Cursed Necropolis: Rio Grande Valley

Sesión Cuatro - You Can't Keep A Good God Down (Los Dioses Buenos Siempre Vuelven)

The attack continues with a sense of unease. I assume this is not a new technology, but cannot find the source.

A voice calls to me. The Tank.

I molest the tank but the feeling persists. Opening the wagon, a man with a scroll is revealed.

Kazemde seizes the scroll. I dispatch the man.

The scroll seems a focus for the magic. I secure it to a stone and Kazemde hurls it to the south. I note a creature pursuing the scroll. The attack has failed.

I must find information while I may. I cannot fulfill my purpose in my ignorance.

High-Priestess Scrolls

The war in the streets ends

I received a text telling me that Lord Kazemde had fallen in battle and we didn’t think that was even a possibility. My friend Ryan is going wild trying to decided what to do next which I read in his texts, when a wave of dread washings over many of us in the temple and I would assumed outside as well. I reassured my sect that everything was going to be alright and as they finally relaxed, I convinced them to let me out the side door so I could join my Lord Amun who had just leaped to the ground outside. As covertly as I could I crossed into the darkness of the streets and followed the path of destruction to stand beside the now newly resurrected Lord Kazemde and my Master in battle. Lord Anum ripped into the tank finding a man inside murmuring to himself that it was coming, my Lord dispatched with this foolish man then took a scroll from him and even I could sense the vile magic flowing from it. He wrapped it around a stone and then instructed Lord Kazemde to hurl this object southwardly into the sky. As the scroll rocketed into the air a manticore out of Persian mythology appeared in the sky above and followed the thrown item away. I saw a physically change come over both the Gods and could even sense a difference in their very presents. Once we were all sure there wasn’t any other danger, I went to bring my cousin, Bahiti back to the safety of our church. The followers inside were asking for answers to what had just happened, I persuaded them than everything was fine now, that that fought bravely, devotedly and that I was proud of them all. Then they wanted to know just who the treat that they had struggled with was?

Ryan’s Notes:

After watching the Kazemde go down, I sense crazy bad danger, unknown source.

A few of my guys suddenly start throwing up, starting to panic. I get them to calm down a bit, and Citlali calms down her guys as well.

Using my clairvoyance, I hear the buzzing of insects that may be the source of the current illness among our guys. I also hear a voice saying:

Iram indeed is gone with all its Rose,
And Jamshyd’s Sev’n-ring’d Cup where no one knows;
But still the Vine her ancient Ruby yields,
And still a Garden by the Water blows.

Anum climbs down the building to try to locate the source, two more enemies jump out tanks and try to attack him. Their hands turn in to claws as they try to attack him.

Kazemde rises again. Grabs the claw dudes and smashes them together.

The feeling of sickness returns, stronger than before

Using my clairvoyance again to find the source of the sickness, I see I mass of insects and frogs writhing together and forming the shape of… something vaguely animal-ish (four legs, tail, wings) coming at us.

Anum is circling the building to try to find the direction of the source of the sickness, senses that it’s probably not on this physical plane of existence.

Kazemde follows Anum and also tries to sense what’s going on with the sickness

Bahiti sees a guy in to the back of one of the tanks, huddling and very afraid. He’s clutching some paper. She lets us know.

I call to one of our gods and tell them about the guy in the back of the tank, tell them about the guy with the paper.

Citlali moves up with the other two Mummies to check out the guy with the paper in the tank.

Anum shakes the tank. No success on getting rid of the sickness. He opens the doors to the tank, sees the guy with the paper. The paper is glowing.

Kazemde takes the glowing paper. It’s hot with Sekehm. The guy starts mumbling “it’s coming!”

Anum kills the paper guy.

Anum and Citlali both realize that the text of the paper is a reference to the Old Kingdom. They figure out that it’s a summoning. Anum figures out that whatever is being summoned will manifest near the scroll/paper.

Anum ties the scroll to a rock, hands it to Kazemde to throw it down south. Kazemde does so. It vanishes over the horizon.

As it’s thrown, Anum sees a Chimira that WAS flying towards us, turn and follow the rock. Anum gives no fucks.

Kazemde and Anum lose a point of Sekhem, but are starting to look less rotting-ish.

The air of dread and sickness now leaves with the rock.

We avoided the boss battle. Damnit!

Citlali thanks all our groupies, tells them they can go home now.

A small discussion is brewing about how did this, a rival gang or a business woman who’s trying to take out the gangs.


Teleute Teleute

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