Citlali's Egyptian Axe

The primary weapon of the High-Priestess of the cult of Anum

weapon (melee)

Damage: 3 Lethal
Size: 2/L
Durability: 3
Cost: 3

When two are paired, dedicated to a supernatural being, and given a taste of the blood from the users palm:
Damage: 4 Lethal, Aggravated Damage on 10s
Size: 2/L
Durability: 5
Can be called back to the user by touching the blooded palm to a surface.
Previously held by Tadris, given as a wedding present from the Shan’iatu.


Over the centuries this ancient Egyptian weapon has been passed down from one High-Priest or Priestess of the cult of Anum to the next. And is believed to be imbued with ancient powers and the blessings of the Great Anum himself. The vileness of hostile powers cannot hope to prevail against Lord Anum’s sacred weapon in the hands of one of his devoted followers.

Citlali's Egyptian Axe

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