Cursed Necropolis: Rio Grande Valley

Sesión Veinticuatro - Tell it to Someone Who Cares (A Otro Perro con ese Hueso)


Ryan’s Notes:

Bahiti goes to talk to the captain to try and calm him down and do damage control. Tries to empathize and play on the “I’ve been dragged in to this crazy world too” angle. He doesn’t respond well, but just seems to need some alone time.

With the boat totaled, I try to contact some people in the underworld to try and see if they can smuggle us to asia. I end up calling Fernado somehow. I ask him if he knows a way to get to Asia. He says we would have to go to Columbia but would have to travel with prostitutes. He seems reluctant to return to Columbia. I ask how we’re getting to Columbia, he just says “not by boat”. I ask him how much time to get things ready, says it’s like international travel and that it’s always going on.

I hang up and inform the others of this plan.

Citlali talks to Anum about calling Irah and telling her about what just happened with us and the boat. He says to just call her and tell her that we got jumped by a bunch of supernatural whacks and we bumped them off. Citlali calls Irah, hears gunshots and growls and asks if she can call Citlali back. Apparently the Mummy Convention was attacked, and it’s going badly for the attackers. We say we’ll call her back.

Bahiti and Citlali go to talk to the captain again, the captain calms down a bit and asks “what was that?” Bahiti says she doesn’t know. The Captain asks if he can walk away from the whole mess. Bahiti says yes, but it might be safer with us. He seems to calm down, and we ask him how long it’ll take to fix the ship. He says he has no idea. Anum asks him if there’s a ship that looks nice that he would like to captain for a little while. Says he lives the straight life.

Citlali gets a text message from Irah “Be careful with that ship, it’s not mine”. Oops.

Anum wants to go to a car dealership, he asks the captain to oversee the repairs. He then asks Citlali to give Irah’s number to the captain as a contact for who is responsible for the ship.

We then head to a car dealership, we know that there are place we can get a car very cheaply (from the cartels). I know that if we go to the middle of nowhere in Huston we can get a car.

We have a discussion about forging IDs for international travel to Columbia, during the talk Anum flashes back to being in Japan and deciding that his time there had been played out. The guy who he was a samurai for was corrupt, and had to put him down. He then went to a mummy called Niah who got him a writ to leave the country. Kazemde didn’t like him very much (Brokers vs thieves)

On the way to the car dealership, Citlali gets a text saying “Goddamnit that wasn’t my boat!” Citlali response in a snarky way, Irah demands that they call her, Citlali says they’re driving.

New plan: Find the Broker. We call Irah. the first thing she says is “How long did you have that boat! This is why we can’t have nice thing!” We ask if she has any way of contacting the Broker. Anum and Kazemda can tell she’s having a memory episode, she says she knows that guy and he might be at the convention with her. She checks the list of people invited to the mummy connection. She says she can get us his phone number.

Anum and Irah have a bit of a spat about who owes who what. Irah wants to borrow Kazemde again. Kazemde says sure, Irah hangs up to get us the number. We go to a dinner and have something to eat while waiting for the phone call. When Irah calls us back, she says she can use Kazemde and Bahiti for stealing the book of Apostate. She says the Broker wont meet by cell phone. Bahiti isn’t interested in working with Irah, Irah temps her with learning about her powers, says she needs someone like Bahiti who can move outside their own body to check behind the “gate of spirit.” Irah tries to bribe Bahiti, but she’s not going for it. Anum is laughing at the fact that Irah is getting told “no”.

Irah grudgingly accepts this fact “thanks for making my life harder”. The Broker wants to meet at a Starbucks of our choice. We go to the one in the town we came from.

The broker shows up, dressed in a suit and driving a black sudan. I can tell he’s packing a small gun, and an ear piece (stupid tiny and flesh colored) and a wallet on a chain. He sits down with us.

Anum asks “do you remember japan” the broker says “vaguely”, Anum says the broker helped Anum get out of the country. The Broker says that was supposed to be a favor for Irah, and that she’s on everyone’s shitlist. Anum says he wants to go to Japan/China/Southeast Asia. Asks if the broker if he can help with getting an ID. The broker says it’s fine, asks how much Anum wants to pay. The Broker says Anum introduced him to his wife, so he had no credit. Anum asks what he would be interested in. The Broker says “I’ve been told you tend to get a group together”.

Kazemde thinks “I am a strong independent mummy! I can do my own thing!”

The Broker wants to borrow Anum’s Cult to do something that he’s not going to tell other mummies about. Anum says he might know something about that. The Broker says he’ll trade information about his plan to get us to asia if Anum will tell him what he knows about the job. The Broker says that he and Irah are both recruiting for the same operation and they both need Anum’s people. He also says he can get Anum to Japan almost immediately. Anum says his people do his own thing, the broker says he’s clearly talking to the wrong person, as Anum has less than he thought he did.

He turns to Citlali "What do you think your god wants the most " Citlali: he wants to discover more about his own past. The rest of us “Apotheosis”.

The Broker “if you work with me I’ll get you all of Irah’s records, and someone who might has achieved apotheosis, on top of the immediate trip to Japan.” Anum says he’ll give the Broker ten grand to give them an ID,the broker is confused, says “you underestimate the effect you’ve had in Japan.” Talks about how the mummies are a known factor and that things exist to stop to mummies from traveling. Anum doesn’t care. The broker can’t/wont give us the ID, Anum says he’s going to get a Latte and the Broker leaves.

As we recover from the boat attack, Citlali contacts Irah. The local trouble involves her, as well. I had assumed as much.

The consensus is that we are safer leaving the area and then traveling to Japan. Thinking on this, I recall killing a superior and being aided by a mummy named Niah when I left the country.

Irah tries to convince my friends to aid her in some scheme. They refuse her. I think this is the feeling of funny.

I enjoy another local restaurant. I wonder if I will tire of this over time. Perhaps. I simply enjoy it for now.

Irah tells us to meet a broker. I think he is Niah. The broker attempts to recruit my friends for the same job as Irah. I find this less funny the second time. Of course, my friends refuse to be pawns. The broker warns me that mummies are known in Japan. He implies it was my fault. Seeing he will not assist us, I decide to try a latte and change my mind. I will have a hazelnut macchiato.


Teleute Teleute

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