Cursed Necropolis: Rio Grande Valley

Sesión Trece - Against Convention (Contra Convención)

OLD FACES REMEMBERED: Kazemde, Tadris (Ryan), Anum, Ahdidi (Bahiti), Lahyah (Citlali), Ihrah

After the “fight”, we hear a knock at the door, and someone whisper “is it over yet?” It’s the shaman man, I have him help us hide the bodies and he lets us know he explained away the gunshot noises.

Kazemde gives the phones from the now dead bodies to fernando, asks him to find the leader. No dice. I look for a common number between each of the phones that would indicate a leader. I find a number, but it’s not certain.

I use clairvoyance on the guns, I get an image of them in a docking area somewhere on the island.

The others leave, I wait for the truck to show up. In the meantime, Citlali buys duffle bags for Anum’s guns Bahiti goes with her, Anum makes snowballs/cubes and Kazemde meditates in the snow with Anum. Gods are weird.

The truck arrives, they see that no one is there approach me. Anum and Kazemde take notice. He asks where everyone is, I tell him I took over, he moves for a gun and I pull on him and tell him not to do anything stupid. I interrogate him about Irah and the disk object. He has no idea about Irah, but indicates that the object is in the truck. I signal to Kazemde to check the truck for his object. In the back there is an Iremite disk wrapped in wires.

I ask him what he was planning to do with the disks, he says he was supposed to hook them up with the batteries and at certain time, lock the doors to the concert areas. He has no idea who wanted all this, I tell him thank you for his assistance and shoot him in the face.

We move all the bagdad batteries in to the truck to take later.

Afterwards, we coordinate among ourselves to keep an eye out for someone who is looking around to see why whatever nefarious plan the had set up didn’t happen. Kazemde and Citlali notice a motif in the decorations that seems weird, apparently it’s a weird version of the holy speech, but they have no idea what it says.

We get the collage kids to help, they offer to check the externals of the building.

The concert starts, it’s a mix of hyper modern and very old school. After a bit, we hear a sound of scuffling and a gunshot. We make our way there. When we arrive, we see our guys wrestling with three guys, and the leader of our guys has been shot in the abdomen. Citlali has Shaman guy help our guys.

We jump them,I pull my gun and cap a guy, he’s down but not out, Citlali goes to town on them with her axe, takes the rest of them out.

The Bahiti and shaman man starts to take care of one of our guys.

I ask them who’s in charge, I get nothing. They say that they were told to come here and read something. The thing that they were told to read is weird gibberish. Citlali notes that it’s written by someone who’s used to writing ancient style. Anum recognizes it as Irah’s handwriting. Anum gets a memory of Irah reading a journal to Anum.

I post-cog the writing to get a fix on Irah, I get a vision of a building on the other end of the island that’s close to a dock.

The collage kids thank us and say that they’ll take their friend to the hospital. Shaman man says he’ll stay here.

We get our guns from our car, take the truck to the docks and make our way up from there. There are a bunch of people there that don’t suspect us at all, but Anum draws some attention, one lady says “I can take you to the person you’re here to talk to if you’re ready”. Anum and the rest of us follow.

We’re asked if we’re willing to give up our weapons, we say no. The lady says that they’ll want to have weapons too. We don’t care, and we get an armed escort inside.

Kazemde suddenly becomes visible, and we see Irah sitting at her desk with an armed guard flanking her.

Irah is resigned, says she wanted to avoid this but she supposes she’ll have to give our stuff back. Kazemde says yes, Anum goes for the mini fridge to get some water.

Irah says she’ll give Kazemde’s stuff back, also says she’s sure the gods don’t remember her. Says she’s not surprised, as she’s the one who was supposed to help them remember.

Irah mentions that some artifacts wont be returned ‘cause they’ve been used, says she can compensate them with money and/or memory. They say that’s fair. Irah says they need to be disarmed, Anum consents.

Irah specifically mentions that Bahiti will want to stay for the memory.

Irah uses one of bagdad batteries as a focus for the memory spell, this involves crushing it.

We black out, then wake up in complete darkness separately. I wish I had my gun. We seem to be in caskets, we exit.

Kazemde notices that he’s in his old body, notices that all this all looks very familiar.

I notice I’m not in my own body. I have brown skin and a red beard.

Anum also thinks this is familiar, but also remembers that this is before recorded history. He’s certain that this is what will one day be morocco.

Bahiti has a flashback from what are possibly past lives. She also notices that a few other coffins open up, dropping Irah dressed in a cloak.

Citlali notices that she is also not in her own body.

We all see a very buff man, he says that it’s time for us to get to work.

We are searching for a woman. The food and sounds capture my attention. Is this “bored”? I find I have little interest in this hunt. It seemed a desecration to allow artifacts of Irem to be stolen. But, what purpose is served by guarding them?

A lackey offers us some resistance. She may not even know the truth about her master.

Gunmen are waiting near the rear entrance to the building. they are quickly dispatched.

We meet the woman we seek, as expected. She will now attempt some trickery. I feel numb. What is my purpose if Irem holds no meaning?


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