them than everything was fine now, that that fought bravely, devotedly and that I was proud of them all. Then they wanted to know just who the treat that they had struggled with was?

Ryan’s Notes:

After watching the Kazemde go down, I sense crazy bad danger, unknown source.

A few of my guys suddenly start throwing up, starting to panic. I get them to calm down a bit, and Citlali calms down her guys as well.

Using my clairvoyance, I hear the buzzing of insects that may be the source of the current illness among our guys. I also hear a voice saying:

Iram indeed is gone with all its Rose,
And Jamshyd’s Sev’n-ring’d Cup where no one knows;
But still the Vine her ancient Ruby yields,
And still a Garden by the Water blows.

Anum climbs down the building to try to locate the source, two more enemies jump out tanks and try to attack him. Their hands turn in to claws as they try to attack him.

Kazemde rises again. Grabs the claw dudes and smashes them together.

The feeling of sickness returns, stronger than before

Using my clairvoyance again to find the source of the sickness, I see I mass of insects and frogs writhing together and forming the shape of… something vaguely animal-ish (four legs, tail, wings) coming at us.

Anum is circling the building to try to find the direction of the source of the sickness, senses that it’s probably not on this physical plane of existence.

Kazemde follows Anum and also tries to sense what’s going on with the sickness

Bahiti sees a guy in to the back of one of the tanks, huddling and very afraid. He’s clutching some paper. She lets us know.

I call to one of our gods and tell them about the guy in the back of the tank, tell them about the guy with the paper.

Citlali moves up with the other two Mummies to check out the guy with the paper in the tank.

Anum shakes the tank. No success on getting rid of the sickness. He opens the doors to the tank, sees the guy with the paper. The paper is glowing.

Kazemde takes the glowing paper. It’s hot with Sekehm. The guy starts mumbling “it’s coming!”

Anum kills the paper guy.

Anum and Citlali both realize that the text of the paper is a reference to the Old Kingdom. They figure out that it’s a summoning. Anum figures out that whatever is being summoned will manifest near the scroll/paper.

Anum ties the scroll to a rock, hands it to Kazemde to throw it down south. Kazemde does so. It vanishes over the horizon.

As it’s thrown, Anum sees a Chimira that WAS flying towards us, turn and follow the rock. Anum gives no fucks.

Kazemde and Anum lose a point of Sekhem, but are starting to look less rotting-ish.

The air of dread and sickness now leaves with the rock.

We avoided the boss battle. Damnit!

Citlali thanks all our groupies, tells them they can go home now.

A small discussion is brewing about how did this, a rival gang or a business woman who’s trying to take out the gangs.

Sesión Cinco - Suspicions (Sospechas)

Thoughts on The Mummy Returns:

The Scorpion King is defeated and exiled to Ahm Sher. I do not know this place. The name is unusual. He swears an oath to Anubis the wolf god. Anubis gives him a pyramid and a jackal army. I would not believe it had I not seen it. How does this device convey my vision? The jackal army destroys all of Egypt. I do not recall hearing this story.

In 1933, a family of incompetent scholars study the ruins of Thebes. I assume Thebes is now a ruins. Why does the vision from the T.V. device change it’s view often. It is disconcerting.

The badly behaved son of the incompetent scholars wears a bracelet. It is said he will die in seven days. Clearly, this story is a morality tale of the consequences of a poor work ethic.

The story is more confusing now. The female is taken by a cult. A priest named Imhotep is returned to life to fight the Scorpion King but he desires to take a bride. The female has a craven, incompetent brother.

There is much fighting. None of the incompetent family is injured. I lose the narrative as I realize the family is now in a flying wagon.

The female is Nefertiri, daughter of Seti, reborn. Somehow this device is telling a story. This cannot be truth. The flying machine crashes, as expected. Yet, again none of the incompetents has been injured. THERE ARE TINY MUMMIES! IT IS A HORROR! Imhotep and Anck-su-namun are unharmed for some reason. The incompetents are immune to injury.

Confusing fighting takes place. The incompetent, illiterate son asks his incompetent son to read to him. He reads badly, as expected.

The female was killed but now she fights Anck-su-namun. The man kills the Scorpion King in a most improbable manner. Anck-su-namun abandons Imhotep and they both die. I am very confused

The luckiest fools in all creation are rescued. Somehow, unaware of the great fortune which spared their lives. And, the story is done. There is no meaning to this.


The Mummy Returns is a: Poor use of time.

Ryan’s notes:

We try to trace the phones, no luck. The bikers and the collage kids are arguing pretty badly over who ordered the attack. Either some lady in government who hates gangs, or a rival gang.

My clairvoyance shows that the guy who called the was sandwiched between the cars, thanks to Kazemde. No luck.

Some people are worried about the Cops showing up. It’s strange that they’re not, especially since it’s in the back of city hall. This implies whoever ordered the attack is in government

Citlali stops the arguing and does a ceremony introducing the gods to the followers, reunifies the cult. Afterwards she sends them home.

Before they go The bikers suspect the attack was caused by the gulf Cartel. The hespanic dudes say that the attack was caused by a politician who pits gangs against each other.

We spot a uniformed officer sneaking looks at us around the corner. I tell the others that we should probably bail. We sneak out the back.

We make our way to Citlali’s place and bunker down, make plans. Bahiti and I investigate the politician lady. We learn her name is “Margo Aprec”. Bahiti learns she’s really interested in medical centers (opening, funding them, etc). It’s odd that a town that’s across the border from the Cartel is a center for medicine learning/research. She also wants to bring space exploration to the town.

I confirm that she hires thugs to beat people up, no explanation as to why. Also rumors that she’s behind kidnapping of pregnant woman. Also we have her home address. She also has a husband and a son.

We check the 6 o’clock news, they have a story on the attack on city hall (actually our base). There’s a general coverup of the weirdness that happened. The police are taking credit for it.

Citlali calls Margo under the pretense of social services work, leaves a message.

Bahiti investigates the Cartel to cover our bases. I also try, but thanks to the recent fight, they’re all laying low.

I ESP Margo, she’s sitting by the pool being given a drink in the middle of a party. It’s a birthday party for her son. Nothing shady going on, sadly.

I ESP the Cartel leader, Juan Guerra. He’s at Church, kneeling and praying in front of a skeletal version of the Virgin Mary. Santa Muerte. Nothing especially shady going on.

I check in on them during the night, not a lot of changes, at one point Juan shoots someone in the face. For Margo, I see a flash of a pregnant woman and blood spatter. She also does not go to sleep, at all.

To do: Investiate Margo, hardcore.

Sesión Seis - Historical Memory (Memoria Histórica)

Fort Brown

I have found an important memory. Facing the United States Cavalry, I once fought with Asprec and Kazemde. There was another deathless, their sadikh, and a woman like Bahiti. There will be time to ponder this later. For now, I am overcome with joy at my revelation. This is surely a piece of my heart returned to me. For the first time since my awakening, Apotheosis seems a possibility.

Ryan’s Notes

In the morning Kazemde gets a call from Fernando, he’s in jail and he’s using his phone call to call his god. He says “give me time”. Fernando mentions that the cops have the (Anum’s) artifacts. Kazemde passes this information on to Anum.

Citlali says we need to get the artifacts back. Kazemde goes and steals back the artifacts and unlocks Fernandos cell door, giving him a chance to escape.

Citlali approaches the mummies about Margo. Anum does not respond, waits on others. Kazemde is for taking Margo out if she’s undead, or just in general, ‘cause she’s crazy.

We visit Margo. We don’t have an appointment, but we get a golf pass. We make our way to Margo’s place, but we get stopped by a rent-a-cop. He’s too powerful for us, and we go back and get some arm-bands to enter the place and see Margo.

We get to Margo’s place, we see some guards who look a little spacy. Anum uses his detect-o-vision, sees them as under the effect of some kind of non-alive supernatural influence. We try to go in, but the guards block our entry and drew their guns. They ask why we’re here, we tell them we’re here to see Margo, they tell us “the mistress is not here”. Anum learns that they’re constructs, made of wood and twigs.

I ask where Margo is/when she’ll be back. Get a canned, and simultaneous, response from both guards. I try to ESP Margo to check if the guards are lying, see her in the pool area getting ready to organize another party.

We head to the pool area to see Margo. Anum activates detect-o-vision on Margo to look at her. Sees a hunched over, shriveled woman, with a proboscis for a tongue. Anum LOOKS HARDER and sees that Margo is a supernatural creature (aswang). Has a thing for Justice and a weakness for food, and doesn’t want to be found out.

Anum flashes back to a memory and recognizes Margo. He moves to the bar to make her pay attention to him.

We all move in to position around her, just in case.

Margo moves up to Anum. She recognizes him, asks what he wants. Anum sashes cult was attacked. She says she wasn’t behind it. Anum tells her to let her know if she finds out who it was. She says the only people attacking are cartels, Anum asks if cartels have a Chimera. She says she hopes not, tells us to talk to the Cartel leaders.

Citlali asks about the pregnant women. Margo says she eats their babies because the woman’s health care in this state is shit.

Margo says that the Gulf Cartel is probably behind the attacks on Kazemde’s cult. Says that they’re going kinda nuts about expanding.

Anum reads in the news paper that the police agreed to let in drugs from the Cartels in small amounts. Also reads that another real estate agent was given extra years on his conviction for being a drug money launderer.

Citlali gets a phone call from one of our guys who helped defend the base. They say they have a new base. We check out the building, it’s small on top, but has a basement that’s three times as big.

The mummies get memories of the building, Anum of being surrounded by army soldiers with a woman who looks like Bahiti, Kazemde remembers being shot and not instantly healing.

One of the collage kids offers to take the relics and put them someplace safe. Anum keeps the artifacts, but Citlali asks for Wifi to be set up. Also tells them to clean up the place.

Notes: investigate the cartel, particularly Juan Guerra, who’s been around since the prohibition era.

Sesión Siete - The Moor Slayers Pt. 1 (Los Matamoros Pt. 1)

The Age of Piracy

Brownsville-Matamoros International Bridge

Los Zetas Hold Out

Ryan’s notes

Through Costa, I get a list of names and numbers for Cesar, who could get us in contact with people who can get us to Juan across the border. Citlali gets in contact with him, and he says he can get us across the border. Says it’ll be harder to get us in contact with the Cartel, but it can be managed if we find someone.

Citlali tasks our biker cultists if they can get in contact with someone who can get us in contact with Juan. He points us towards “the restaurant” (money laundering location). Then I remember I have underworld contacts, and am an idiot.

I have one of my contacts pass a message up the line to Juan, asking for a meeting and reparations for the attack. They send back a message saying they’ll attack us soon, after they take out the Zetas.

I give them the heads up, and offer to help fight. They tell us where they are so we can join them.

Anum and Kazemde have a memory of them being pirates, with a woman who looks like Bahiti as Anum’s Quartermaster.

We get some fake ID for Anum, “Darius O’johnson”. We get across the Border and notice that the town is super empty. We arrive at the Zeta’s apartment complex and head inside. After talking with the leaders I get a group of guys to coordinate during the attack, then take cover.

As we’re waiting, I hear something scratching around near me. I send some guys to check out the noise (one to get killed, the other to report back). One gets killed, the sound of gunfire is prevalent. I let the leaders know, along with Kazemde.

(Battle joined)

Kazemde and Anum charges to the roof, sees the enemy. They have wings and humming-bird like beaks.

Down on the first floor, there is a boom and a crash of gunfire. A dude sees me and starts shooting. I take a grazing round. (-1HL) I shoot him in the face. Jerk. (he and his other buddies also had an animalistic snout, weird)

Citlali throws her Axe at another one of the dudes, cuts his face in half.

Bahiti remains hidden, but sees a dude walk past her covered in green scales.

Anum goes down in a storm of shotgun shells. Uses a magic point to get up and stay up. At the same time, Kazemde teleports behind them and necksnaps a dude. Then throws the body at a second dude, taking him out. Then Kazemde catches one of the shotguns, shoots, wings him in the shoulder.

We notice the building shaking a bit.

Citlali throws a knife, manages to stick the guy.

Before i can act, something that looks vaguely humanoid but spiky and twice as wide as a human should be jumps in to the room. May or may not be a space marine.

Time is wasted. Talking. I am anxious to resume my task. The enemy priest and his godess the holy death both lie beyond the southern border. So much talking. Finally, I am handed a small traveling document and we travel south.

We arrive at the fortress of the Xetas. They are said to be the next target of the holy death. I prefer to fight her minions on someone else’s land.

As expected, an attack begins after nightfall. My first sight of them is painful. Four men with beaks, dressed in black attack me with firearms. It would have killed a mortal man. I feign the loss of life and ask what they are. I am met with silence. Luckily, Kazemde was waiting nearby and dispatches them. I seize one of their firearms and draw upon my Ren for healing.

Sesión Ocho - The Moor Slayers Pt. 2 (Los Matamoros Pt. 2)

Ryan’s notes:

Pre game knowledge checks:

Kazemde remembers being a pirate and encountering people binding themselves to animal spirits and gaining their powers.

Citlali knows they’re called nagaul, a type of witch.

I remember that this thing will fuck up the human, but give them the powah.

Game time:

Kazemde necksnaps a dude, his special features start to fade.

Anum and Kazemde sense crazy large amounts of Sekhem outside. Sees the space marines holding a strange chain thing that seems like it’s looking for him. Shoots at it, it lets out a birdlike scream, bleeds purple blood.

The grayscale space marine barely avoids seeing me.

Citlali throws her axe again, the axehead severs his artery. Blood fountains and hits the ceiling.

I delay a turn and take aim.

Bahiti hears the ground shaking again. She tries to hide, makes it, hears more rumbling and the sound of massive things jumping and crushing bones.

(volume issues, could not take proper notes for Anum)

Kazemde follows Anum, sees the chimera (oozing scorpions) rush towards the building. He then jumps down, and unleashes a sandstorm bullets on the chimera.

Anum busts a shotgun cap in the chimera’s face. The chimera jumps at Anum.

Citlali moves to join Bahiti.

The grayscale space marine takes out a support pillar. I shoot him in the back of the spine. Dick.

Citlali sees Bahiti’s eyes roll back in her head. Bahiti hears more walls being broken down. If this building falls on me, I’m going to be pissed. She then gets the hell out of dodge (with Citlali) as something bursts through the floor where they were. They make it to the central area where people are getting medical treatment.

I order a few of my dudes to come with me to take out the other grayscale space marine.

Anum takes a hit from the Chimera, who seems to be trying to get at the artifact. He’s sure that this is a creature that eats artifacts, decides to feed it BULLETS! (He only gives it a light snack.)

Kazemde uses crazy mummy mojo to fuck shit up everywhere. Shoots molten glass eyebeams at the chimera. He melts off it’s tail.

Citlali helps organize things in the center area, learns that others are being attacked, but for them it’s a matter of quantity over quality.

Me and my group sneak up on the nagaul, he dies of lead poisoning via bullet overexposure.

Bahiti uses her medicine skills to help out, she hurts him a but, but he’s alive so he should be grateful.

Kazemde fies up to get a better view, continues to snipe the chimera with molten glass lasers. Turns the chimera in to swiss cheese. Anum shoots it down it’s gullet. the chimera disintegrates, Skyrim style.

Citlali tells the dudes to hold position, unless they can get safely outside before the building collapses.

I split my guys in to two groups, each goes after one of the naguals. We attain harmonious bullet murder on the naguals.

Bahiti tries to help another dude, fails, Citlali sees Bahiti’s eyes glaze over again. Bahiti hears the death knell of the dying dude.

The battle continues.

Still near a mortal’s death, the chimeara returns. It attacks me through the fortress wall and deals me another deadly injury. It’s attack suggests it is drawn to the artifacts I carry. I must ponder this later. Perhaps the control of the beast is an illusion.

I make use of my new firearm and wound the beast. It has little effect. I expect this will take some time. Luckily, my reserves of healing are deep.

I am startled to see Kazemde leap to meet the monster. He is flying upon the winds of a sandstorm, hurling blades of sand and fire. Soon, he seems to throw molten glass spikes at the thing. It spills insects from it’s belly and cries in frustration and pain. The sight is truly awesome.

Soon, the creature is no more; the courtyard is scoured bare; Kazemde returns to my side. He seems unaware of the awe and fear on the faces of the Xetas. I do not think they will consider attacking us again.

We climb to the top of the tower. Another attack is going to arrive soon.

Sesión Nueve - No Church in the Wild (No Iglesia en lo Salvaje)

With the end of battle, I recall another face. A woman in white paint. It seems Bahiti may be the latest of a series of women I have known.

Waiting for the next wave of attackers, I think on my memory of fighting as a pirate. I am skilled with these firearms. Luckily, my search revealed a satchel of automatically loaded magazines. These weapons can be fired many times and easily reloaded. I am later shown a piece of modern armor. A vest made of kevlar.

When there seems to be no further attacks, I decide it is time to leave. Someone suggests collapsing this fortress. I assume this is due to the odious nature of their business. But, I have no time for this. The world’s wrongs may never be addressed and we have an enemy hunting us. These Zetas claim we leave in peace. This must suffice for now.

At Bagdad Beach, we find a priest. He prays to the holy death. Soon, Kazemde reveals the man has taken the traits of the jelly fish. The source of the power appears to be a nearby statue. As I approach it, weapon raised, Bahiti yells for me to punch it. Can I not pass a day without exerting Sekhem? I suppose I must call to my Ren for strength again.

After the attack, we all head to the roof to meet and discuss our plans for the future. The medicine man asks where Citlali and Bahiti are going, asks to come along to meet the “gods”.

Anum gets a memory of himself as a pirate tying on a holster for single shot pistols, also remembers a woman named “Iram”

I use my postcognition on the mutated bodies to try to trace them. I get a vision of Juan on a beach smearing blood in the shape of a cross on them, with a raven skull, they then turn crazy mutated. Also, a woman dressed as Lady Death is in the background.

Questions asked -
1 I recognize the beach as Bagdad Beach.
2 I do not recognize the woman
3 There is an odd looking statue of a woman made of driftwood
4 The ritual took place just after sunrise
5 The woman has no shoes, is 5’5’’

Other details: In the water we see a bunch of jelly fish beached, and a dead body that I saw getting shot, where they got the blood.

Medicine man offers to help, says he can tell us if there is going to be a second wave or not. Cithlali offers to take him with us if he’s not here by choice. He comes back and says that nothing is happening in the other areas.

Medicine man says that they aren’t real Naguals, says that whoever is changing them can’t leave the general area.

We leave, taking the Medicine Man with us. I point out the few remaining load baring walls to the Mummy/Gods, tell them it might be a good idea to remove them. Anum goes towards the second floor, Citlali and Bahiti follow him. The Medicine Man leaves.

Anum asks the people there who’s in charge, he moves over to those who say they are, asks if they part as friend. They reply “cordially” for gangsters, and Anum leaves. The others follow.

We head to Bagdad Beach, the Mummies sense a Relic in the direction of the Beach. Kazemde senses a cache of Relics back where we came from, that he feels a connection too.

We get to the beach, see a line of beach covered in footprints, they belong to the guys we just fought. They head out near the statue of the driftwood woman, where Juan is at a table, praying and surrounded by jellyfish.

Bahiti has a vision of Juan getting shot, and the bullet just ghosting through him. Tells us about this.

Medicine man asks Bahiti if she’s had any near death experiences, she says no. Medicine man says he wants to talk to her about this.

We approach Jaun, he’s praying to the Saint of Death, has a blood cross on his head and jellyfish burns. He also has an artifact axe and his eyes are closed.

I sense danger, signal to the other mortals of the group that there is danger and to be cautious.

Combat time

Citlali charges with her axe, slices his hands which just fall off without any blood. Juan looks unperturbed.

Kazemde attempts to snap his neck, as he grabs, Juan feels rubbery and slippery. He thankfully gets a grip, pulls off Juan’s head. It feels like pulling a suction cup off a wall. Juan’s features turn and he says “You cannot defeat me, I am powered by my goddess”.

Juan’s severed wrists and neck grow tentacles and attack Citlali and Kazemde. Citlali gets tentacle smacked, Kazemde gets shocked, but laughs it off.

I shoot at him, nothing happens.

Anum faffs about and looks for the source of Sekhem, finds one source somewhere on Juan’s body and the driftwood statue. Anum heads towards the statue.

Bahiti, on the urging of the Medicine man, attempts to do something mystical. Bahiti gains the power of spectral precognition, gets a vision of Anum punching the statue, and a woman falling out of it. She relays this information to Anum.

Citlali highjacks the mystical axe from Juan, also takes a little bit of him with it. The axes also start to glow slightly.


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