Cursed Necropolis: Rio Grande Valley

会期 36 - Where there’s smoke, there’s fire (火の無い所に煙は立たぬ)


Ryan’s notes

Kazemde tells his followers to go find Citlali, they cower in fear as they fear her, but they go to look for her. Kazemde joins them.

Kazemde tracks Citlali’s foot prints to the city wall, deduces that she left the city and is now in the forest

Kazemde returns, tells us that Citlali has vanished, doesn’t know where she is. He then goes to push the drunken Nobunaga out of the cart, Nobunaga rolls on to his side and falls deeper in to the wagon as Kazemde moves to push him.

We’re on the road, now, and we venture from town to town. We decide to practice pretending to be a traveling circus troupe, even if we only get pennies for it.

We perform our magic act, we do pretty well. Kazemde manages to attract a crowd, and Nobunaga gets people to sing drunken songs with them. Bahiti and I don’t draw as big of a group, but we get tribute in the form of food and small trinkets.

Anum hands out Charms for protection, and gets some help from one of the buffer villagers who says he’ll look out for the elder who Bahiti read a death-mist-prophesy to him.

Later on our way out, we encounter a villager traveling who lets us know that Tahiti’s reading helped save the village elder.

Montage time: First village we perform at, we kinda suck, but the people here have a better idea where Kazemde’s cash is. I start doing well, and turn out to be the main attraction. Bahiti suffers a but, but still manages to get some attention. Bahiti also gets another vision of someone who is reviled getting taken away by the mist.

I secretly try to inform people that the mist is for realz, but no one believes me, and eventually my rumors develop in to their own things.

We decide to follow the defiler of daughters guy and watch the mist take him so we can find the mist’s body pile were there might be phat lootz.

We stalk defiler man man/’s house, eventually he comes out to pee, and while he’s doing that we see a woman behind his house beckon him over. When defiler man goes to follow, she runs in to the woods. We follow, but eventually we lose track of them (except for KAzemde). He sees the woman turn in to mist and attack the man.

Kazemde attacks the mist woman, but he has no success and simply passes through it. He takes minor ice damage from the frozen mist. Kazemde watches the mist envelop the defiler man and freeze him to death.

The mist retreats from a now visible Kazemde, and Kazemde turns in to a flaming bird of death. In a forest. He shoots molten glass laser beams. We all see him doing this, and have a forest fire on our hands. We leave.

Kazemde follows the mist woman as a firebird. The mist shapes in to a woman and asks him what Kazemde thinks he’s doing.

Kazemde flings more molten glass at her, and the mists disperses and fades in to nothing. Kazemde is still a giant firebird in the sky.

The villagers are panicking and feeling, we get in to our cart and make to leave, some of the villagers try to board and we let them. Kazemde’s cultists chide the villagers for following the wrong god.

Kazemde rejoins us, invisible.

After we leave the village, the mist person appears in the back of our cart, asleep and bleeding. Anum figures out that it’s a fear eating monster, and that Citlali (who this person is playing host to) is no longer in control of the body.

As we get to the next town, we get a lukewarm reception because people are more concerned about the giant fire that just happened and they’re worried about Nobunaga coming with his army. Bahiti reassures them that this isn’t the case, but I spread rumors among the nobles that Nobunaga is actually coming.

At the last town we perform well. Anum glasses the town and people are in to it. The cultist lays more groundwork, Bahiti reassures them, and I sow rumors hat war is coming to the upper class.

Mist woman wakes up and is silently tending to her wounds. Anum goes to Kazemde and signals that he might have to kill mist woman, then asks her a trick question of what kind of music she prefers.

The mist woman answers poorly, and Anum and Kazemde kill her. We now have no idea what happened to Citlali.

会期 35 - 1580 C.E. / 5412 S.C. (1580 西暦 / 5412 ソティス周期)



Ryan’s notes

We “awake” sitting in a court setting, but tea is being served and it’s a more casual environment.

Anum “awakes” in a room with Oda Nobunaga, in the middle of a personal conversation with him.

Citlali’s stranger hunger is still there in greater amount, but normal food seems to sate it.

Irah is also there, looking mad. Haha.

Kazemde pokes Irah in the back of the head. Irah is mad, and wondering why we’re here (she asks in english)

I tell her we found a cool artifact thing, so we decided to poe around with hit. She demands to know where we are, she tells us she’s at a really nice apartment that shouldn’t be anywhere near us.

I ask if she got my message, she apparently didn’t.

Meanwhile, with Anum, Nobunaga asks if Anum accepts something. Anum just smiles, asks what he needs to know right now. Nobunaga says he can give Anum the logistics, but he can help Anum with his spiritual development.

Anum nods, shoves a handful of sweets in his mouth.

Nobunaga says he wants Anum to go to the north, recruit enemy soldiers so they can perform a pincer attack. Anum wants to know where to get some good things to eat or watch good play while he’s doing all this.

Nobunaga is confused, and suggests that Anum keep a low profile.

Anum says he wants to explore life, and Nobunaga gets enthusiastic and helps Anum plan things out.

After this, they go out and Nobunaga makes a speech about unifying the land, some people are a bit confused, but roll with it. Nobunaga says Anum will be key to his plan, but then he just leaves and the formality begins to break down a bit.

Anum lets us know that we’re leaving tonight and not get too drunk.

Citlali follows Anum around with appreciative eyes.

Kazemde does a search for any items he might have stolen, but he runs in to trouble with his courtiers. Poor guys. Burakumin.

I go around taking samples of sweet foods and snacks at the party.

Citlali-chan continues to stalk on Anum-Sempai from afar. Why wont he notice her?

One of the servants is super concerned for Anum, and approaches Citlali about his drinking. The servant is really worried about the mission Nobunaga has given them. Citlali says she’s got it handled and the servant backs off.

Citlali invites one of the guests out for a walk. He’s confused and pretty sure she’s up to something, but decides to roll with it. Citlali leads him to a secluded area and flirts to pump information out of him. He reveals that he keeps women in an abusive kinda way.

Citlali armors up, but suddenly the two of them are in a forest that is entirely black and white and the dude is afraid.

Murder happens off screen.

The party begins to wind down, and Citlali returns with her power levels restored.

I mingle a bit, get the impression that some of the generals are tired of the war.

Kazemda interrogates his cult about his stash of stolen goods, one of his priestesses informs him that “perhaps it is where you came from, in the holy north?”

We head out on our mission, disguising ourselves and our funds.

Also, someone is sleeping in our cart, who is also snoring rather loudly. It’s a very tired Nobunaga.

I decide that, since our cover is a traveling troupe of performers, to pass myself of as a magician because I can pull random junk out of nowhere.

Notes For A Vision From Sun Ra About the Group In Japan

Anum went by Yasuke, with no family name given. The Jesuit wasn’t Xavier, who I think might have been dead at that point, but Alessandro Valignano. Kazemde was also around as Daruma Hata, an crazy underground Keikyo (Nestorian Chrisitan) holy man with a Burakumin cult. Irah was around as a travelling Inari Shinko priestess/huckster, Ira Fushimi. The Bahiti analog was named Maria Fátima Cão and was sort of a consort of Nobunaga’s from Europe.

会期 34 - So it goes... (是非に及ばず)



Ryan’s notes

On the edge of Kyoto, Citlali notices people’s aura’s, some are grey and have their pulses visible

My clockwork visions are back 200%, but the machinery is much more well kept

Anum notices the tomb of Nobunaga is open, also, there is a huge exhibit of Egyptian artifacts

Kazemde notices dozens of pings of artifacts for him to eat, most in the city proper

Anum hooks a bucket and a rope together to make a sling, cosplaying a historical figure

Fernando calls, asks if we need a ride, he doesn’t trust us to not get in trouble on foot

Fernando arrives, with a young teenager with him, his name is Fernando Jr. Fernando: “Ehh… I get around.” We make our way towards the inner city.

Kazemde is also now worshiped in a cult as the god of smuggling

Kazemde notices clusters of Sekhem in different cultural centers, museums and other old places. Most are low level. Kazemde Jr. takes notes on these locations.

I notice that the pings are located in populated and well secured areas (cameras, police stations), Anum thinks it matches up to the old city roads from old timey kyoto

Kazemde gets a signal of a very powerful artifact in Honno-ji. While on the way there, Citlali gets a sense that the grey-ed out people are super jerks, yakuza or corrupt.

I notice that the super tech laying around is very prominent in the actual city, but all but non-existent in the ancient temples.

Anum makes a bee-line for Nobunaga’s grave, there is one other person there, who is also grey and a douche.

Kazemde turns off the camera, Anum meditates on the grave of Nobunaga, Kazemde senses the Sekhem under the grave

Anum remembers sitting across from Nobunaga, who is asking him questions about his philosophy of life, especially how he expects to reach apotheosis if he doesn’t know what it is. He also remembers being one of Nobunaga’s generals, and being secretly sent to raise an army to form a pincer attack on another enemy.

Anum asked Kazemde to be gentle with the casket (not utterly destroy it). The casket is hollow, empty other than an urn.

Kazemde uses my quantum pockets to get a shovel so he can dig up the grave.

Citlali and I are on watch, and I notice that when Kazemde is really starting to dig (using Sekhem), the light on the camera turns from green to purple. Security cameras do not use purple.

Citlali notices a group of school children (11 years old) and a teacher heading their way. She feels protective of them, knowing they are near something supernatural. She goes to try and intercept them to say that the area is off limits.

The teacher is highly skeptical, and also grey/douche. Citlali manages to convince the teacher to leave, as she implied that she knows that the teacher is abusive to the kids.

Kazemde digs up an old box, covers up the hole haphazardly, and we bail.

Fernando asks if we should run or not, we tell him to drive casually.

However, we see five black vans and a police car drive towards the temple very fast, ignoring traffic.

I use my far sight to spy on the investigators as they arrive at the temple, they close down the temple claiming radiation. People unlabbled swat uniforms disperse throughout the temple grilling people, some even have rifles. One has an scanner that he swears around the area and another has something that looks like a rifle, but has electricity at the end. They also take the camera that was turn around.

I explain this to Kazemde, and tell him he may want to deal with this if he does’t want trouble later.

In the box, Kazemde finds an urn that looks like the urn Irah used to make us go on a past life adventure. It looks like a bagdad battery. It’s a five dot artifact.

Fernando was already to our safe house, which is actually the Peruvian consulate. We get let through the gate when they see Fernando Jr. We are lodged in a house for guests of the Peruvian consulate. The Japanese police aren’t allowed in, nice.

Fernando Jr.’s mom is the ambassador to Japan.

Citlali confesses to Anum about the grey people and the urge eat them. Anum says he’s sure she’ll work through it, then he recalls an errand he needs to run.

Once we’re all together, we lay down or sit on chairs and open the past life box.

We are subject to a rewind effect and are thrown back in time, in the middle of a field of Kyoto before it was Kyoto.

Before all of this, I prepare an email to send to Irah about our use of a precious artifact.

Sesión Treinta y Tres - In a Mirror, Darkly (Un Espejo a la Oscuridad)


Ryan’s notes:

Surrounded by black pyramids, I take a shot at one, causing it to shatter and disintegrate. However, once I did that, another one literally just popped in to existence. However, they do not react at all, just remain stationary. One approaches Kazemde, about an arms length from his torso, and my danger sense goes off. Kazemde rolls initiative. The top point of the pyramid is starting to glow red, Kazemde knifes it, and it goes spinning and a laser comes out and hits the wall, melting an inch or so through it.

Citlali and Bahiti notice that the laser’ed wall resembles an ancient text that they had been studying. Anum can tell it’s a simple sentence saying “for us please do not attack”. Anum tells us to not attack, and starts to talk in Iremite. A pyramid approaches him and starts to glow red, like it did Kazemde. Our danger sense goes off. Anum introduces himself, at the same time the pyramid shoots a laser in to his chest. On his chest is burned “Can you be able to understand me?” Anum tells it not to attack him, and tells it to communicate without layering him.

It goes back to Kazemde and laser communicates again. Kazemde grabs it and turns it so it doesn’t laser him, up on the wall, it lasers “please please help. looking for us, looking for one of us”. Kazemde tries to carve back “do not laser us, we can help” in it. it lets him do it.

All of them start to act together strangely, and eventually writes on the wall “You understand us, you will help” Anum carves back that he can. It tells us that one of it’s kind is hidden in one of your kind, and it needs help finding it.

there is a breif period where we work out communications, as apparently they can only understand things in the moment of writing, nothing else. Anum tells the pyramids to protect us and not attack anything that we don’t attack. Negotiations are had, and we agree to help them. Apparently, one of their kids is lost inside one of “our people”, and if it gets out in to the world, there would be significant consequences. They can’t sense the baby pyramids when they are inside someone else, but apparently the mummies can.

We tell them to keep an eye out for a “back mouthed shark guy” and open him up if they see him, as their baby might be in him. Wink wink.

They agree to help us with shark guy if we agree to help them.

While looking, Citlali hears a noise that seems far away that sounds like a child crying. She looks around to try and pinpoint it. None of us heard it.

Anum realizes that it’s not normal for a person to walk around with a gaping chest wound, and asks one of us for help. Citlali attends to him, although he rejects any use of sekhem

Kazemde and I are pretty sure we’ve spotted the shark guy. He’s hiding in a group of people to protect himself from us, and also Citlali can get a sense that the baby pyramid might be hidden inside one of the kids. Anum points them out the kid to the pyramids, and tells the rest of them to dismember the back mouth shark guy. the pyramids don’t understand the concept of surveillance on them, but they go to dissect the shark man.

They push the crowd away, and shark man tries to activate his supermode, but he gets caught in a net of lasers and dismembered.

Citlali goes to check on the kid, although the kid and the parents are freaked out. Anum asks if the human will be harmed checking for the baby pyramid. the pyramids tell us to observe their work on the shark man “We are very thorough”.

Kazemde recognizes that, while the dad does coke, they seem to be a happy family who were taking their kid on a trip.

We make a second look, just on the off chance that the kid isn’t the pyramid host. None of us see anything of note except for Anum, who notices that the kid is wincing every so often, but we can’t tell why.

Bahiti goes to try and suck the baby pyramid out of the kid, they manage to distract the parents for kazemde to knock them out and stash them somewhere, and Bahiti performs her ritual. After a bit, a baby pyramid comes out of the kid’s chest, with a small line of energy connecting it to her her. The baby pyramid seems to be trying to stay attached to the kid, Anum asks the other pyramids to help without endangering the kid. they try, but the pyramids say that they need to take the kid with them in order to remove the baby pyramid. They say that they’ll take the kid to a location our choosing after they’re done, and we give them the address we got off the parents.

We decide to hand off the parents to the pyramids, just so they can be together.

They fly away and vanish inside a ruined structure that hadn’t been there before. One stays back and asks us where we’re going. Anum points to Kyoto. Suddenly, we find that we’re now moored in japan. In a lake. In the middle of japan.

We eventually get off, the poor crew baffled as to how this happened. As we disembark, we get a call from Fernando, asking if that was us on the news. Fernando is confused and disappointed, but he’s going to text us where to meet him.

Also, Kazemde stole a quarter million dollars of stuff.

Sesión Treinta y Dos - Bad News Flies (Las Malas Noticias Vuelan)


Ryan’s notes:

After the power goes out, I hand out flashlights from my quantum pockets. This is clearly the work of shark guy, so we decide to wait for him to come to us so we can ambush us. A half hour later, we hear a man’s scream two rooms down from Anum’s room. We hear the staff going to investigating the scream. Also, Kazemde fails a memory roll, he gets a feeling of not wanting to be here on a boat. They guys investigating come back with a stretcher and moving the body.

Also, Kazemde mentions that we’re in the Dragon’s Triangle, which basically means that a whole bunch of weird shit, and that the lights on his ship back in the day had gone out. Kazemde looks out for anything strange, and only sees a guy with a flashlight checking around. There doesn’t seem to be anything strange going on outside at the moment this evening. We get told to stay in our room for security purposes, but we can tell that they’re nervous, and that they’re even checking the rooms that are empty.

Kazemde gets a very faint feeling of Sekhem, it’s flickering and moving about the boat at random.

I use my clairvoyance to scope the situation, and I get vision of black pyramids in a desert landscape, actually floating. There are forty of them, their size is unknown, as there is no sun in the sky. They pyramids also vanish and reappear at random.

Back on the ship, there is also smooth jazz in the background, coming from someone’s room. Probably playing it. Another half hour passes, and we hear another scream. Bahiti, in Anum’s room, is staying as still as possible. We hear another scream in the next half hour, this time on the deck. The smooth jazz is continuing, stopping only when the screams happen. Another guy comes guy, telling us to stay in our rooms.

After a bit, we hear the guys making patrols get in to an argument with the people who are playing music, but nothing happens, as they can’t really enforce it. It’s getting close to midnight. While burning time, I pull out weapons and ammunition to prepare for the worst.

Suddenly, a little stream of electricity comes out Bahiti, and now they have a working alarm clock. Suddenly, a tiny floating and rotating black pyramid pops in to the room, and pops out, accompanied by a flash of Sekhem.

We discuss moving to the ships vault, as the room is no longer secure, and I realize that we’re not moving.

Kazemde doesn’t remember how he dealt with this, but he remembers silent skeleton things trying to board the ship, and he was only able to drive them off by giving something that he had in a chest. We decide to all make our way to the Apostate. Anum asks me to keep an eye out for guns. I tell him I’ll need new coat (quantum pockets ftw)

The apostate is playing on the deck, and he has a crowd with him listening to the music. We get stopped by a guy telling us to go back to our room, but Anum bulldozes his pay through him. Kazemde has found a bunch of fancy knives, but no guns.

I hand out pistols to the group from my quantum pockets.

The Apostate waves to Kazemde, in a way that implies he wants him to join the band. The apostate asks for a few minutes before he jumpstarts Kazemde’s memory. The Apostate doesn’t know about the pyramids, but compares them to iPods. Kazemde has him do the memory thing. Kazemde remembers being in a giant cathedral made of stone, at a table drinking some sort tea. The Apostate is also there, talking bout something Kazemde isn’t interested in. Suddenly a pyramid shows up, projects text on the table asking him what he wants to eat, Kazemde places his order, and a little bit later it comes back with a meal.

Kazemde does it again, this time regarding the skeletons. He remembers fighting a tooth and nail to keep his treasure, but facing a rebellion from his crew, is forced to give up his treasure. Kazemde keeps this to himself, but explains that they’re basically servants.

Anum tells Citlali to try and woo some of the crew to get us food and drinks. She manipulates a guy in to doing that, and says he’ll roll out a fridge. Kazemde and the Apostate have a talk about the good old days.

Bahiti, when touching the fridge, turns it on for a good few minutes. We decide to try and find the engines so Bahiti can power it. We don’t have a map, but Bahiti uses her new electricity power to power her phone that has the civilian map to cross reference it with Kazemde, who knows where everything valuable is, and where nothing valuable is.

On our way to the engine room, we pass by the safe, which is partially open. We investigate, as Kazemde is mad that someone might be taking his stuff. Inside, there are two bodies on a stretcher and Kazemde’s loot is gone. There are some medical supplies, so we grab them and I put them in my quantum pockets so I can abuse it forever.

We get to the engine room, and I start having a very very light mechanical vision. We find a book of SOPs that has a section on restarting the engine. Bahiti on the other hand, knows her shit, and she takes care of it herself. She gets drained, but manages to turn it on, and I keep an eye on the door in case any shark guys come through the door, but either way, the ship starts to move.

Then mummies sense a rush of Sekhem coming towards us from all directions, through the walls, likely.

Sesión Treinta y Uno - Jumping The Shark (Saltando Sobre el Tiburón)


Ryan’s Notes:

On the ship, we spend our time learning Japanese, I use my fractal powers to study it all, and in the meantime I notice that all the gears and turbines are all gone now. Thank goodness. Bahiti uses her mummy powers to learn the language quickly. In the meantime, I notice that the drug trade on the boat has collapsed. A bunch of angry tourists are wanting drugs, but they aren’t being sold.

Bahiti also gets one of her dreams about a small child sitting in a wooded area pulling the wings off dragon-flies. Bahiti interrogates the child, but not much comes of it other than the child is hungry and was looking for Bahiti. Apparently BAhiti met the child once before, when the child was an old woman. Citlali and Bahiti join a japanese study group to learn japanese.

Kazemde steals candy.

I investigate the collapse of the drug trade, apparently the suppliers have stopped selling. I “intimidate” the seller kid in to setting up a meeting with his supplier. I get a meeting set up in a sushi shop.

Bahiti and Citlali are in the japanese classes, having reversed conversations to familiarize themselves with the language. Citlali notices that one staff eyeing Bahiti, she tells Bahiti. The guy looks normal enough, though. Citlali decides to keep an eye on him in return, but afterwards decides to leave.

Using my quantum pockets, I get a crew manifest for Bahiti, and learn that the guy (James Fernandez) staring at her was a cook for a celebrity restraints.

Meeting with the drug supplier, who is also James Fernandez, I learn that he threw all the drugs overboard. He says there are more important things in life than screwing over rich white people. He is lying his ass off, and he’s only here because he thinks he has to be here to deal with me. I call him on it and he brushes me off. I decide to follow him, but he goes back in to his room, so I go back to mine and recon him with my clairvoyance. I get a vision from his point of view of a whole turkey, that he picks up and puts behind his back, there is ravenous eating sounds. Suddenly the turkey is gone, and he goes to watch TV. In the mirror, something on his back is eating the turkey.

I recall a hawaiien story about the children of the shark god, who look like men but they have a shark mouth on the back. Also you should never feed them meat, or they’ll go in to a feeding frenzy. This guy is not going in a frenzy, however. I check out the wiki on the shark god.

We decide to keep an eye on him for now, as well as keep Bahiti under protection.

Citlali and I learn that our ship is about to enter an area known as the dragon’s triangle, basically the bermuda triangle of the pacific. Kazemde remembers being attacked when he was a pirate by shit like a flying whale and skeletons while sailing through there. Eventually he decided it wasn’t going to deal with this anymore, and took the long way around.

Citlali notices that as we get closer to the dragon’s triangle, shark guy is keeping a closer and closer eye on Bahiti, including keeping a notebook, and marking specific dates as well as writing names of other staff.

I notice that shark guy is putting on a lot of weight really quickly, more than a human should be.

Kazemde decides to steal Bahiti by using a food cart and carting her from her room to Anum’s. I bribe a guy to cooperate and smuggle kazemde in and Citlali out. We succeed masterfully.

Citlali and I note that shark guy is now super confused as to why there is no more noise coming from Bahiti’s room.

The next day, there is a knock at Citlali’s door, it’s James, with a cake. I open the door and deal with James, after a bit of stonewalling him, his face goes blank and he walks away. The sharkgod legend mentions shapeshifting, but I’m not certain how much shapeshifting is going on. A little bit later, we get a shipwide announcement asking for James and Jason. Shark guy and prank staff guy have gone missing, apparently.

There’s another knock at the door, and it’s “Bahiti” acting all panic-y. I pretend to play along and ask her why she’s scared, Not!Bahiti says she thinks that the shark guy found her, but she realizes that I’m faking the conversation, and runs away. Citlali and I note how shark guy is “circling” us, trying to probe for Bahiti, and he’ll likely come back.

Then the power goes out.

A sharkman stalks Bahiti. When he was just a man, I cared little. I spend most days in study, preparing for Japan. Finding he is a sharkman with a mouth upon his back, I am concerned. The last man-shark we fought had powerful companions.

I suggest we hide Bahiti and wait for it to attack. Perhaps, we can confound the thing until we reach port. Kazemde is more than able to deceive it, as I expected. Days later, we find it is also a shape-shifter of some sort.

I wonder if we might use it to gift Kazemde with shape-shifting. He would surely treasure the power. and, I feel a bit guilty that he keeps trying to aid me and I have given him so little in out travels.

I will spend a day in thought, if I can, and try to discern a way to copy the spirit hunters from my past vision. I like the idea of a sharkskin and tooth belt…

Sesión Treinta - All Roads Lead to Japan (Todos Los Caminos Llevan a Japón)


Ryan’s Notes:

Citlali gets a message from Elon, giving us an itinerary for a cruse ship to Japan. There is also a button at the bottom that says “accept currier delivery”. She pushes the button, everyone else gets an email with a boarding pass, and a bike currier comes up to Citlali out of nowhere with a package for her. It has two iPhones and a wallet for Citlali in it. The wallet has a blank piece of laminated paper and a blank card, and a letter that explains how they’re basically magic ID paper.

As the cruse is in two days, we go to Universal Studios and have ourselves a party. We ride the Revenge of the Mummy ride based on the movie franchise. Then on the second day we go to Disney Land. We gleefully abuse our magic ID paper to see and do everything.

Then we go to the MS quantum of the seas. For some reason, the ticket is $65,000, but it’s prepaid. Everyone on board looks rich and classy, except for Anum, who is wearing shorts and an overly large hawaiian shirt. We take off on a month long cruse with a stop in Hawaii. Kazemde steals most things.

While enjoying my cruse, I notice a rather prominent drug trade on the ship. Citlali is pretty sure she notices Irah. Kazemde notices someone who looks like the person who was introduced to him as “The heretic”.

Citlali waits for Irah to start applying sunscreen to herself before approaching. Irah freaks out, and demands why she’s here. Irah is apparently “absconding” to Japan. Irah doesn’t believe that we are just “on vacation”.

I try to trace the source of the drug trade, after a few days of casually looking around, I find a group of people who know that there are rich people who get on the cruse to get drugs, so they bought some and came on board to sell some. I decide to let this go, as the only people who are getting hurt are rich people, and no one cares about them.

Citlali notices that Irah is avoiding us, she’s also unhappy because she has no escape possible from any trouble.

Kazemde goes about his business stealing everything that isn’t noticeable when it vanishes. He waits until Hawaii until he does something about The Heretic, he just walks up to him and asks “are you the heretic?” The heretic says yes, asks if Kazemde is available to play cymbals with them. Kazemde asks if the Heretic is willing to explain his Apotheosis to Anum. The heretic says okay, but Kazemde is paying for dinner. Kazemde takes him to Anum.

Anum and Citlali are looking for a Luau. Citlali mentions Irah to Anum, Anum writes a note “How many times have I proposed to you? :) <3” to give to Irah. Irah writes a note back to Anum, and Citlali invites her to a Luau with them. Irah says she’ll think about it. Irah’s note says “4, the same number of times you’ve put me in to the ground”

We all go a Luau to try and enjoy ourselves. Irah shows up and lets Anum know that he hasn’t actually been to Hawaii before. She’s confused as to what Anum is doing, but doesn’t directly ask.

We get back on the boat, Anum gets a book to learn japanese, Kazemde tries to introduce The Heretic to Anum. After a game of telephone and other shenanigans, Anum meets the Heretic. Kazemde tries to get the two to talk, but the heretic is just like “Anum is as close to Apotheosis as you can get, do you have any questions?” Anum says he’s here for the dinner The heretic “Me too!” Kazemde doesn’t know what to do anymore, or why he bothers. After a brief conversation, it’s revealed that the path to apotheosis is about doing your own thing, rather than obeying your masters. Kazemde is surprisingly almost there, he just needs to accept being mortal. Kazemde says “not going to happen”. The heretic however, grants Anum a temporary (ten seconds) memory rating of 10. Anum gets a memory of hanging out with two people in japan, a Jesuit, and Oda Nobunaga. After trying again to recall a specific memory, Anum recalls himself being a lot sterner and a lot more militant, and an attempt to find apotheosis though martial discipline.

The heretic offers this to Kazemde, and he takes him up on it. Kazemde recalls some caches of loot for the “betterment of the people”. The Caches were in Hiroshima. The Heretic then says that Anum and Kazemde should be lighter with their cult. Says to not treat Citlali and Bahiti like how the gods treat them.

Ryan offers to buy the heretic some ice cream try the memory trick. I recall that I was in Irem, and tried to keep in touch with the people who I was with on the expedition, but because of that I got a first hand account of people being turned in to mummies, having their limbs torn off and their souls sent on a harrowing journey where they might be destroyed.

I ask for knowledge about my fractal state, I take 1 bashing damage and my head hurts as I get a memory of myself fighting zombies (which have never existed) in contemporary times, and I get a sense of something powerful and robotic watching me. My takeaway is that this Fractal shit can’t be explained by the logic of the the world the mummies know.

Bahiti wants to know how many times she’s reincarnated, she gets a flash of many different lives, until it settles on one of Anum and his first cult. Anum seems to remember her, but she didn’t. She also has a memory of something killing millions of people. Her second attempt gets her a memory of her being a consort of Oda Nobunaga, and this being an issue for Anum.

Citlali wants to know if Bahiti and her have always been related, as every time they’ve looked in the past, that seems to be the case. She gets a few streams of memories of head cultists setting up cults for Anum. Her family (literal and figurative) have been keeping the cult going. The second memory she gets is a member of that family giving up her soul in order to keep the cult going. Finally, she wants to know if Anum has ever had kids. She gets a memory of Anum in Japan, in an effort to master his body, trying to get past the limitation of mummies not being able to have kids, there is at least one success. Some of them might be “hers”.

As we wait to leave for Japan, I continue to look for new human experiences. Amusement parks are not amusing so much as interesting. I find some very good food. Cotton Candy is especially enjoyable. I make sure to buy shorts and a bright flowered shirt for the cruise.

We shortly find that the car dealership manager has a long reach. He delivers a replacement telephone to Citlali. Once aboard, we also find Irah is fleeing North America.

I truly enjoy walking the decks of the ship. It does not toss or roll, but the sea air and sounds give me a feeling of comfort and familiarity.

In Hawaii, I look for a luau. Irah seems concerned about our presence. I decide to try to put her mind at ease and gather some free information. She lets me know I have not been to Hawaii before and that I have both killed and married her 4 times. It feels right. That she is confused by my behavior and what I seek confirms I am doing something new.

Kazemde invites me to dinner with someone he calls The Heretic. It seems likely he has found Apotheosis. As he is a musician, I consider studying music. Then, I feel that is wrong. I must find my own interests. During our conversation, he confirms my feelings. I seem to be doing something different with this life and it is truly leading to Apotheosis. I must simply survive this. Later, he aids me in recalling that I was a lieutenant of Oda Nobunaga and friend to a Jesuit priest, Alessandro Valignano. It is an interesting evening.

As we leave Hawaii, I understand I need to start preparing for Japan. I begin to look for strong, male figures in Japanese culture. After some looking, I find the strong bearing of Toshiro Mifune is a good fit. The computer says he was a soldier and actor, raised in China and successful in Japan. He is also often funny. I also find a survey of favorite Japanese historical figures. I decide from the list Charlie Chaplin, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Walt Disney would be good to study. The number one is Oda Nobunaga who I have already decided will be a focus of my studies in Japan.

Sesión Veintinueve - Where Angels Fear to Tread (Donde Angeles Temen Para Pisar)


Ryan’s Notes:

We decide to commit and find the dude who Not!Elon Musk wants us to find. Apparently the last guy who fingered for the blame in a half-assed kinda way got shot in the head. Oops. I send Kazemde in to spy on them to find any evidence of wrongdoings.

Kazemde goes in and marks people with ink to see if they happen to be strange or not. He notices a guest list on it for a behind the scenes shindig and writes our names on it.

I conjure up some contractor badges for all of us using my In My Pocket power.

Citlali tries in vain to convince Anum to act as santa clause for her sexy santa disguise so she can go in and take pictures of people. No luck, she eventually just does it herself. She gets most of the staff, until one of the head people comes down (middle age man) and yells at us to stop doing this and do it after the wrap-up party.

I take the photos and send them to my underworld organization to see if they have criminal connections. Most of it petty drug crimes, nothing major. We decide to go to the after party to continue the photo op, and hopefully get some info on the higher ups on the place.

Meanwhile, Kazemde notices that a several people been wearing the same clothes that he marked, but the clothing is strangely no longer marked. This gives us a list of people who might be involved.

The people getting the ink off of them are mostly people who are acting on stage, and the ink is just straight up disappearing. One of the producers has apparently been there most of the time. Kazemde goes to mark people, once more people get in to fights “over making them look unprofessional”. The producer guy seems to just be watching, and the marks don’t actually disappear while they’re in his view. By the time rehearsal starts again, two people no longer have ink on them.

Kezemde splashes paint on the lead man in the show, his outfit is drenched in paint. He goes nuts and runs back stage, I watch him with my clairvoyance. He meets up with a guy to help change clothes the clothes guy causes the lead guy to go limp, and metallic needles start coming out of my shoulder.

We exit, call !Elon and tell him about the hairdresser. I ask him about the shoulder things, he said they’re like a birth mark and not to worry about it (I worry about it, plus they’re visible to mortals when weird stuff is going down). We go to him and ask for our new passports and IDs. We get to watch the hairdresser get shot, which produces a bright flash, and then !Not Elon gives us our stuff. He gives us a number to contact him if we need to, and we head out.

We devise and complete a plan. Along the way, I am asked to disguise myself as Santa Clause as a distraction for the plan.

I simply cannot understand this. The computer says Saint Nicholas was a Greek man. I am not Greek. I have never been Greek. I certainly never paid the dowry for poor farmer’s daughters. I have never quelled storms, nor multiplied grain shipments. The idea is ridiculous.

More, I dislike furs and layer clothing. I am most comfortable in thin fabrics and warm climates. This ‘Santa suit’ is constructed of embarrassingly poor quality, artificial furs. I simply will not wear it unless faced with dire consequences. Citlali and Bahiti seem intent on embarrassing me with this outfit but I will not have it.

Worst of all, I am expected to smile and laugh and ‘be jolly’, which, I am assured is easy. I do not find this easy. I find it shallow and nearly incomprehensible. What purpose is served by taking commemorative pictures with a stranger dressed as a myth?

Despite my refusing the ‘very important’ request, the plan succeeds.

The manager of the car dealership gives us contact information. I warn it should be disposed of immediately.

It occurs to me: would dressing as Santa Claus have helped me understand Santa Clause?

Sesión Veintiocho - Fools Rush In (Perdidos Irrumpen En)


Ryan’s Notes:

Suddenly Bahiti vanishes mid-drive, I hear the sound of gears grinding just before noticing that she vanished.

We pull over, because between spacial loops and people vanishing, continuing driving seems like a bad idea. Interestingly, the cars were all different despite everything else on the road being the same. It looks like we’re the only people subject to this effect.

Kazemde breaks off a chunk of wall and throws it in to traffic to test to see if we can interact with the world. It hits a truck, so we can interact with the world. We decide to climb up the side of the embankment to see if we can escape. We find a car dealership, Tesla. Kazemde goes to steal a key for a car to pick us up. He notices that the floor inside the dealership is has electrified plates on it, except for the area around the desk where the attendant is.

Kazemde tires to invisibly teleport behind the attendant to give him a sleeper hold, the attendant suddenly turns in to a being of light with four legs and yells “stop”, Kazemde stops. The guy turns back in to an office worker, says that he didn’t expect to give us this kind of a welcome. Asks where Kazemde’s friends are, Apparently this guy is a representative of the Order of the Universe, Elon Musk. Really wants to talk to us.

Kazemde calls to Anum to get the rest of us over to where they are. He’s willing to help us with our “documentation” problem if we’re willing to help him with a few things. He turns to me, wants me to spearhead a project for him. Wants me to identify some guys who work for an organization that opposes his, willing to try and unlock my “fractal abilities” to assist in this.

I agree, what the heck, you only live once.

Everything goes nuts and I can now see the world made of machines, oil and gears. (I can use the “fractal” template)

Elon gives us the details on what we need to do. There’s a studio where one of the agents of the enemy organization in a studio and wants us to suss him out, then he leaves.

Bahiti, on Anum’s suggestion, memorizes the information and then tosses the phone. After driving for a bit, Anum suggests we cut all ties to the Elon Musk imposter and just give him a random person and bail on the whole thing, as we’ll just get caught deeper in his web.

I’m still seeing the world in the form of gears, oil and wires, I also get a vision of a being of Demos, who helps me calm down.

We send Fernando to take care of the mission, after a few hours he calls us and says that the place is run “Too perfect” and that it’s shady because of the sheer lack of shady-ness. Says that if we want him to identify the mole he’ll need to join the place and work there for a month. We tell him to find someone “slightly too perfect” or “slightly less perfect”, he says the only guy like that is the gate guard who he bribed to get in. We say this is perfect, and send the information to Elon. Then Citlali to get a call. It’s Elon, and he wants us to actually make an effort. “That would be great.”

Making no progress towards Los Angeles, Bahiti vanishes. We pull over to investigate and find a suspicious middle-of-nowhere car dealership. Within, Kazemde confronts the manager. The man claims to be one of The Order of the Universe.

The man says he will make our identification papers legitimate if we will complete a task for him. He tells Ryan Myer that he will give him new power. I agree so that we can leave this place.

Once we leave, I suggest cutting all ties to the odd man and not pursuing his task. I am very afraid of what he might be.

Fernando is sent to do a poor job. It should have freed us. Instead, my fears are confirmed when the man calls to Citlali and tells her we need to give the task our best effort.

Sesión Veintisiete - Every Bird Must Hatch its own Eggs (Cada Carnero de su Pie Cuelga)

Route to L.A.:


Text on Anum’s tombstone near the Salton Sea:

When the time came for Azar to make at last the Ascent, he journeyed to the top of the tallest mountain, that he might gain admission to the heavens. Yet, the distance between the earth and the floor of the Light Land just outstretched his reach, and Azar fell to despair. Then sun broke through the clouds, and beyond that rift, he caught a twinkle in the eye of Ptah, the Nameless Bull, who, on a shaft of golden light, sent down a ladder of the finest craft. Descending to earth with the ladder came the god Re, the Nameless Lion, and on the ladder’s other side, the goddess Esit, the Nameless Falcon. The two held the ladder sturdy upon the earth, that Azar could make his ascent. Their task complete, the Three returned to the Light Land and bade Sutek, the Nameless Serpent and Lord of Dust and Storm, descend to earth and become the eternal guardian of the perfect ladder of Ptah.
This, people of the Black Land, is why we place the effigy of the ladder in the tomb, why we remind the gods of their duty to shepherd us to the blessed afterlife. This is why we learn the words in life that we must speak to the ladder in death:

“I pay homage to thee, O divine ladder!
Homage to thee, O ladder of Sutek!
Stand thou upright, O divine ladder, whereby
Azar came forth to the Light Land.
For I am thy son, I am Azar of old, and thou shall give to me the ladder of Sutek. I need plow no earth, nor collect any offering, for that which I see and hear shall feed me and nourish me when I appear in the
Light Land by the ladder of Sutek.
I have gathered together my bones, I have collected my flesh, and I shall go quickly to the Light Land by the two fingers of great Sutek, god of the ladder!”

Ryan’s notes

While we’re driving, Anum gets a memory of himself in this area of him getting buried in a tomb with a lot of text written on it. He wants to see if he can find it. He also remembers a lake nearby I check on google maps for an area like that. There is a border crossing, and any underground crossings will cost a lot of money.

We decide to take out the internet to the border control to get Anum across. Bahiti and Citlali find the equipment we’re looking for,

I call my underworld organization that I have (retroactively) been building up, and we get in contact with a guy who has a tunnel going across the border, but it’s risky as there is a possibility we could get caught in a bust. I don’t want to take the risk, so I give them our guns and go with the plan on taking out the internet for the border control.

I shoot out their internet cable as Anum goes through, they aren’t able to confirm his identity, so they let him through as he doesn’t look like an illegal immigrant.

We meet up with what is apparently a member of the Templar Cartel (this is unusual as they (my organization) weren’t able to do that before), and get our guns back.

We make our way in to town and rest for the evening, before we continue to look for Anum’s memory source. We make our way to a place between the town and an airport out in the wilderness, Anum starts wandering to where he thinks he needs to go. After a bit, we find what we were looking for. It’s a legend about the patron god of Irem, and how he ascended, there are references to apotheosis by a different name. It appears to be Anum’s tomb. We start taking pictures of everything to record it and plan on digging it up to see what’s inside. While digging, he finds additional writing describing a ritual to purge oneself of Sekhem, but it’s untested.

Kazemde reappears, apparently he was talking to Irah. Anum tells him how awesome we were while he was gone. We head to Los Angeles. Anum recalls the previous incarnation of Bahiti yelling at Kazemde for vanishing for long periods of time. Apparently he was dicking around / helping Moses.

Kazemde asks Ryan to help him find a mummy who is very good at not being found. He gives me a description of the mummy “Le Sony’r, The Apostate”, who does not apparently register as a mummy and is impossible to detect with supernatural methods. I agree.

On our way to LA, the others notice that every single thing that could go wrong while traveling, are happening, and is delaying us. I on the other hand, am pretty sure I am getting deja vu. We’ve driven this highway more than once, and we have driven this highway more than once. We appear to be in a temporal loop.

I have a memory of a hill by a lake. It is peaceful. I think I once left some items there, in case of future need. I may have been buried there, I am not sure.

The computer finds the hill. We have little difficulty in crossing the border. There is a large stone marking the place on the hill. It is inscribed but I do not know its meaning. It tells a story of Irem’s patron god, Azar. Buried beneath the stone, I find some writing that seems to be a ritual to purge Sekhem. I suppose I could attempt the ritual. But, I did not try it before. Or if I did, it did not result in Apotheosis.

Kazemde returns and is now looking for Le Sony’r, The Apostate. While someone can learn carpentry from a carpenter, I am doubtful I can learn Apotheosis from the Apostate. I suppose we will still look for him.

We continue our drive to Los Angeles. Seeing that we have driven for hours without progress, we decide some sort of magic is preventing our travel.


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