Cursed Necropolis: Rio Grande Valley

会期 34 - So it goes... (是非に及ばず)



Ryan’s notes

On the edge of Kyoto, Citlali notices people’s aura’s, some are grey and have their pulses visible

My clockwork visions are back 200%, but the machinery is much more well kept

Anum notices the tomb of Nobunaga is open, also, there is a huge exhibit of Egyptian artifacts

Kazemde notices dozens of pings of artifacts for him to eat, most in the city proper

Anum hooks a bucket and a rope together to make a sling, cosplaying a historical figure

Fernando calls, asks if we need a ride, he doesn’t trust us to not get in trouble on foot

Fernando arrives, with a young teenager with him, his name is Fernando Jr. Fernando: “Ehh… I get around.” We make our way towards the inner city.

Kazemde is also now worshiped in a cult as the god of smuggling

Kazemde notices clusters of Sekhem in different cultural centers, museums and other old places. Most are low level. Kazemde Jr. takes notes on these locations.

I notice that the pings are located in populated and well secured areas (cameras, police stations), Anum thinks it matches up to the old city roads from old timey kyoto

Kazemde gets a signal of a very powerful artifact in Honno-ji. While on the way there, Citlali gets a sense that the grey-ed out people are super jerks, yakuza or corrupt.

I notice that the super tech laying around is very prominent in the actual city, but all but non-existent in the ancient temples.

Anum makes a bee-line for Nobunaga’s grave, there is one other person there, who is also grey and a douche.

Kazemde turns off the camera, Anum meditates on the grave of Nobunaga, Kazemde senses the Sekhem under the grave

Anum remembers sitting across from Nobunaga, who is asking him questions about his philosophy of life, especially how he expects to reach apotheosis if he doesn’t know what it is. He also remembers being one of Nobunaga’s generals, and being secretly sent to raise an army to form a pincer attack on another enemy.

Anum asked Kazemde to be gentle with the casket (not utterly destroy it). The casket is hollow, empty other than an urn.

Kazemde uses my quantum pockets to get a shovel so he can dig up the grave.

Citlali and I are on watch, and I notice that when Kazemde is really starting to dig (using Sekhem), the light on the camera turns from green to purple. Security cameras do not use purple.

Citlali notices a group of school children (11 years old) and a teacher heading their way. She feels protective of them, knowing they are near something supernatural. She goes to try and intercept them to say that the area is off limits.

The teacher is highly skeptical, and also grey/douche. Citlali manages to convince the teacher to leave, as she implied that she knows that the teacher is abusive to the kids.

Kazemde digs up an old box, covers up the hole haphazardly, and we bail.

Fernando asks if we should run or not, we tell him to drive casually.

However, we see five black vans and a police car drive towards the temple very fast, ignoring traffic.

I use my far sight to spy on the investigators as they arrive at the temple, they close down the temple claiming radiation. People unlabbled swat uniforms disperse throughout the temple grilling people, some even have rifles. One has an scanner that he swears around the area and another has something that looks like a rifle, but has electricity at the end. They also take the camera that was turn around.

I explain this to Kazemde, and tell him he may want to deal with this if he does’t want trouble later.

In the box, Kazemde finds an urn that looks like the urn Irah used to make us go on a past life adventure. It looks like a bagdad battery. It’s a five dot artifact.

Fernando was already to our safe house, which is actually the Peruvian consulate. We get let through the gate when they see Fernando Jr. We are lodged in a house for guests of the Peruvian consulate. The Japanese police aren’t allowed in, nice.

Fernando Jr.’s mom is the ambassador to Japan.

Citlali confesses to Anum about the grey people and the urge eat them. Anum says he’s sure she’ll work through it, then he recalls an errand he needs to run.

Once we’re all together, we lay down or sit on chairs and open the past life box.

We are subject to a rewind effect and are thrown back in time, in the middle of a field of Kyoto before it was Kyoto.

Before all of this, I prepare an email to send to Irah about our use of a precious artifact.


Teleute Teleute

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