Cursed Necropolis: Rio Grande Valley

Sesión Treinta y Uno - Jumping The Shark (Saltando Sobre el Tiburón)


Ryan’s Notes:

On the ship, we spend our time learning Japanese, I use my fractal powers to study it all, and in the meantime I notice that all the gears and turbines are all gone now. Thank goodness. Bahiti uses her mummy powers to learn the language quickly. In the meantime, I notice that the drug trade on the boat has collapsed. A bunch of angry tourists are wanting drugs, but they aren’t being sold.

Bahiti also gets one of her dreams about a small child sitting in a wooded area pulling the wings off dragon-flies. Bahiti interrogates the child, but not much comes of it other than the child is hungry and was looking for Bahiti. Apparently BAhiti met the child once before, when the child was an old woman. Citlali and Bahiti join a japanese study group to learn japanese.

Kazemde steals candy.

I investigate the collapse of the drug trade, apparently the suppliers have stopped selling. I “intimidate” the seller kid in to setting up a meeting with his supplier. I get a meeting set up in a sushi shop.

Bahiti and Citlali are in the japanese classes, having reversed conversations to familiarize themselves with the language. Citlali notices that one staff eyeing Bahiti, she tells Bahiti. The guy looks normal enough, though. Citlali decides to keep an eye on him in return, but afterwards decides to leave.

Using my quantum pockets, I get a crew manifest for Bahiti, and learn that the guy (James Fernandez) staring at her was a cook for a celebrity restraints.

Meeting with the drug supplier, who is also James Fernandez, I learn that he threw all the drugs overboard. He says there are more important things in life than screwing over rich white people. He is lying his ass off, and he’s only here because he thinks he has to be here to deal with me. I call him on it and he brushes me off. I decide to follow him, but he goes back in to his room, so I go back to mine and recon him with my clairvoyance. I get a vision from his point of view of a whole turkey, that he picks up and puts behind his back, there is ravenous eating sounds. Suddenly the turkey is gone, and he goes to watch TV. In the mirror, something on his back is eating the turkey.

I recall a hawaiien story about the children of the shark god, who look like men but they have a shark mouth on the back. Also you should never feed them meat, or they’ll go in to a feeding frenzy. This guy is not going in a frenzy, however. I check out the wiki on the shark god.

We decide to keep an eye on him for now, as well as keep Bahiti under protection.

Citlali and I learn that our ship is about to enter an area known as the dragon’s triangle, basically the bermuda triangle of the pacific. Kazemde remembers being attacked when he was a pirate by shit like a flying whale and skeletons while sailing through there. Eventually he decided it wasn’t going to deal with this anymore, and took the long way around.

Citlali notices that as we get closer to the dragon’s triangle, shark guy is keeping a closer and closer eye on Bahiti, including keeping a notebook, and marking specific dates as well as writing names of other staff.

I notice that shark guy is putting on a lot of weight really quickly, more than a human should be.

Kazemde decides to steal Bahiti by using a food cart and carting her from her room to Anum’s. I bribe a guy to cooperate and smuggle kazemde in and Citlali out. We succeed masterfully.

Citlali and I note that shark guy is now super confused as to why there is no more noise coming from Bahiti’s room.

The next day, there is a knock at Citlali’s door, it’s James, with a cake. I open the door and deal with James, after a bit of stonewalling him, his face goes blank and he walks away. The sharkgod legend mentions shapeshifting, but I’m not certain how much shapeshifting is going on. A little bit later, we get a shipwide announcement asking for James and Jason. Shark guy and prank staff guy have gone missing, apparently.

There’s another knock at the door, and it’s “Bahiti” acting all panic-y. I pretend to play along and ask her why she’s scared, Not!Bahiti says she thinks that the shark guy found her, but she realizes that I’m faking the conversation, and runs away. Citlali and I note how shark guy is “circling” us, trying to probe for Bahiti, and he’ll likely come back.

Then the power goes out.

A sharkman stalks Bahiti. When he was just a man, I cared little. I spend most days in study, preparing for Japan. Finding he is a sharkman with a mouth upon his back, I am concerned. The last man-shark we fought had powerful companions.

I suggest we hide Bahiti and wait for it to attack. Perhaps, we can confound the thing until we reach port. Kazemde is more than able to deceive it, as I expected. Days later, we find it is also a shape-shifter of some sort.

I wonder if we might use it to gift Kazemde with shape-shifting. He would surely treasure the power. and, I feel a bit guilty that he keeps trying to aid me and I have given him so little in out travels.

I will spend a day in thought, if I can, and try to discern a way to copy the spirit hunters from my past vision. I like the idea of a sharkskin and tooth belt…


Teleute Teleute

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