Cursed Necropolis: Rio Grande Valley

Sesión Quince - The Road is Made by Walking (Se Hace Camino al Andar)

Ryan’s notes

Citlali uses her mojo to blesses our followers with protection against the cold. The believers accept it willingly, the nonbelievers don’t exactly go out of their way to get the blessing, but don’t outright reject it.

We pile on the elephants, it’s cramped, but we make it.

It’s getting really damned cold, Anum goes to where some of the really cold people are to try and warm them up, also possibly to help convert the nonbelievers. He sees that they’re in the early stages of moderate hypothermia. He has the cook make warm water to keep them.

I realize that the elephants are going to succumb to the cold soon, so I have the elephants keep close to each other to generate more heat and keep everyone (even them) warm.

Some more of our guys are succumbing to the cold, one of them is starting to get blue in the fingers. Anum encourages everyone to keep each other warm with friction. The elephants are in a bad way, really bad.

I’m largely resistant to the cold, so I help out with keeping everyone warm. I take off my headwrap and put it on the axes, set it on fire in an impromptu torch and use it to warm up the elephants. They seem to be getting better.

Some of the servants are getting delusional, they’re trying to take off their clothes to try and brave the cold. The weather is also starting to get worse. Anum tries to whip people in to a frenzy to keep warm, as we’re almost there.

We start seeing the city, but 5 of our guys are shaking like mad, 2 of them are dead of the cold. Kazemde is on the edge of severe hypothermia, Adidi/Bahiti is shaking bad and is feeling pain in her hands. The Elephants are also shaking bad.

We split up and look for shelter against the cold. We find buildings as shelter for us, but not the elephants. We get ourselves in their, but we’re not sure if we can get them in the buildings. Anum tries to get them in to a shelter, finds a partially collapsed building for the elephants.

Irah is is drawing weird stuff on the floor.

I look for wood to burn, I think I see a bear. I turn in to a fox and sneak around behind it, but it seems like it’s not a bear, as it’s footprints are snowshoes. I turn human again, conceal my axes incase he’s hostile and call out to him.

He turns, says hello, asks me where i’m from. I say I’m a wanderer from Irem. He says he’s never heard of that, and what gods I worship. I get the sense that he’s trying to see how similar we are to see if I’m a threat or not. I tell him I worship whatever gods will listen to me. He asks me if I’ve heard of the faithful of Shulpae, says he has a camp nearby. I remember that they’re hunters of things in the night. I say I’m familiar with them. He invites me to his camp, but is unhappy about me bringing others. I tell him we’re in a bad way with the cold. He says to comeback later as he’ll be back with his leader, and he’ll see what he can do.

I tell the others about this, Irah asks me if I remember where I was when I talked to the guy, Irah says she (kinda sorta) remembers that he came from the direction of the weather pyramids.

I also managed to find enough wood for two fires. We light a fire and warm up. We go to the elephants to see how badly they’re doing, one is doing better, one is near death. We start a second fire to warm them up and consider killing them for meat and resources. One of our guys gets the near dead elephant to stand outside to shelter the other elephant, sacrificing one to save the other.

While we get ready for the meeting, Anum gives the servants a peptalk, continuing to try and convert the nonbelievers. I grab a sword and shield and give the axes to Citlali ‘cause I’m not as good with melee as she is.

We go to meet them, arrive early, then the man shows up with another man (the leader) who asks where we’re from. We tell him, and he says he’s heard we’re interested in joining his band. We ask if he’s responsible for the cold weather, he says no, but is sure that there is an artifact that’s causing it. Says he thinks they’re close to reversing it. Anum says that he might be able to use it and turn the area in to a verdant green field. The leader nods, says he wants to see our group. Anum says okay, but signals to Kazemde to get prepare for trouble if need be.

When we get to the camp, he notices how diverse we are and don’t seem to be from the same tribe. Anum says that’s just our tribe’s way. The man says something in a language we don’t understand to the bear-dressed man. They seem to be slightly conspiratorial, but not of ill intent at the moment.

The leader says he can tell we’re in dire straights, he’d like to help, but wants to set terms somewhere else.

Citlali gets the feeling that they’re sizing us up for some reason, especially me and Adidi. Anum can tell that they’re looking at us like they want us in their tribe.

Back at the spot, the leader says most of us would be welcome in the group, but not all of us are in “baseline”, says they have an interest in people “closer to the divine” (Me and Adidi). Anum wants to know what they mean by this (he’s not happy about this). Anum says he thinks their ideologies are similar, they should join him. The leader says it would be a union, Anum interrupts him, says “you should join me.” The leader asks why he should do this. Anum says he actually IS a divine leader and starts describing future stuff. The leader says he can’t sense Power from Anum and Kazemde, so is skeptical. Anum continues to talk about future stuff, the man says “you may have power, but not all power can be consumed.”

We get ready for a fight.

We reach the ancient temple and the town surrounding it. Someone is already here. Nomads.

The two nomads who ,meet us are arrogant. And, odd.

We have prepared against the unnatural, bitter cold that covers the land. The nomad is wearing furs. He suggests we might join his tribe. I feel an arrogant pride fill me. I tell him to join me.

The man does not want all of us. He seeks a power. I recount future times, a display of another power. He is focused on a particular power. He seems hungry for it.

Spear in hand, I prepare for battle.


Teleute Jp12x

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