Cursed Necropolis: Rio Grande Valley

Sesión Dos - Awakenings (Despertares)

I awaken. Someone is talking. It is irrelevant.

A familiar voice says an attack is imminent. I rise and prepare for battle. A sling will suffice until I secure a weapon from my foes.

Sources of power are near. They may be targets for the attack.

Armed and hearing a noise outside, I brace myself for combat.

High-Priestess Scrolls

The Gods Awaken

The men had just picked up their shovels, Bahiti and I had just gotten into our lookout positions when my friend Ryan Myer received an emergency ring tone playing on his cell phone. He picked it up and his face turned white then he said that this was a matter of life or death and was very sorry but he had to leave us immediately. I trusted him and told him to please be careful. Shortly after he left Bahiti and I could hear what sounded like a ring tone that was the song, Sientense y disfruten by El Chojin. We told the others what we had heard and she and I went looking for its’ source.

We soon found the phone with the name Paco displaced on the screen and a picture of a gangbanger wearing a Texas Longhorns cap. We took the phone back to the men and Fernando Costa seized it from me. He then told me he’d handle it. Once we uncovered the slab covering the tomb of Lord Kazemde the phone rang for the tenth time. Fernando finally answered it and had an argument with Paco, he bought us about thirty minutes before they would be sending backup. It took all four of us to remove the stone slab and then we faced the total darkness on the inside. It was Danny Dale who came up with the idea to use our cell phones as flashlights and they surprising light up the entry inside of the tomb. Bahiti advised me to carry some pebbles inside with me to help avoid possible traps within. I tested one on the odd looking plates in the floor with a few rocks and sharp spikes morphed upwards from it.

I leaped, walked and jumped across the floor and made it to the altar where I removed the object that looked like a giant key, I left the cell we found on the far side of the alter then made my way back across the floor. I volunteered our temple as the still place and so we took them there. As I prepared myself for the ritual Costa killed Danny and offered him as “the Body” to complete the ceremony. I was very angry at first, because he had killed someone here in my temple yet Costa said that he needed a body and Danny accepted this as his fate. Since I couldn’t argue if this was something that the man had voluntarily agreed to or not, I went ahead with the rite and mere moments later before me stood Lord Kazemde. He turned to Fernando and demanded to know who he was and why he was there. Scared beyond belief the criminal almost in tears replied that the God had promised to give him immortality.

Lord Kazemde dismissed this claim and then demanded to know where my God, Lord Amun was. I responded that he was still slumbering and not yet awake. Lord Kazemde then insisted that we find Amun and awakening him. Using a bit of his power he located the still form of my God and commanded that we retrieve him at once. Not even bothering to change out of my Priestess’ garments, Lord Kazemde, Bahiti, Fernando and I loaded into my car. The God directed us to the site, which was a swampy stream of water and then realizing that we mere mortals could not survive going in after Lord Anum. He himself with under water to only minutes later return with Amun’s sarcophagus on one shoulder and a holy object of power in the other hand. We returned to my temple and I once again I performed the ceremony, only this time I couldn’t tell if anything had happened at all, even though I had a better feeling about it this time. Lord Amun just lay there unchanged in appearance. I crawled before him and kissed his hands begging him to please move. It was then that Bahiti came rushing up to me. Ryan had just text my phone to inform us that different cult temples were under attack. Lord Amun then stood up and said that we should prepare ourselves for battle. I sent a mass text to everyone in our cult and told that we needed help. As I started to receive replies, Ryan also texted back saying that he would be there soon to help out. Two Gods currently stood before me and now danger was coming to my house of worship.


Teleute Teleute

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