Cursed Necropolis: Rio Grande Valley

Sesión Treinta y Dos - Bad News Flies (Las Malas Noticias Vuelan)


Ryan’s notes:

After the power goes out, I hand out flashlights from my quantum pockets. This is clearly the work of shark guy, so we decide to wait for him to come to us so we can ambush us. A half hour later, we hear a man’s scream two rooms down from Anum’s room. We hear the staff going to investigating the scream. Also, Kazemde fails a memory roll, he gets a feeling of not wanting to be here on a boat. They guys investigating come back with a stretcher and moving the body.

Also, Kazemde mentions that we’re in the Dragon’s Triangle, which basically means that a whole bunch of weird shit, and that the lights on his ship back in the day had gone out. Kazemde looks out for anything strange, and only sees a guy with a flashlight checking around. There doesn’t seem to be anything strange going on outside at the moment this evening. We get told to stay in our room for security purposes, but we can tell that they’re nervous, and that they’re even checking the rooms that are empty.

Kazemde gets a very faint feeling of Sekhem, it’s flickering and moving about the boat at random.

I use my clairvoyance to scope the situation, and I get vision of black pyramids in a desert landscape, actually floating. There are forty of them, their size is unknown, as there is no sun in the sky. They pyramids also vanish and reappear at random.

Back on the ship, there is also smooth jazz in the background, coming from someone’s room. Probably playing it. Another half hour passes, and we hear another scream. Bahiti, in Anum’s room, is staying as still as possible. We hear another scream in the next half hour, this time on the deck. The smooth jazz is continuing, stopping only when the screams happen. Another guy comes guy, telling us to stay in our rooms.

After a bit, we hear the guys making patrols get in to an argument with the people who are playing music, but nothing happens, as they can’t really enforce it. It’s getting close to midnight. While burning time, I pull out weapons and ammunition to prepare for the worst.

Suddenly, a little stream of electricity comes out Bahiti, and now they have a working alarm clock. Suddenly, a tiny floating and rotating black pyramid pops in to the room, and pops out, accompanied by a flash of Sekhem.

We discuss moving to the ships vault, as the room is no longer secure, and I realize that we’re not moving.

Kazemde doesn’t remember how he dealt with this, but he remembers silent skeleton things trying to board the ship, and he was only able to drive them off by giving something that he had in a chest. We decide to all make our way to the Apostate. Anum asks me to keep an eye out for guns. I tell him I’ll need new coat (quantum pockets ftw)

The apostate is playing on the deck, and he has a crowd with him listening to the music. We get stopped by a guy telling us to go back to our room, but Anum bulldozes his pay through him. Kazemde has found a bunch of fancy knives, but no guns.

I hand out pistols to the group from my quantum pockets.

The Apostate waves to Kazemde, in a way that implies he wants him to join the band. The apostate asks for a few minutes before he jumpstarts Kazemde’s memory. The Apostate doesn’t know about the pyramids, but compares them to iPods. Kazemde has him do the memory thing. Kazemde remembers being in a giant cathedral made of stone, at a table drinking some sort tea. The Apostate is also there, talking bout something Kazemde isn’t interested in. Suddenly a pyramid shows up, projects text on the table asking him what he wants to eat, Kazemde places his order, and a little bit later it comes back with a meal.

Kazemde does it again, this time regarding the skeletons. He remembers fighting a tooth and nail to keep his treasure, but facing a rebellion from his crew, is forced to give up his treasure. Kazemde keeps this to himself, but explains that they’re basically servants.

Anum tells Citlali to try and woo some of the crew to get us food and drinks. She manipulates a guy in to doing that, and says he’ll roll out a fridge. Kazemde and the Apostate have a talk about the good old days.

Bahiti, when touching the fridge, turns it on for a good few minutes. We decide to try and find the engines so Bahiti can power it. We don’t have a map, but Bahiti uses her new electricity power to power her phone that has the civilian map to cross reference it with Kazemde, who knows where everything valuable is, and where nothing valuable is.

On our way to the engine room, we pass by the safe, which is partially open. We investigate, as Kazemde is mad that someone might be taking his stuff. Inside, there are two bodies on a stretcher and Kazemde’s loot is gone. There are some medical supplies, so we grab them and I put them in my quantum pockets so I can abuse it forever.

We get to the engine room, and I start having a very very light mechanical vision. We find a book of SOPs that has a section on restarting the engine. Bahiti on the other hand, knows her shit, and she takes care of it herself. She gets drained, but manages to turn it on, and I keep an eye on the door in case any shark guys come through the door, but either way, the ship starts to move.

Then mummies sense a rush of Sekhem coming towards us from all directions, through the walls, likely.


Teleute Teleute

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