Cursed Necropolis: Rio Grande Valley

Sesión Veintiocho - Fools Rush In (Perdidos Irrumpen En)


Ryan’s Notes:

Suddenly Bahiti vanishes mid-drive, I hear the sound of gears grinding just before noticing that she vanished.

We pull over, because between spacial loops and people vanishing, continuing driving seems like a bad idea. Interestingly, the cars were all different despite everything else on the road being the same. It looks like we’re the only people subject to this effect.

Kazemde breaks off a chunk of wall and throws it in to traffic to test to see if we can interact with the world. It hits a truck, so we can interact with the world. We decide to climb up the side of the embankment to see if we can escape. We find a car dealership, Tesla. Kazemde goes to steal a key for a car to pick us up. He notices that the floor inside the dealership is has electrified plates on it, except for the area around the desk where the attendant is.

Kazemde tires to invisibly teleport behind the attendant to give him a sleeper hold, the attendant suddenly turns in to a being of light with four legs and yells “stop”, Kazemde stops. The guy turns back in to an office worker, says that he didn’t expect to give us this kind of a welcome. Asks where Kazemde’s friends are, Apparently this guy is a representative of the Order of the Universe, Elon Musk. Really wants to talk to us.

Kazemde calls to Anum to get the rest of us over to where they are. He’s willing to help us with our “documentation” problem if we’re willing to help him with a few things. He turns to me, wants me to spearhead a project for him. Wants me to identify some guys who work for an organization that opposes his, willing to try and unlock my “fractal abilities” to assist in this.

I agree, what the heck, you only live once.

Everything goes nuts and I can now see the world made of machines, oil and gears. (I can use the “fractal” template)

Elon gives us the details on what we need to do. There’s a studio where one of the agents of the enemy organization in a studio and wants us to suss him out, then he leaves.

Bahiti, on Anum’s suggestion, memorizes the information and then tosses the phone. After driving for a bit, Anum suggests we cut all ties to the Elon Musk imposter and just give him a random person and bail on the whole thing, as we’ll just get caught deeper in his web.

I’m still seeing the world in the form of gears, oil and wires, I also get a vision of a being of Demos, who helps me calm down.

We send Fernando to take care of the mission, after a few hours he calls us and says that the place is run “Too perfect” and that it’s shady because of the sheer lack of shady-ness. Says that if we want him to identify the mole he’ll need to join the place and work there for a month. We tell him to find someone “slightly too perfect” or “slightly less perfect”, he says the only guy like that is the gate guard who he bribed to get in. We say this is perfect, and send the information to Elon. Then Citlali to get a call. It’s Elon, and he wants us to actually make an effort. “That would be great.”

Making no progress towards Los Angeles, Bahiti vanishes. We pull over to investigate and find a suspicious middle-of-nowhere car dealership. Within, Kazemde confronts the manager. The man claims to be one of The Order of the Universe.

The man says he will make our identification papers legitimate if we will complete a task for him. He tells Ryan Myer that he will give him new power. I agree so that we can leave this place.

Once we leave, I suggest cutting all ties to the odd man and not pursuing his task. I am very afraid of what he might be.

Fernando is sent to do a poor job. It should have freed us. Instead, my fears are confirmed when the man calls to Citlali and tells her we need to give the task our best effort.


Teleute Teleute

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