Cursed Necropolis: Rio Grande Valley

Sesión Once - When Hell Freezes Over Pt. 1 (Cuando El Infierno Se Congele Pt. 1)

Zywiec. Population 32,000. Located in the nation of Poland.

I close the tome. The pages are the finest I have ever seen. We cross a bridge which spans miles. I carry weapons of impressive ability. The world has changed. Many things now surpass Lost Irem.

I contemplate the Judges. My past. My duty. There must be more than this service,

I will seek more knowledge of the new studies. This tome tells of zygotes, quarks, planetoids, lithium. Of South Africa and the Chechen Republic. Of molecular gastronomy. I must learn more.

In the face of these new things, Irem seems tarnished, somehow.

We drop off the medicine man, head back to Citlali’s apartment to crash. We pass by a festival on our way there, and Kazemde remembers arriving after his shipwreck and starting a bandit gang, also started a cult who’s motif remains a part of the culture’s style.

We notice it’s snowing outside, in Texas. The southerners are freaking out. Bahiti tries to uses her new powers, collapses and goes googly-eyed. Citlali checks her pulse, has none. Bahiti can see all this in astral form, tries to re-enter her body. Success.

I ask her to explain what happened, she explains, to me it sounds like an out of body experience. No clue why it happened, as that’s now how astral powers work.

Anum gives no fucks.

We rest, but midway through resting I get a phone call from Fernando, he asks if Kazemde is okay. I say yes. He asks to relay a message, I say sure. Fernando says he’s out of prison, has a lead on Kazemde’s money, drugs and artifacts. Kazemde asks what the lead is. Fernando thinks that he was taken to South Padre Island. Says he got a tip from a woman who clearly knows Kazemde. He also says he’s on his way there now. Via Citlali, I ask what she looked like, but Fernando didn’t get a good look at her. Says she sounded “uppity”.

Kazemde rouses Anum and tells him what just happened, he’s ready to roll.

We all get up and head to South Padre Island. However, we no longer sense the artifacts. This is strange because we should be able to at least sense something.

Anum has three guesses: A: They’ve been destroyed, B: They’ve been drained, or C: They’ve been cloaked. Anum relays this information. We continue towards the Island anyway.

On the way, I see that one of the cars ahead of us belongs to our cult. Citlali flashes the car’s lights. Gets their attention and signals them to pull over. Apparently there’s this conference that’s trying to get corporate support for social justice stuff.

We continue on our way, Kazemde and Anum realize how technology of the present surpasses the magic past.


Teleute Jp12x

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