Cursed Necropolis: Rio Grande Valley

Sesión Uno - Cultic Conspiring (Conspiración Cultosa)

Lotus Cafe

Palo Alto Battlefield National Historical Park

Danny Dale’s Notes: A New Job

The boss gave me a call. Some new job. I have a bad feeling about this one. Just like the last job, I guess.

We me at the Lotus Cafe. I hate that place. It’s haunted, for sure. There were two women and some guy I don’t know. I think Fernando is in to some mummy thing.

One of the women is a Priestess. She said she would look into a place we need to go. But, the guy said it was the old battlefield park. I don’t go there anymore, either. I thought it was haunted but I guess it could be a tomb. Same thing, really.

At the park, there were lots of cars. After hours, I assume there;s someone here for the tomb or a drug deal. Either way, I see three guys with black duffel bags and I know they are armed. So, I aim the truck at them. With luck, there’s no fight.

Of course, there is a fight. One guy I run over. Another one is beheaded by the priestess. I don’t know what her thing is now. She seems to talk a lot about animal shelters and poor people but she cuts off heads, too. The third one is the guy the boss was hiring. Pretty good shot.

We found a map.

The tomb is nearby so I’ll dig it up and maybe this is done. I still have a bad feeling about this job.

Ryan’s Notes: 001

I get a phone call from someone (Fernando) asking for “goods and services”, specifically a priest(tess) who can do a specific ritual. We set up a time and place to meet at a bad chinese restaurant.

I’m fashionably late, having scouted the area ahead of time with my clairvoyance. He pays me ahead of time to keep me for an hour.

After some talking, I send a text to Citlali asking her to join us to discuss the particulars of the ritual. She says she can join if she can get her cousin to go shopping.

I tell Fernando that she might be able come within an hour or so.

Citlali tries to convince Bahiti to come to the mall, things get awkward as they have to split up for a bit and Citlali doesn’t want to go in to detail about cult stuff.

Citlali meets with us. I introduce them and tell Citlali that Fernando needs her skill. Fernando says he needs a creature brought back, says he needs to bring back someone that the Guild of the Alchemist “put to rest”.

Citlali notices someone sneaking a look at them from one of the booths, I notice that someone is listening in. Female, short (Bahiti).

Citlali has excused herself, going to see Bahiti.

I smooth things over with Fernando, due to Citlali’s abrupt departure.

Citlali exasperatedly brings Bahiti over to the table, since Bahiti has clearly already overhead everything.

Citlali brings Bahiti to the table. Fernando is cool with this.

Fernando asks if Citlali can do what he needs her to do, says he can pay, offers 5% of the gold that’ll be transmuted from the Alchemist Guild guy. Deal is done. Fernando wants it done as soon as possible.

Citlali list out what she’ll need to do the ritual, Fernando can provide. I’ll handle the details. Citali and Bahiti leave.

Catali gives Bahiti the rundown on their cult. They have a family spat, a very long, amusing one (if I was there to see it)

Fernando’s friend Danny rolls up in a truck to take us to the tomb to find an item for the ritual.

We don’t know where the tomb is, but I surmise that the tomb is located somewhere quiet and out of the way. Danny Remembers that the last priest went out of town for his supernatural shenanigans.

Danny goes to get the Perez cousins so we can go find the mummies tomb.

Citali says she needs to meditate to perform a searching ritual to find the tomb. Fernando is fine with this.

I use my clairvoyance to try to find the tomb, I see a vision of a field in a farmland/state park. There are two people doing some digging.

We go up north to Palo Alto Battlefield National Historical Park, based on my and Danny’s psychic mojo hunch.

The park is closed. We break in because we’re PCs and B&E isn’t beyond us. In character its’ because we’re cultist and not above breaking the law.

Citlali gets her gear for the ritual.

When we get to the site, and we see three people walking away, carrying bags.

Danny sees that the cultists have black backs with heavy stuff in them. He moves to run them over with his truck. Quote Bahiti: “WTF?!”

They see him and open fire, he continues on and runs them down, taking a few hits to the truck.

The guys are focused on the truck, Citali rushes them with her axe, she takes one out. I open fire on the other one and take him out.

Danny says that the guys we just killed are here for our stuff.

We loot their dufflebags, find a shotgun, rifle and a map that indicates a point on the field. Danny loots their wallets and I set their bodies on fire.

We make it to the other side of the field where the map indicates.

I use my clairvoyance, I see a coffin and what looks like a glowing key.

With this info, Danny starts to dig like crazy.

After a few minutes, Danny asks Citlali for a better idea where to investigate, she does a meditation thing, she finds some buried steps and a hidden door leading to an area filled with holy energy.

High-Priestess’ Scrolls

…And so it begins

My name is Citlali Pérez, I am the High-Priestess to the modern cult of Amun, our culture and customs are a mixture between those of Egyptian and Aztec traditions. Just a few days after the ending of Día de Muertos my cousin, Bahiti came to town to visit. It has been a while since I seen her in fact the last time I saw her we were just girls in our teens. Back then she and I were fairly close, sharing secrets about our dreams and the boys we like, but again that was some time ago. Bahiti always was shorter than me, but a knockout – in fact when we were teenagers, boys use to fight over us all the time. So it was good to see her again of course and it would have been fun to play catch-up with her. However, I have so many responsibilities to my followers and my community that this wasn’t really a time for her or anyone else to be visiting. Today I received a call from a new and already invaluable friend Ryan Myer, who wanted to inform me that he had setup a meeting with a man that wanted to hire me as a Priestess. So I agreed to meet them at Lotus Café, the Chinese restaurant in the neighborhood strip mall, the man turned out to be Fernando Costa a local criminal that I knew by name and from his reputation.

Before this meeting occurred for her own protection, I left Bahiti next door in the mall and told her that I was seeing someone for maybe employment, she was thrilled for me. I told her that we would meet up later and I’d treat her to dinner at this very restaurant. During my talk with the crime boss, I noticed that we were being watched … I recognized that it was my noisy cousin. I excused myself to Fernando and Ryan then went to speak to her, when I asked how long she been listening, Bahiti had heard everything. I then told her to join us and introduced the men to my cousin. It would seem that this criminal, a man that I would otherwise be hunting down for some of his past deeds, wanted me to breathe life into Lord Kazemde an ally to my own God, Lord Anum. Since this was the case I agreed, Fernando would also be making continuous donations to my own temple, which was a negotiated, reasonable percentage from all the amount of gold that this newly risen God would be creating for his own followers. To finalize this transaction I requested of him the following to complete the ritual: A sacred item of power, the body of the deceased deity and a quite, still palace. I then asked Ryan to help make those arrangements afterwards I turned my attention to my cousin.

As Ryan took our client outside, I arguing with Bahiti who said she tough that the very idea of my religious sect was insane. We ended up quarrelling and in total disagreement until much later when A man I didn’t know came back into retrieve us. It would seem that Ryan not only finished arranging things, but Fernando and this man who was one of his goons had been waiting for us outside the restaurant for some time. We left the café. Bahiti, Ryan and I got into my car and followed Costa’s driver out to the fairgrounds where we saw three shady figures heading towards the same area of fairgrounds which we were ourselves, they had shovels and were armed with guns. The driver, Danny Dale ran one of the men over with his truck, Ryan shot another one in the back, while I had gotten out of my vehicle to dispatch the other one quietly with my sacred weapon, the Egyptian hand axe passed down to me. The men cleaned up this mess, so to speak and we continue on to the area of ground we sought out. Once there I meditated to locate the opening of the tomb, I could see the outline of the opening and an extraordinarily powerful object glowing with holy light inside. I walked over to this spot and placed the blade of my axe in the ground showing them where to begin their digging.


Teleute Teleute

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