Cursed Necropolis: Rio Grande Valley

Sesión Veinte - To Do Something You Can Do Today (Lo Que Puedas Hacer Hoy)


Ryan’s notes:

When the others wake up, I inform them about the group a the bar, but it’s decided that we don’t need to worry about it. Also, apparently Bahiti is also having dreams again about the dark god thing. She’s getting feelings of impending doom.

While returning, Kazemde encounters the wonders of modern technological surveillance. He misses the old days.

Anum is wiki-surfing. Citlali is looking up hookups to china while also researching the thing that Irah wants them to steal, also helping Anum with the computer. While doing so, he recalls that he was a retainer to the japanese lord Oda Nobunaga.

The others are having trouble finding a way to get the mummies to china.

On my rounds, I noticed that the bar is trashed, and that the hotel staff are still moving decorations in for some conference. I bring Citlali down to help me piece together what happened at the bar fight. Citlali pieces tougher that the group from the other day encountered another group and got in to a really out of hand barfight. Super strength was used to rip tables that were bolted to the ground and used as weapons.

My Clairvoyance gets me a quick flash of a bunch of biker dudes around something boiling and then passing it around to be drunk. They’re also surrounded by a black fog probably the dark god thing, and they don’t seem to seem to notice it.

I ask the bartender what happened. He tells us what happened above, and mentioned that none of the people are staying at the hotel. The cause of the fight was some kind of argument caused by the second group to arrive. This happened at around 2:30.

We notice that the TV is still on, and it’s talking about violence in the town we were just in. Bodies are apparently being found, two of which are people who were at the bar. Limbs were chopped off. I think that whoever attacked the discombobulated people had a more meaningful reason than just to make a point about how tough they are.

Also, my arm starts to hurt for a moment, like a memory of an old wound. I have no idea why. I ask Citlali, she has no idea.

I flashback to when I was Tadris and I had a bite taken out of my arm. Suddenly, lots of phantom pain from the arm, and I start to panic and think we’re under attack. Citlali smacks me upside the head to snap me out of the panic attack. I snap out of it.

Anum encounters mummy porn on the internet, leaves to get food, mets us there, ignores us and orders food, we join him.

Kazemde calls Irah to help him learn to deal with modern securities. She’s not helpful at all. Tries to get him to rob a bank to test his skills. Kazemde is going for it.

I get a call from one of my contest, asking me what’s going on in the city. I ask him to be specific. He says that there’s someone attacking the vampires, warns me that shit might spill over and to be careful. I call around to find out what’s going on and he tells me that some gang thing rolled in to town and is attacking minions of powerful supernatural groups. Says they’re bikers. I tell him to keep me posted on them and tell the others, as it seems to be connected to the bar.

Kazemde calls Fernando asking for information on how to get around cameras. Fernando tells Kazemde to meet him so they can do burgle stuff.

Back at the bar, I check out the bicker groups on the news on my smartphone. I don’t get much, though, but they do seemed to be scattered with little rhyme or reason, although Margo the Aswang seems to have been hit as well.

Citlali calls their cult to see what’s going on, they have no idea who’s causing all the attacks or why (they assumed it was us), but she tells them to lay low and keep them appraised.

I call Margo, she has no idea who attacked them, but says they broke up her control over her kids and seemed to be able to dispel magic. I suspect that they have some connection with the supernatural cannibal people in the past, likewise I recognize the fog that surrounds them as the same fog from the past. They also might be able to be detected by sekhem.

Revelation: there is a convention for mummies showing up, and there are people who eat supernatural entities running around eating them. Buffet time.

Back to Kazemde outside a pawn shop with fernando. Fernando is giving him a tutorial for breaking and entering and dealing with cameras. This involves him smashing the junction box, then smashing the door down. the shop owner tries to jump Kazemde with a shotgun, Kazemde smashes his face in. Once the guy is down, Fernando goes to very specific items and starts grabbing them. It seems like Fernando sold his stuff to the pawn guy, and is now using Kazemde to get it back. They leave, and Fernando continues to tutorial-ize Kazemde.

Kazemde recalls Dead Jim, who also is concerned with cameras and staying undetected.

The group is now all together. We discuss what’s happened and what our options are. During the discussion, we realize that the biker cannibals are eating other supernaturals to gain powers before attacking mummies. Citlali also realizes that they might be going after Bahiti.

Incidentally, we get an email from Irah saying she’s found evidence of her, Anum and Kazemde dicking around with Moses in Bagdad.

Anum walks out with a bar glass. Citlali pays, and Kazemde senses the mummies have arrived. Citlali goes to check out cruse ships to Japan.

I have considered traveling to China. Restoring my memories seems to be required to be myself. I have had visions. The new computers allow me to find information quickly. The Wikipedia is especially useful, as pages link together.

I have a vision of Oda Nobunaga. I am certain I had a relationship of some kind with him, Rather than China, I am now more interested in Japan. Nobunaga is was a man who is quite famous. I may find references to myself by studying him.

Eating at a local restaurant is providing me with new experiences. I think feel a part of me enjoys this. Chipotle is spicy.

Sesión Diecinueve - Don't Wait for Tomorrow (No Dejes Para Mañana)




Ryan’s notes:

After returning from doing stuff, we meet up at the hotel, the mummies start meditating, the sisters start sleeping, and I keep an eye on things while this happens.

Making my rounds, I notice that there is a delivery being taken to a side area, there seem to be an unusual amount of egyptin stuff.

Kazemde and Citlali get a call from Irah, telling them to meet her in the lobby, tells Kazemde to not ignore this, as he can get shit out of this. Also says it would be better if they came by themselves. They go.

Irah offers kazemde a chance to steal stuff to make up for stuff that she stole from him. Offers a 50/50 split. Kazemde refuses, the mummies barter for a little bit, Kazemde eventually agrees.

Irah mentions that are kinda all waking up and getting together for a convention, all the mummies in the world are going to be showing up here in about a week. She suggests shoring up, covering out stuff so it doesn’t get stolen by the other mummies and their cultists. Also mentions an auction for the “honor” of possessing the artifacts. Irah wants Kazemde to steal the artifacts before that happens.

She isn’t lying, but she’s also not being completely honest.

Bahiti has a dream about a woman in a slinky black dress at a fancy place to eat. The woman is just staring at her. In the dream Bahiti is about to talk, but before she does, the woman opens her mouth and vomits black stuff until the room is clouded and she wakes up. She likewise has feelings of dread when she saw the black stuff in the memory/past.

Kazemde tries follow Irah stealthily by getting on her car, success. She goes to a house and goes inside. Kazemde follows. He can tell that she set up some anti-Sekhem shenanigans and gets to work doing stuff for the big mummy convention.

Kazemde watches over her shoulder, learning that the auction is going to be monitored by a group of mummies from LA who are rich thanks to turning a part of LA in to their cult. He also learns that two mummies will be apart of the actual security instead of just mortals. Also, apparently some people from his guild are there to see him specifically. No obvious shenanigans aimed at the party or Kazemde.

Afterward, she goes to the jacuzzis in her back yard and Kazemde steals her car.

On the drive back to the island, the car display shows up as OnStar, registering the car as being stolen. Apparently Irah was done with her meditations and now she’s calling Kazemde to nag him.

Citlali tells Anum everything. Everything. Unsurprisingly, Anum doesn’t care. He’s more interested in China. Anum wants to go to China.

(Apparently while I was out, Anum and Bahiti have gotten to be better buddies. I ask Buddies, or “buddies”. Anum is dumbfounded at the prospect, Citlali punches me in the shoulder and says goodnight, “buddy” to me.)

As I go to the bar, I see a bunch of people who “look” decent, but after they get some beer in them, they start talking about their cult. I try to eves drop by sending them drinks. Apparently they’re former gangbangers who got in to a cult that is more or less an offshoot of mormonism. One of them might be a chosen one, but I’m pretty I could take them.

I finish my drink and go back to tell Anum. He doesn’t care.

Sesión Dieciocho - Cutting the Cord (Cortando el Cordón)


I am resolved to living as a man. I will avoid Sekhem. I will avoid The Judges. I will eat. I will sleep. I will breathe. The vision of the desert has stirred something in me and I refuse to let it slip away.

We visit a zoo. The elephants seem small but they are certainly elephants. Elsewhere, I am reminded of once chasing a monkey for a trinket. I do not feel emotion in the memory. But, I feel a fury arise within me. I will not chase a monkey!

Wearing a shirt from the zoo gift shop, I begin to feel I may be blending in. I wonder if pretending to be something will make it so. Perhaps.

Bahiti has a meeting with a man. I suppose it is part of her path. It concerns me not at all.

The man is odd. From my point-of-view, that makes him normal, as nearly everyone I meet is odd.

I ask Kazemde to assist in the man nearly killing Bahiti. Kazemde calls himself a thief. But, I think he has always been a better murderer. Does his choice to call himself a thief indicate a moral feeling? I may ask him sometime.

The ‘operation’ seems to be a success. I do not understand what was done. I look at Zombie Jim and notice he follows a path of ‘Humanity’ rather than ‘Morality’. It may be useful to know later. For now, I seek rest and study. I may also ask Citlali to prepare the Pet Cemetery for my viewing.

Sesión Diecisiete - Dead Dreams (Sueños Muertos)


Ryan’s notes

The others head back to the meeting area, I grapple with the smoke thing, which is psychically smashing me, forcing me in to unconsciousness.

The others wait for ten minutes before starting to look for me, however at the same time, lights and people start to come out of the pyramid, looking for us.

Anum sends Kazemde out to look for me, the rest head back to the camp. Kazemde manages to sneak past them, he finds me face down in the snow, passed out with a big chunk bitten out of my arm. No one is standing over me. He wakes me up.

The others at the camp are fortifying for an attack. Anum uses the weather control device to change the weather to hot and stormy. The change is almost instantaneous.

Kazemde and I arrive in the camp, when we get there Anum racks up the bad weather to full blown monsoon + lightning. Citlali/Lahyah and I do a self check to see if they tagged me at all. I see that the veins leading to my heart are black, and leading to my neck and legs and shoulders. May or may not be spreading.

Bahiti/Ahdidi doesn’t know what it is, but they get a significant feeling of dread and that death/doom is coming. She panics. The others think it might be an infection of the blood or a possession.

Kazemde remembers that I may or may not have a mystic parasite.

Citlali/Laylah tires to heal my arm, success.

Anum makes the slaves get to work cooking the elephant meat, talks to Kazemde about making a profit off of dead elephant. He continues to mess with the weather machine to drive out the others. Calls one of the believers to sight for him, as the weather control is imprecise. He reports that one tornado is near us and on top of them.

We decide to alternate between tornados and lightning, as the temple that the others are in is more elevated.

I double over in pain, almost throwing up. I feel that my blood is boiling. We decide to tie me up, just in case. Unfortunately I collapse and vomit black fog, that goes towards Bahiti. Citlali interposes herself between Bahiti and the fog.

I recognize that the fog guy was riding along with me has the powers of an owl spirit. I remember that it’s weak to the sun, and tell Anum to lay on the sunlight.

Citlali attacks it with her axes, it seems ineffective, but it seemed to part the fog in a way that implies that it’s tangible.

Kazemde swallows some oil and uses it to spew fire on the fog monster. The oil suspends itself in the fog while on fire. I taste blood in my mouth, but I didn’t before. it’s hurting.

The fog envelops Bahiti, hears a voice saying “my child, you have returned to me. Do you not want to come? I hunger for your soul.” She rejects this, but it keeps saying it wants her soul. She thinks it might be the god who Ahdidi is a priestess to. It also doesn’t sound like a god, but like a hungry weird god. The god asks why she wont give it her soul. She points out the others in the pyramid. The god doesn’t understand. She asks how she can send him souls, he says “you have, you sent me yours.” The god seems to be having trouble controlling himself, keeps babbling. She says okay. She feels pain and hears “your fetch will be apotheosis.”

We all wake up, tied up in a warehouse. One of Irah’s people unties her. Anum asks her if this is a sex thing. Irah is confused and Anum tires to smile. I get my gun back, Citlali gets her axes back.

Irah is confused as to what happened, asks us what happens. We yell at her about how it was her idea, she says someone gave her the thing and that it would help her recall the past with people who shared the experience. She tires to name the person, but keeps giving different names. Does not seem to be giving the names of her own will.

Irah is confused, asks us again what happened. Anum says she didn’t know what she was doing, and that she should live with it.

Anum tries a banana from one of the crates in the warehouse. Kazemde points out that we know about a weather control machine that can be causing the snow and that we should be finding it. Irah says she has it, and was using it deter us from finding her as she was stealing Anum and Kazemde’s Sekhem stuff.

Irah wondering what Bahiti is, as she’s definitely something unusual among the mummies. She’s still confused as to what just happened, as she doesn’t have records of what happened. Irah says she’s going to investigate it with her people and Citlali wants to be there when they arrive. Irah says okay. Kazemde wants her weather machine, but Irah says “good luck powering it without the batteries”.

The mummies start bickering over artifacts and Sekhem and use of weather machines against us.

As a peace offering, Irah says she’ll give us records of the mummies from the past. She asks us us what we last remember. She points out that the fog thing was specifically interested in Bahiti. Bahiti tells us what happened to her. Irah asks if Bahiti would be willing to take her to someone who would be more knowledgeable about this kind of thing (not the guy who gave her the memory machine).

Citlali says if Bahiti goes, we all go, Irah says that’s fine, but we’ll need radiation suits to protect us, as it’s dangerous to be around him. May or may not be a god, likes video games. Irah goes “brb” to turn off the weather machine. Irah get huffy, but eventually gives it to Citlali to give to Kazemde.

When she gets back, Anum demands money from her. Says he’s not going to continue this cycle. Irah says this has happened before, elaborates and explains that they have very little control over how things work, other than that they Cults. Anum says he doesn’t care, wants his money and the files he mentioned.

More bickering between Irah and Kazemde, Anum notices that this is definitely an old routine for her.

Anum asks if he’s said he was going to stop using Sekhem before, Irah says yes, that she’s also trying to reach apotheosis. She’s using different methods, that the guy with the memory machine was supposed to help, even if she had “the stick of Irem.”

She was also apparently, involuntary, behind most of the issues that we’ve deal with on our way here. She’s careless.

We go to a hotel, ignoring Irah’s offer of a house. Anum wants elephants.

As we leave, we get a realization that we could draw upon the powers of our past memory selves.

Kazemde is willing to look for Tadris. As he is the sneakiest man I’ve ever met, I am confident he will not also become lost. The rest of us return to our camp.

As I hoped, Kazemde and Tadris soon rejoin us. I have studied the weather control device and begin t make the landscape a living hell for the nomads. Lightning, blazing sun, and tornadoes. I make certain to never allow the temperature to drop, as they are well prepared for cold weather.

We have a near-miss or two. Then, Tadris vomits up a fog monster. Fire defeats it and the vision we have been living ends,

We wake in a warehouse. I am changed. If true, this vision has shown me who I once was. I want more. I.

Irah claims many things. The conversation between her and Kazemde rings like a familiar bell. There is no point to this. I yearn to free myself from this cycle. This Samsara. Perhaps documents held by Irah will aid me. But, I am certain I have done this before. Were study alone successful, I would not still feel like a slave.

Sesión Dieciseis - The Faithful of Shulpae (Los Fieles de Shulpae)

Ryan’s notes

Back at the camp, Bahiti is asked by the servants to perform the last rites on the dead/dying servants. She does, during the process she hears something in the back of her mind. It’s mumbly, but it’s definitely not her own thoughts. It’s happened before, but not this strong. She completes the ritual.

Back to us, combat time. The leader doesn’t do anything, but his eyes start to glow red.

Kazemde cuts at the leader’s neck, the leader seems to teleport an inch away, but still gets nicked.

Anum tries to impale the leader with his spear, fails. More teleportation.

I stab the non leader guy with my knife, get a good slash in.

Citlali goes for a cut, the leader dude tries to vanish, but she gets a chunk out of him.

Non leader guy starts to hulk out, grows claws. Very top heavy.

The leader vanishes, appears behind Anum to grapple him, holds a knife to Anum’s neck. (Anum: I was only one day from retirement!) Says there’s no need for violence, he just wants the one girl. Says his group’s hunger demands it. Anum demands his death.

Kazemde tries to use his mummy powers, passes out for a split second, gets a vision of us in the modern time, passed out and someone dragging bodies away. HE tries to cut leader man, fails. Leader man asks if Kazemde is crazy and if they want him to kill Anum.

Anum tries to engage in some ball handling, succeeds. The leader doesn’t cut Anum’s throat, but doesn’t let go, even with the ball crushing.

I go for the eyes on the now wolf-guy with my sword, he backs away and tries to avoid brain impalement, but I cut out one of his eyes.

Citlali, following her god’s orders, attacks the leader man with everything she has, aiming right between the eyes and the hand holding Anum hostage. Success, the leader dude is down like a ton of bricks.

Wolf guy runs, Citlali throws her axes to trip him up, I turn in to a fox and chase after him. We kill him.

After mopping up, we search the bodies for any loot, find a bunch of survival gear and a book “The mandates of the hungry ones.” We make our way to their camp for the weather machine, come across three pyramids, with the one in the middle being where the tracks are coming from.

In fox form, I sneak in to the pyramid, moving past around 4 guards moving in a circle around it. In the pyramid I see lots of people doing things. When I’m 500 feet in, they see me and weirdly all try to kill me. Much more ruckus than a fox would cause.

I make my way to the others and tell them what’s going on.

Anum and Kazemde disguise themselves as the leader and wolfman, carry Citlali and I change in to fox form so we can sneak in.

(Kazemde rolls, 14 successes)

We stealth so well, the guards actually bow to us as we make our way towards the front door. We decide to chance it and keep going with me as a fox taking point. We get to an open area where there area a lot of people.

I fox-ninja my way towards the central area with a glowing platform and an artifact. The artifact is Iramite, it seems to be on the fritz, probably the malfunctioning weather device. I try to make my way back to the others, luckily the only people who saw me were children.

Anum and Kazemde puzzle out that the artifact isn’t broken, just poorly operated. It can be set back to better settings if we want.

I recall that the smells of the soup I got in fox form are of both humans and supernatural creatures.

I try to move to to the other end of the central area, get their attention (7 successes) run down the opposite hallway, turn a corner and turn in to fox and run. They keep chasing, and one turns in to smoke.

Kazemde sneaks up to the lone guard back in the central area, stabs him through the temple and the guard falls down like a sack of meat (which he now is). Kazemde sneaks off with the artifact

As I just get out the the temple, the smoke catches up to me and drops down to catch me.

The fight is quick and bloody. I resort to dirty tactics while Citlali, Kazemde, and Tadris kill the nomads.

We scout and infiltrate the temple. I feel greed, hoping to find the means to control the power within.

The nomads have tampered with but not understood the device housed within the main structure. It is a simple matter to enter and retrieve the control device.

We wait at our meeting spot. Tadris is late meeting us and I fear the worst.

Sesión Quince - The Road is Made by Walking (Se Hace Camino al Andar)

Ryan’s notes

Citlali uses her mojo to blesses our followers with protection against the cold. The believers accept it willingly, the nonbelievers don’t exactly go out of their way to get the blessing, but don’t outright reject it.

We pile on the elephants, it’s cramped, but we make it.

It’s getting really damned cold, Anum goes to where some of the really cold people are to try and warm them up, also possibly to help convert the nonbelievers. He sees that they’re in the early stages of moderate hypothermia. He has the cook make warm water to keep them.

I realize that the elephants are going to succumb to the cold soon, so I have the elephants keep close to each other to generate more heat and keep everyone (even them) warm.

Some more of our guys are succumbing to the cold, one of them is starting to get blue in the fingers. Anum encourages everyone to keep each other warm with friction. The elephants are in a bad way, really bad.

I’m largely resistant to the cold, so I help out with keeping everyone warm. I take off my headwrap and put it on the axes, set it on fire in an impromptu torch and use it to warm up the elephants. They seem to be getting better.

Some of the servants are getting delusional, they’re trying to take off their clothes to try and brave the cold. The weather is also starting to get worse. Anum tries to whip people in to a frenzy to keep warm, as we’re almost there.

We start seeing the city, but 5 of our guys are shaking like mad, 2 of them are dead of the cold. Kazemde is on the edge of severe hypothermia, Adidi/Bahiti is shaking bad and is feeling pain in her hands. The Elephants are also shaking bad.

We split up and look for shelter against the cold. We find buildings as shelter for us, but not the elephants. We get ourselves in their, but we’re not sure if we can get them in the buildings. Anum tries to get them in to a shelter, finds a partially collapsed building for the elephants.

Irah is is drawing weird stuff on the floor.

I look for wood to burn, I think I see a bear. I turn in to a fox and sneak around behind it, but it seems like it’s not a bear, as it’s footprints are snowshoes. I turn human again, conceal my axes incase he’s hostile and call out to him.

He turns, says hello, asks me where i’m from. I say I’m a wanderer from Irem. He says he’s never heard of that, and what gods I worship. I get the sense that he’s trying to see how similar we are to see if I’m a threat or not. I tell him I worship whatever gods will listen to me. He asks me if I’ve heard of the faithful of Shulpae, says he has a camp nearby. I remember that they’re hunters of things in the night. I say I’m familiar with them. He invites me to his camp, but is unhappy about me bringing others. I tell him we’re in a bad way with the cold. He says to comeback later as he’ll be back with his leader, and he’ll see what he can do.

I tell the others about this, Irah asks me if I remember where I was when I talked to the guy, Irah says she (kinda sorta) remembers that he came from the direction of the weather pyramids.

I also managed to find enough wood for two fires. We light a fire and warm up. We go to the elephants to see how badly they’re doing, one is doing better, one is near death. We start a second fire to warm them up and consider killing them for meat and resources. One of our guys gets the near dead elephant to stand outside to shelter the other elephant, sacrificing one to save the other.

While we get ready for the meeting, Anum gives the servants a peptalk, continuing to try and convert the nonbelievers. I grab a sword and shield and give the axes to Citlali ‘cause I’m not as good with melee as she is.

We go to meet them, arrive early, then the man shows up with another man (the leader) who asks where we’re from. We tell him, and he says he’s heard we’re interested in joining his band. We ask if he’s responsible for the cold weather, he says no, but is sure that there is an artifact that’s causing it. Says he thinks they’re close to reversing it. Anum says that he might be able to use it and turn the area in to a verdant green field. The leader nods, says he wants to see our group. Anum says okay, but signals to Kazemde to get prepare for trouble if need be.

When we get to the camp, he notices how diverse we are and don’t seem to be from the same tribe. Anum says that’s just our tribe’s way. The man says something in a language we don’t understand to the bear-dressed man. They seem to be slightly conspiratorial, but not of ill intent at the moment.

The leader says he can tell we’re in dire straights, he’d like to help, but wants to set terms somewhere else.

Citlali gets the feeling that they’re sizing us up for some reason, especially me and Adidi. Anum can tell that they’re looking at us like they want us in their tribe.

Back at the spot, the leader says most of us would be welcome in the group, but not all of us are in “baseline”, says they have an interest in people “closer to the divine” (Me and Adidi). Anum wants to know what they mean by this (he’s not happy about this). Anum says he thinks their ideologies are similar, they should join him. The leader says it would be a union, Anum interrupts him, says “you should join me.” The leader asks why he should do this. Anum says he actually IS a divine leader and starts describing future stuff. The leader says he can’t sense Power from Anum and Kazemde, so is skeptical. Anum continues to talk about future stuff, the man says “you may have power, but not all power can be consumed.”

We get ready for a fight.

We reach the ancient temple and the town surrounding it. Someone is already here. Nomads.

The two nomads who ,meet us are arrogant. And, odd.

We have prepared against the unnatural, bitter cold that covers the land. The nomad is wearing furs. He suggests we might join his tribe. I feel an arrogant pride fill me. I tell him to join me.

The man does not want all of us. He seeks a power. I recount future times, a display of another power. He is focused on a particular power. He seems hungry for it.

Spear in hand, I prepare for battle.

Sesión Catorce - 3849 B.C.E. / 17 B.S.C. (3849 a.E.C. / 17 a.C.S.)

Ryan’s Notes:

We notice that we’re in a procession pulled by elephants and other dudes, we’ve been walking for a while, as our footprints stretch beyond the horizon of the desert.

Bahiti’s memory-self (Ahdidi) coughs up blood, this causes the guy walking towards us to walk faster. Citlali’s memory-self (Lahyah) tries to heal her. The guy (apparently a servant) arrives, asks if if Bahiti is well.

Apparently Bahiti’s memory self is afflicted with some type of inherited sickness, the coffin she was in was supposed to put her in stasis, but it didn’t work that well.

Citlali’s memory-self accelerate’s Bahiti’s memory-self.

Irah is talking to the guy who came up off to the side, asking demanding questions and making the poor servant cower.

Citlali’s memory-self tells Irah to shut up, Bahiti’s memory-self tells Citali to shut up. They roll initiative to see who tells who to shut up first. Citlali wins.

The servant guy moves over to me (Tadris) gives me a set of axes that look like Citlali’s old axes, save for the fact that they aren’t engraved and are linked with a chain. He says they’re my axes. I thank him and take them.

Irah walks up to me (kinda) and stares at me, while the servant man finishes giving me the axes. He then moves over to Anum and asks if he would give the voyage his blessing, as they journey has been long as people would like his god’s blessing (apparently he’s a priest and he does stuff like this)

Anum gives his blessing, the servant thanks him, tells us to get on the elephants (awesome).

I ask Irah what’s wrong. She says “you’re my husband”. I say “yep”. She says “I’m pretty sure you had a gun pointed at me earlier”. I say “You get used to this kind of thing in The Business”. She says “we’ll talk about this later”

We go to get on the elephants, the servants want to make sure Anum and Kazemde get on first.

Apparently the elephants have been magically modified to be more ridable.

Anum and Kazemde notice they can’t sense Sekhem, ‘cause they aren’t mummies anymore.

Irah and I talk about what we last remember before the memory-trip. She says she can’t remember any of this, and can only remember this because of “whatever this magic is” I ask “what magic is this?” She says she was approached by a figure that said this magic would let her relive the first days of her life. Says she also needed a lot of power to run it, as it’s not iramite magic, or not iramite magic she’s familiar with.

She also says that she’s not running this. Also tells Kazemde that he’s not getting his battery back. Make the “my bad” gesture.

Apparently we’re before what is commonly thought of as the stone age, 3849 BC. Her society existed and provided the proto-version of civilization, and that the god-kings had a hand in raising up human civilization.

I ask Irah if I was literally her husband in a past life or not, but she has no clue, but is confused as to why Bahiti/Citlali/Ahdidi/Lahyah are the same in this memory life and in real life. Also wonders why Kazemde is different.

I ask who gave her the magic thats letting her do this. Says it was someone named “Azid”, may or may not be a mummy. She doesn’t know much more beyond that.

The discussion turns to the axes, Irah blames Anum and Kazemde for their separated state. She’s mad at them.

Irah asks where we’re going, Anum asks him what he understands of our destination, he says is the last known site of the old settlement. I remember coming across this site, apparently there was a massacre in which I found Irah (mentioned in my backstory). It’s also in land where there are super animals that come out in the night and try to eat you.

I also remember that I have a talisman that lets me turn in to a fox. Bitching!

I notice that it’s gotten significantly colder, an unnatural cold. I remember vampires spirits that do stuff like this. I’m not happy ’cause something is going to try to kill us now. I remember some better methods for dealing with the cold spirits. I tell the servants together and they maneuver around us for better defense. The servants seem to have been prepped on this by me.

I tell anum to put me on the top of the coverings after I turn in to a fox, then turn in to a fox. Anum does this, and Irah decides to take a nap. This is familiar to Anum and Kazemde, who are irritated by this.

Bahiti notices that the servants are afraid of her memory self. She then remembers that the she belongs to an order of badass priestesses with serious mojo.

Anum orders the head slave guy to hand out some heated food, as it’s now around 40 degrees.

I notice that it’s snowing, I change back in to human and tell the rest, suggest that we go around the snow.

Anum remembers that the place we’re going has weather control tech, that it can also break and cause weird stuff to happen.

One of the servants comes up and tells us that we have provisions enough for another week, basically saying “I don’t want to go in there.”

We stop for a meal, ‘cause the mummies are hungry (a novelty for them). He also says he’s going to give everyone a blessing (secretly gaging if a march through the night would be received well). Finds that some would be okay with it, but not all.

Anum asks how many would march through the night on his say-so, finds that only 5 out of 20 would be willing, others would run. He orders them to double their dinners.

Anum makes a speech saying those who walk though the night will be rewarded with either freedom, or promotions. Anyone who choses not to come can stay here and be left with provisions enough to last the time we’re gone.

After the speech, 5 of the believers and 3 others sign on. 4 are warriors. Anum specifically thanks them and gives them blessings.

Then he tells Kazemde that they’ll cut their losses and leave the people who stay behind to fend on their own. Kazemde is down for this, as he wont have to pay these guys if they all die.

I feel alive. I seem to be walking in an older world. Slaves and elephants and desert. It is familiar. More, I am here for a purpose of my own.

We march to a site of power. There, we will secure it and learn its secrets. Kazemde and I are together. For so long, we have walked long roads together. It seems a cruel fate that makes us forget ourselves. But, perhaps it is the Judges, not fate.

I attempt to care for the slaves as I have feeling coursing through me. These are MY people. As the novelty begins to wear off and we face hardship, my feelings turn. I grow selfish. It is an odd feeling but I hunger for all of these emotions. I can understand my emotions in this vision trap.

Some of the slaves do not care to follow me. Very well. I leave them behind. The rest of us will march on to glory.

Citlali’s Reflections:

We were waiting at the Peace Conference to make contact with Ihrah, soon it became apparent that she wasn’t going to make a personal appearance here. We sense both danger and magic here, so we decided to investigate. Soon we found artifacts belonging to Lord Kazemde and we reclaimed them for him and then fowled up a display of a magical lightshow as well as the killing of one of my followers. We then drove the delivery truck to where Ihrah was hiding out. She tried to make us all feel at ease, telling us she posed no threat to us and was even willing to pay Lord Kazemde restitution for both the thief as well as the destruction of his personal ancient effects. To also show her sincerity she offered to show all of us the events which transpired back in days of my Lord Anum’s youth. This I couldn’t resist seeing with my own eyes and it seems that everyone else felt the same, save for Anum himself. She had one of Lord Kazemde’s lanterns brought before her and it was glowing with ancient power. She placed her hand upon it and then shocking all of us, crushed it like a hollowed out eggshell!

All went black and then I awoke not sure how much time had passed and felt a bit odd. There was also a swirling of someone else’s thoughts mixed with my own. I was horrified to find myself inside a sarcophagus, but I easily freed myself. Standing up I felt that this body was somewhat familiar to me. I could remember a bit about a woman named Lahyah, I caught a glimpse of my new face in a murky puddle of water in between the sand and rocky pathway. Right before a camel stepped into it the reflective surface, the woman looking back me somewhat reminders me of my Auntie Sophia, whose of Afro-Dominican American descent. So I realize that Lahyah was most likely one of my ancient ancestors. I glanced over my shoulder a saw a dreadfully pale woman and with what little new memories I had accent to at the moment could recall her name was Ahdidi, I also knew she was my half-sister but that was about all. However, much more importantly I immediately recognized her soul as my cousin Bahiti’s. My mind might currently inhabiting the body of one of my family’s forebears. But Bahiti’s soul was entwined with a younger version of itself, confirming my theory that my dear cousin was and probably will be reincarnated, as herself again and again and again.

Sesión Trece - Against Convention (Contra Convención)

OLD FACES REMEMBERED: Kazemde, Tadris (Ryan), Anum, Ahdidi (Bahiti), Lahyah (Citlali), Ihrah

After the “fight”, we hear a knock at the door, and someone whisper “is it over yet?” It’s the shaman man, I have him help us hide the bodies and he lets us know he explained away the gunshot noises.

Kazemde gives the phones from the now dead bodies to fernando, asks him to find the leader. No dice. I look for a common number between each of the phones that would indicate a leader. I find a number, but it’s not certain.

I use clairvoyance on the guns, I get an image of them in a docking area somewhere on the island.

The others leave, I wait for the truck to show up. In the meantime, Citlali buys duffle bags for Anum’s guns Bahiti goes with her, Anum makes snowballs/cubes and Kazemde meditates in the snow with Anum. Gods are weird.

The truck arrives, they see that no one is there approach me. Anum and Kazemde take notice. He asks where everyone is, I tell him I took over, he moves for a gun and I pull on him and tell him not to do anything stupid. I interrogate him about Irah and the disk object. He has no idea about Irah, but indicates that the object is in the truck. I signal to Kazemde to check the truck for his object. In the back there is an Iremite disk wrapped in wires.

I ask him what he was planning to do with the disks, he says he was supposed to hook them up with the batteries and at certain time, lock the doors to the concert areas. He has no idea who wanted all this, I tell him thank you for his assistance and shoot him in the face.

We move all the bagdad batteries in to the truck to take later.

Afterwards, we coordinate among ourselves to keep an eye out for someone who is looking around to see why whatever nefarious plan the had set up didn’t happen. Kazemde and Citlali notice a motif in the decorations that seems weird, apparently it’s a weird version of the holy speech, but they have no idea what it says.

We get the collage kids to help, they offer to check the externals of the building.

The concert starts, it’s a mix of hyper modern and very old school. After a bit, we hear a sound of scuffling and a gunshot. We make our way there. When we arrive, we see our guys wrestling with three guys, and the leader of our guys has been shot in the abdomen. Citlali has Shaman guy help our guys.

We jump them,I pull my gun and cap a guy, he’s down but not out, Citlali goes to town on them with her axe, takes the rest of them out.

The Bahiti and shaman man starts to take care of one of our guys.

I ask them who’s in charge, I get nothing. They say that they were told to come here and read something. The thing that they were told to read is weird gibberish. Citlali notes that it’s written by someone who’s used to writing ancient style. Anum recognizes it as Irah’s handwriting. Anum gets a memory of Irah reading a journal to Anum.

I post-cog the writing to get a fix on Irah, I get a vision of a building on the other end of the island that’s close to a dock.

The collage kids thank us and say that they’ll take their friend to the hospital. Shaman man says he’ll stay here.

We get our guns from our car, take the truck to the docks and make our way up from there. There are a bunch of people there that don’t suspect us at all, but Anum draws some attention, one lady says “I can take you to the person you’re here to talk to if you’re ready”. Anum and the rest of us follow.

We’re asked if we’re willing to give up our weapons, we say no. The lady says that they’ll want to have weapons too. We don’t care, and we get an armed escort inside.

Kazemde suddenly becomes visible, and we see Irah sitting at her desk with an armed guard flanking her.

Irah is resigned, says she wanted to avoid this but she supposes she’ll have to give our stuff back. Kazemde says yes, Anum goes for the mini fridge to get some water.

Irah says she’ll give Kazemde’s stuff back, also says she’s sure the gods don’t remember her. Says she’s not surprised, as she’s the one who was supposed to help them remember.

Irah mentions that some artifacts wont be returned ‘cause they’ve been used, says she can compensate them with money and/or memory. They say that’s fair. Irah says they need to be disarmed, Anum consents.

Irah specifically mentions that Bahiti will want to stay for the memory.

Irah uses one of bagdad batteries as a focus for the memory spell, this involves crushing it.

We black out, then wake up in complete darkness separately. I wish I had my gun. We seem to be in caskets, we exit.

Kazemde notices that he’s in his old body, notices that all this all looks very familiar.

I notice I’m not in my own body. I have brown skin and a red beard.

Anum also thinks this is familiar, but also remembers that this is before recorded history. He’s certain that this is what will one day be morocco.

Bahiti has a flashback from what are possibly past lives. She also notices that a few other coffins open up, dropping Irah dressed in a cloak.

Citlali notices that she is also not in her own body.

We all see a very buff man, he says that it’s time for us to get to work.

We are searching for a woman. The food and sounds capture my attention. Is this “bored”? I find I have little interest in this hunt. It seemed a desecration to allow artifacts of Irem to be stolen. But, what purpose is served by guarding them?

A lackey offers us some resistance. She may not even know the truth about her master.

Gunmen are waiting near the rear entrance to the building. they are quickly dispatched.

We meet the woman we seek, as expected. She will now attempt some trickery. I feel numb. What is my purpose if Irem holds no meaning?

Sesión Doce - When Hell Freezes Over Pt. 2 (Cuando El Infierno Se Congele Pt. 2)

I am considering my memories as we cross a bridge. It seems, none of my memories are of blatant service to the Judges. My cult may have been involved.

Me. My. I.

Perhaps the studies I require do not wholly involve books. I will attempt to experience the world. I feel there is something to this thought.

We enter the building. It appears more market than a place of learning. A kind of temple, I think. Serious study is accomplished by a few while most seek festive surroundings or comfort or attempt pompous blandishments.

I lack a badge. I feign incompetence and the situation is soon resolved. Many parts of this new world seem very… …soft. Kazemde finds an attendant conspicuous. Moments later, it is clear she summoned guards. I assume the threat of violence changed her understanding of our presence.

Wielding superior badges, we travel behind the curtain. I have acquired a menudo and fruit juice. The flavor is somehow familiar. It is a fish stew. I may have eaten a similar dish. As we search for Ihrah and the stolen artifacts, I attempt to continue to appear as an incompetent. I may have succeeded as I was not questioned.

Kazemde’s vessels are found in the form of a battery. It’s ancient components have been combined with modern parts to form an arcane power source. I do not sense the power source. Kazemde’s priest tells us there are more “bling” vessels which were not a part of the battery.

We continue our search and find a building dock. Within are criminals hired as mercenary guards. They have no firearms. Kazemde’s priest acts to placate them. I have an idea and sit upon their cache of firearms. As the fools approach me, my companions make quick work of them. Now I have a crate of firearms. I smile at the thought and continue to sample my menudo. It contains may different kinds of shrimp, fish, and vegetables. I am not certain, but I believe I may enjoy this food.

Armed, we will soon continue our hunt for Ihrah.

Ryan’s notes:

Kazemde calls Fernando, we learn from him that the artifacts are in a convention center. We make our way there, and see Fernando getting kicked out of the building.

We make our way inside, see people doing conference things. Anum runs in to security troubles, Citlali is forced to hold is hand again and gets us all badges. Anum presents his own artifacts and asks if they have anything similar. We get info on where memorabilia might be displayed.

Citlali asks where we might be able to find the albino lady, we get her business card. Citlali calls the number, gets us a meeting with the secretary. Citlali lies lies lies to get us a meeting with the albino lady, fails.

I try my own hand at lying my way in to a meeting with albino lady (Irah), pretending to represent investors. I get a canned response, and offer $100 to make it worth the secretary’s while.

Kazemde gets the feeling that miss secretary is a cultist blocking us from getting to her leader. Kazemde hits secretary lady with a vision of his and Anum’s true self. She gets scared. Kazemde demands to speak with Irah. Secretary calls in to her walky-talky “Code 4-9”. Security guys come up, and I try to ninja away.

Kazemde threatens secretary lady with omnivolance on everyone here if he doesn’t get his way. She takes a hint and the security people leave.

Citlali and Bahiti end up in different areas from the rest of us, thanks to trying to stealth away in to the crowd. Citlali finds the Shaman guy (medicine man).

Secretary lady says she doesn’t have the authority to set up a meeting with the gods. I move in and tell her to get us in with whoever is higher up on the totem pole than her. She says she can get us in with the people in the back area.

Suddenly: Fernando! He comes in and asks for a badge, gets one.

Shaman guy tags along, uneasily.

Anum demands money from Citlali, uses it to buy food and drinks for himself.

We go to the backstage area, looking for Irah and/or the artifacts. Citlali and Kazemde find a chained and padlocked door. Kazemde snaps the lock off and inside they find Kazemde’s artifacts, bagdad batteries, all wired together in a signal point. Kazemde remembers that they were used for magical technology purposes. Anum remembers them as magical batteries.

Fernando: “you’re still missing the round, fancy frisbee thing.”

Kazemde rips them all out and takes them and we follow the tracks that was used to cart them in to the loading area. The dockworkers ask us what we’re doing here. Fernando seems to know a few guys here, specifically two guys that he got drunk with.

I ask them if they know where the bagdad batteries came from, Fernando says he’ll handle this, starts talking to the two guys in spanish. Apparently the two guys are here to move some things “under the table”.

Through Fernando, I ask the two guys if they’ve seen Irah, she apparently left, but seems like she’s coming back.

Anum hints at Kazemde to commit omniviolance, as they wont be able to fight back without their guns in the box. Bahiti hides.

Kazemde stabs two dudes in the face.

Fernando shoots a guy in the face.

I shoot a guy in the face, he loses his head.

Citlali cuts their heads off.

We look the crate, get six assault rifles and spare ammo clips.

Sesión Once - When Hell Freezes Over Pt. 1 (Cuando El Infierno Se Congele Pt. 1)

Zywiec. Population 32,000. Located in the nation of Poland.

I close the tome. The pages are the finest I have ever seen. We cross a bridge which spans miles. I carry weapons of impressive ability. The world has changed. Many things now surpass Lost Irem.

I contemplate the Judges. My past. My duty. There must be more than this service,

I will seek more knowledge of the new studies. This tome tells of zygotes, quarks, planetoids, lithium. Of South Africa and the Chechen Republic. Of molecular gastronomy. I must learn more.

In the face of these new things, Irem seems tarnished, somehow.

We drop off the medicine man, head back to Citlali’s apartment to crash. We pass by a festival on our way there, and Kazemde remembers arriving after his shipwreck and starting a bandit gang, also started a cult who’s motif remains a part of the culture’s style.

We notice it’s snowing outside, in Texas. The southerners are freaking out. Bahiti tries to uses her new powers, collapses and goes googly-eyed. Citlali checks her pulse, has none. Bahiti can see all this in astral form, tries to re-enter her body. Success.

I ask her to explain what happened, she explains, to me it sounds like an out of body experience. No clue why it happened, as that’s now how astral powers work.

Anum gives no fucks.

We rest, but midway through resting I get a phone call from Fernando, he asks if Kazemde is okay. I say yes. He asks to relay a message, I say sure. Fernando says he’s out of prison, has a lead on Kazemde’s money, drugs and artifacts. Kazemde asks what the lead is. Fernando thinks that he was taken to South Padre Island. Says he got a tip from a woman who clearly knows Kazemde. He also says he’s on his way there now. Via Citlali, I ask what she looked like, but Fernando didn’t get a good look at her. Says she sounded “uppity”.

Kazemde rouses Anum and tells him what just happened, he’s ready to roll.

We all get up and head to South Padre Island. However, we no longer sense the artifacts. This is strange because we should be able to at least sense something.

Anum has three guesses: A: They’ve been destroyed, B: They’ve been drained, or C: They’ve been cloaked. Anum relays this information. We continue towards the Island anyway.

On the way, I see that one of the cars ahead of us belongs to our cult. Citlali flashes the car’s lights. Gets their attention and signals them to pull over. Apparently there’s this conference that’s trying to get corporate support for social justice stuff.

We continue on our way, Kazemde and Anum realize how technology of the present surpasses the magic past.


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