Cursed Necropolis: Rio Grande Valley

Sesión Veinte - To Do Something You Can Do Today (Lo Que Puedas Hacer Hoy)


Ryan’s notes:

When the others wake up, I inform them about the group a the bar, but it’s decided that we don’t need to worry about it. Also, apparently Bahiti is also having dreams again about the dark god thing. She’s getting feelings of impending doom.

While returning, Kazemde encounters the wonders of modern technological surveillance. He misses the old days.

Anum is wiki-surfing. Citlali is looking up hookups to china while also researching the thing that Irah wants them to steal, also helping Anum with the computer. While doing so, he recalls that he was a retainer to the japanese lord Oda Nobunaga.

The others are having trouble finding a way to get the mummies to china.

On my rounds, I noticed that the bar is trashed, and that the hotel staff are still moving decorations in for some conference. I bring Citlali down to help me piece together what happened at the bar fight. Citlali pieces tougher that the group from the other day encountered another group and got in to a really out of hand barfight. Super strength was used to rip tables that were bolted to the ground and used as weapons.

My Clairvoyance gets me a quick flash of a bunch of biker dudes around something boiling and then passing it around to be drunk. They’re also surrounded by a black fog probably the dark god thing, and they don’t seem to seem to notice it.

I ask the bartender what happened. He tells us what happened above, and mentioned that none of the people are staying at the hotel. The cause of the fight was some kind of argument caused by the second group to arrive. This happened at around 2:30.

We notice that the TV is still on, and it’s talking about violence in the town we were just in. Bodies are apparently being found, two of which are people who were at the bar. Limbs were chopped off. I think that whoever attacked the discombobulated people had a more meaningful reason than just to make a point about how tough they are.

Also, my arm starts to hurt for a moment, like a memory of an old wound. I have no idea why. I ask Citlali, she has no idea.

I flashback to when I was Tadris and I had a bite taken out of my arm. Suddenly, lots of phantom pain from the arm, and I start to panic and think we’re under attack. Citlali smacks me upside the head to snap me out of the panic attack. I snap out of it.

Anum encounters mummy porn on the internet, leaves to get food, mets us there, ignores us and orders food, we join him.

Kazemde calls Irah to help him learn to deal with modern securities. She’s not helpful at all. Tries to get him to rob a bank to test his skills. Kazemde is going for it.

I get a call from one of my contest, asking me what’s going on in the city. I ask him to be specific. He says that there’s someone attacking the vampires, warns me that shit might spill over and to be careful. I call around to find out what’s going on and he tells me that some gang thing rolled in to town and is attacking minions of powerful supernatural groups. Says they’re bikers. I tell him to keep me posted on them and tell the others, as it seems to be connected to the bar.

Kazemde calls Fernando asking for information on how to get around cameras. Fernando tells Kazemde to meet him so they can do burgle stuff.

Back at the bar, I check out the bicker groups on the news on my smartphone. I don’t get much, though, but they do seemed to be scattered with little rhyme or reason, although Margo the Aswang seems to have been hit as well.

Citlali calls their cult to see what’s going on, they have no idea who’s causing all the attacks or why (they assumed it was us), but she tells them to lay low and keep them appraised.

I call Margo, she has no idea who attacked them, but says they broke up her control over her kids and seemed to be able to dispel magic. I suspect that they have some connection with the supernatural cannibal people in the past, likewise I recognize the fog that surrounds them as the same fog from the past. They also might be able to be detected by sekhem.

Revelation: there is a convention for mummies showing up, and there are people who eat supernatural entities running around eating them. Buffet time.

Back to Kazemde outside a pawn shop with fernando. Fernando is giving him a tutorial for breaking and entering and dealing with cameras. This involves him smashing the junction box, then smashing the door down. the shop owner tries to jump Kazemde with a shotgun, Kazemde smashes his face in. Once the guy is down, Fernando goes to very specific items and starts grabbing them. It seems like Fernando sold his stuff to the pawn guy, and is now using Kazemde to get it back. They leave, and Fernando continues to tutorial-ize Kazemde.

Kazemde recalls Dead Jim, who also is concerned with cameras and staying undetected.

The group is now all together. We discuss what’s happened and what our options are. During the discussion, we realize that the biker cannibals are eating other supernaturals to gain powers before attacking mummies. Citlali also realizes that they might be going after Bahiti.

Incidentally, we get an email from Irah saying she’s found evidence of her, Anum and Kazemde dicking around with Moses in Bagdad.

Anum walks out with a bar glass. Citlali pays, and Kazemde senses the mummies have arrived. Citlali goes to check out cruse ships to Japan.

I have considered traveling to China. Restoring my memories seems to be required to be myself. I have had visions. The new computers allow me to find information quickly. The Wikipedia is especially useful, as pages link together.

I have a vision of Oda Nobunaga. I am certain I had a relationship of some kind with him, Rather than China, I am now more interested in Japan. Nobunaga is was a man who is quite famous. I may find references to myself by studying him.

Eating at a local restaurant is providing me with new experiences. I think feel a part of me enjoys this. Chipotle is spicy.


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