Cursed Necropolis: Rio Grande Valley

会期 35 - 1580 C.E. / 5412 S.C. (1580 西暦 / 5412 ソティス周期)



Ryan’s notes

We “awake” sitting in a court setting, but tea is being served and it’s a more casual environment.

Anum “awakes” in a room with Oda Nobunaga, in the middle of a personal conversation with him.

Citlali’s stranger hunger is still there in greater amount, but normal food seems to sate it.

Irah is also there, looking mad. Haha.

Kazemde pokes Irah in the back of the head. Irah is mad, and wondering why we’re here (she asks in english)

I tell her we found a cool artifact thing, so we decided to poe around with hit. She demands to know where we are, she tells us she’s at a really nice apartment that shouldn’t be anywhere near us.

I ask if she got my message, she apparently didn’t.

Meanwhile, with Anum, Nobunaga asks if Anum accepts something. Anum just smiles, asks what he needs to know right now. Nobunaga says he can give Anum the logistics, but he can help Anum with his spiritual development.

Anum nods, shoves a handful of sweets in his mouth.

Nobunaga says he wants Anum to go to the north, recruit enemy soldiers so they can perform a pincer attack. Anum wants to know where to get some good things to eat or watch good play while he’s doing all this.

Nobunaga is confused, and suggests that Anum keep a low profile.

Anum says he wants to explore life, and Nobunaga gets enthusiastic and helps Anum plan things out.

After this, they go out and Nobunaga makes a speech about unifying the land, some people are a bit confused, but roll with it. Nobunaga says Anum will be key to his plan, but then he just leaves and the formality begins to break down a bit.

Anum lets us know that we’re leaving tonight and not get too drunk.

Citlali follows Anum around with appreciative eyes.

Kazemde does a search for any items he might have stolen, but he runs in to trouble with his courtiers. Poor guys. Burakumin.

I go around taking samples of sweet foods and snacks at the party.

Citlali-chan continues to stalk on Anum-Sempai from afar. Why wont he notice her?

One of the servants is super concerned for Anum, and approaches Citlali about his drinking. The servant is really worried about the mission Nobunaga has given them. Citlali says she’s got it handled and the servant backs off.

Citlali invites one of the guests out for a walk. He’s confused and pretty sure she’s up to something, but decides to roll with it. Citlali leads him to a secluded area and flirts to pump information out of him. He reveals that he keeps women in an abusive kinda way.

Citlali armors up, but suddenly the two of them are in a forest that is entirely black and white and the dude is afraid.

Murder happens off screen.

The party begins to wind down, and Citlali returns with her power levels restored.

I mingle a bit, get the impression that some of the generals are tired of the war.

Kazemda interrogates his cult about his stash of stolen goods, one of his priestesses informs him that “perhaps it is where you came from, in the holy north?”

We head out on our mission, disguising ourselves and our funds.

Also, someone is sleeping in our cart, who is also snoring rather loudly. It’s a very tired Nobunaga.

I decide that, since our cover is a traveling troupe of performers, to pass myself of as a magician because I can pull random junk out of nowhere.

Notes For A Vision From Sun Ra About the Group In Japan

Anum went by Yasuke, with no family name given. The Jesuit wasn’t Xavier, who I think might have been dead at that point, but Alessandro Valignano. Kazemde was also around as Daruma Hata, an crazy underground Keikyo (Nestorian Chrisitan) holy man with a Burakumin cult. Irah was around as a travelling Inari Shinko priestess/huckster, Ira Fushimi. The Bahiti analog was named Maria Fátima Cão and was sort of a consort of Nobunaga’s from Europe.


Teleute Teleute

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