Cursed Necropolis: Rio Grande Valley

Sesión Siete - The Moor Slayers Pt. 1 (Los Matamoros Pt. 1)

The Age of Piracy

Brownsville-Matamoros International Bridge

Los Zetas Hold Out

Ryan’s notes

Through Costa, I get a list of names and numbers for Cesar, who could get us in contact with people who can get us to Juan across the border. Citlali gets in contact with him, and he says he can get us across the border. Says it’ll be harder to get us in contact with the Cartel, but it can be managed if we find someone.

Citlali tasks our biker cultists if they can get in contact with someone who can get us in contact with Juan. He points us towards “the restaurant” (money laundering location). Then I remember I have underworld contacts, and am an idiot.

I have one of my contacts pass a message up the line to Juan, asking for a meeting and reparations for the attack. They send back a message saying they’ll attack us soon, after they take out the Zetas.

I give them the heads up, and offer to help fight. They tell us where they are so we can join them.

Anum and Kazemde have a memory of them being pirates, with a woman who looks like Bahiti as Anum’s Quartermaster.

We get some fake ID for Anum, “Darius O’johnson”. We get across the Border and notice that the town is super empty. We arrive at the Zeta’s apartment complex and head inside. After talking with the leaders I get a group of guys to coordinate during the attack, then take cover.

As we’re waiting, I hear something scratching around near me. I send some guys to check out the noise (one to get killed, the other to report back). One gets killed, the sound of gunfire is prevalent. I let the leaders know, along with Kazemde.

(Battle joined)

Kazemde and Anum charges to the roof, sees the enemy. They have wings and humming-bird like beaks.

Down on the first floor, there is a boom and a crash of gunfire. A dude sees me and starts shooting. I take a grazing round. (-1HL) I shoot him in the face. Jerk. (he and his other buddies also had an animalistic snout, weird)

Citlali throws her Axe at another one of the dudes, cuts his face in half.

Bahiti remains hidden, but sees a dude walk past her covered in green scales.

Anum goes down in a storm of shotgun shells. Uses a magic point to get up and stay up. At the same time, Kazemde teleports behind them and necksnaps a dude. Then throws the body at a second dude, taking him out. Then Kazemde catches one of the shotguns, shoots, wings him in the shoulder.

We notice the building shaking a bit.

Citlali throws a knife, manages to stick the guy.

Before i can act, something that looks vaguely humanoid but spiky and twice as wide as a human should be jumps in to the room. May or may not be a space marine.

Time is wasted. Talking. I am anxious to resume my task. The enemy priest and his godess the holy death both lie beyond the southern border. So much talking. Finally, I am handed a small traveling document and we travel south.

We arrive at the fortress of the Xetas. They are said to be the next target of the holy death. I prefer to fight her minions on someone else’s land.

As expected, an attack begins after nightfall. My first sight of them is painful. Four men with beaks, dressed in black attack me with firearms. It would have killed a mortal man. I feign the loss of life and ask what they are. I am met with silence. Luckily, Kazemde was waiting nearby and dispatches them. I seize one of their firearms and draw upon my Ren for healing.


Loki’s Session Notes:
[5:14:06 PM] Anum: mucks out the elephant stalls on Sunday
[5:15:05 PM] Anum: EEMAYULZ!!!
[5:15:42 PM] Anum: That’s what we are doing compared to monthly gaming
[5:15:57 PM] Anum: StEEEVVUUHN!!
[5:16:04 PM] Kazemde: o_o!
[5:16:20 PM] Anum: Because you suck
[5:16:31 PM] Kazemde: I do, but what does that have to do with anything?
[5:16:33 PM] Kazemde: =\
[5:16:43 PM] Anum: NONO. Thor. cause he cant remember the name
[5:16:43 PM] Kazemde: xD
[5:16:46 PM] Kazemde: OH
[5:16:48 PM] Kazemde: Got it.
[5:16:50 PM] Kazemde: //awake
[5:16:51 PM] Loki: this is MY not-interupting rude commentary
[5:16:59 PM] Anum: “our friend”
[5:17:05 PM] Kazemde: Psh you’re never rude.
[5:17:08 PM] Anum: Step on his head…
[5:17:29 PM] Anum: Stevuhn used the right version of you’re. 1 gold star for the day
[5:17:56 PM] Anum: in yo pocket with the hole in it
[5:18:04 PM] Anum: magic vibrating phone
[5:18:20 PM] Anum: “I can take it”. That’s what she said.
[5:18:26 PM] Kazemde: lolololol
[5:18:37 PM] Anum: LEt him know whos boss
[5:18:51 PM] Loki: GENIUS!!!
[5:19:20 PM] Anum: “I need some digits” for a drug cartel
[5:19:53 PM] Anum: OR do himself. either is tough for him
[5:20:04 PM] Anum: “handle”
[5:20:45 PM] Anum: chibatta
[5:20:53 PM] Anum: Ceasar Salad Chibbatta
[5:21:09 PM] Anum: “My name is Jan Jannson”
[5:22:40 PM] Anum: ASSSSSSWHOOOOPP!!
[5:23:19 PM] Anum: I love seeing Oner lean in to read this and then not laugh
[5:23:47 PM] Anum: You said “harder”
[5:25:29 PM] Anum: Just a sec. needs to whip this out
[5:26:38 PM] Anum: It was a bad Batman Year 1 JOke-r
[5:27:03 PM] Ryan Myer: Booooo!
[5:43:03 PM] Anum: Nom Nom
[5:43:41 PM] Anum: Nom Nom Nom TAHKOOESSS
[5:43:50 PM] Kazemde: I want twelve.
[5:43:51 PM] Kazemde: Thank you.
[5:44:02 PM] Anum: no tacos for you
[5:44:06 PM] Kazemde: …….
[5:44:07 PM] Kazemde: D=
[5:44:08 PM] Anum: taco nazi
[5:44:14 PM] Citlali Pérez: Oh spit, man!…
[5:46:50 PM] Anum: And, I get to kick the boss in the nuts. No kick-backsies
[5:48:12 PM] Citlali Pérez: We want someone’s balls in a jar.
[5:53:48 PM] Anum: Sick him plus mammory
[5:54:04 PM] Anum: 11 suck sessions
[5:54:45 PM] Anum: The bitches
[5:55:11 PM] Anum: ??? the 7 foot tall, black, muscled Orlando Bloom
[5:56:00 PM] Anum: Nom bread
[5:56:33 PM] Citlali Pérez: Ass-kicking
[6:01:24 PM] Anum: The O stand for “orlando bloom”
[6:17:04 PM] Citlali Pérez: thump
[6:18:53 PM] Anum: anum is sprinting up 2 flights of stairs and buffing his str and stamina
[6:27:25 PM] Anum: You got off really well… and made a mess in your pants
[6:27:33 PM] Anum: “your guys are dicks”
[6:27:49 PM] Citlali Pérez: Tiny ones
[6:28:06 PM] Bahiti: “in the fucking face”
[6:28:58 PM] Anum: "I have a solid connection to being shot at:
[6:29:24 PM] Citlali Pérez: He’s fangry
[6:36:14 PM] Anum: Thor! there is a monster behind you!!!1
[6:36:26 PM] Anum: Oh noes!
[6:38:07 PM] Anum: Michael Myers is comin
[6:38:33 PM] Anum: you win more stealths!
[6:39:06 PM] Anum: or justice scales
[6:39:41 PM] Citlali Pérez: Anum is puny
[6:39:52 PM] Kazemde: Puny like a FOX!
[6:43:33 PM] Citlali Pérez: BLOWN … In a BAD way!
[6:44:38 PM] Anum: “You are DEFINITELY taking them from behind”
[6:44:58 PM] Citlali Pérez: In a GOOD way!
[6:50:50 PM] Anum: Single file gangnam style
[6:52:33 PM] Anum: BOOMSTICK!!!!
[6:54:34 PM] Anum: “You did expose yourself”
[6:54:35 PM] Ryan Myer: “exposed herself”
[6:54:58 PM] Anum: “I savd ur life”. “No, you didn’t”
[6:56:21 PM] Anum: “From concealment or will you expose yourself first?”
[6:57:41 PM] Anum: “BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!”
[6:57:58 PM] Anum: uh oh
[6:59:04 PM] Ryan Myer: “expose” your “position”
[6:59:04 PM] Anum: you would expose yourself
[6:59:08 PM] Anum: lol
[7:00:45 PM] Anum: LOL
[7:02:12 PM] Anum: “What?”
[7:02:43 PM] Anum: Yeaah…
[7:02:51 PM] Anum: 1 health level here

Teleute Teleute

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