Cursed Necropolis: Rio Grande Valley

Sesión Seis - Historical Memory (Memoria Histórica)

Fort Brown

I have found an important memory. Facing the United States Cavalry, I once fought with Asprec and Kazemde. There was another deathless, their sadikh, and a woman like Bahiti. There will be time to ponder this later. For now, I am overcome with joy at my revelation. This is surely a piece of my heart returned to me. For the first time since my awakening, Apotheosis seems a possibility.

Ryan’s Notes

In the morning Kazemde gets a call from Fernando, he’s in jail and he’s using his phone call to call his god. He says “give me time”. Fernando mentions that the cops have the (Anum’s) artifacts. Kazemde passes this information on to Anum.

Citlali says we need to get the artifacts back. Kazemde goes and steals back the artifacts and unlocks Fernandos cell door, giving him a chance to escape.

Citlali approaches the mummies about Margo. Anum does not respond, waits on others. Kazemde is for taking Margo out if she’s undead, or just in general, ‘cause she’s crazy.

We visit Margo. We don’t have an appointment, but we get a golf pass. We make our way to Margo’s place, but we get stopped by a rent-a-cop. He’s too powerful for us, and we go back and get some arm-bands to enter the place and see Margo.

We get to Margo’s place, we see some guards who look a little spacy. Anum uses his detect-o-vision, sees them as under the effect of some kind of non-alive supernatural influence. We try to go in, but the guards block our entry and drew their guns. They ask why we’re here, we tell them we’re here to see Margo, they tell us “the mistress is not here”. Anum learns that they’re constructs, made of wood and twigs.

I ask where Margo is/when she’ll be back. Get a canned, and simultaneous, response from both guards. I try to ESP Margo to check if the guards are lying, see her in the pool area getting ready to organize another party.

We head to the pool area to see Margo. Anum activates detect-o-vision on Margo to look at her. Sees a hunched over, shriveled woman, with a proboscis for a tongue. Anum LOOKS HARDER and sees that Margo is a supernatural creature (aswang). Has a thing for Justice and a weakness for food, and doesn’t want to be found out.

Anum flashes back to a memory and recognizes Margo. He moves to the bar to make her pay attention to him.

We all move in to position around her, just in case.

Margo moves up to Anum. She recognizes him, asks what he wants. Anum sashes cult was attacked. She says she wasn’t behind it. Anum tells her to let her know if she finds out who it was. She says the only people attacking are cartels, Anum asks if cartels have a Chimera. She says she hopes not, tells us to talk to the Cartel leaders.

Citlali asks about the pregnant women. Margo says she eats their babies because the woman’s health care in this state is shit.

Margo says that the Gulf Cartel is probably behind the attacks on Kazemde’s cult. Says that they’re going kinda nuts about expanding.

Anum reads in the news paper that the police agreed to let in drugs from the Cartels in small amounts. Also reads that another real estate agent was given extra years on his conviction for being a drug money launderer.

Citlali gets a phone call from one of our guys who helped defend the base. They say they have a new base. We check out the building, it’s small on top, but has a basement that’s three times as big.

The mummies get memories of the building, Anum of being surrounded by army soldiers with a woman who looks like Bahiti, Kazemde remembers being shot and not instantly healing.

One of the collage kids offers to take the relics and put them someplace safe. Anum keeps the artifacts, but Citlali asks for Wifi to be set up. Also tells them to clean up the place.

Notes: investigate the cartel, particularly Juan Guerra, who’s been around since the prohibition era.


Teleute Teleute

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