Cursed Necropolis: Rio Grande Valley

Sesión Ocho - The Moor Slayers Pt. 2 (Los Matamoros Pt. 2)

Ryan’s notes:

Pre game knowledge checks:

Kazemde remembers being a pirate and encountering people binding themselves to animal spirits and gaining their powers.

Citlali knows they’re called nagaul, a type of witch.

I remember that this thing will fuck up the human, but give them the powah.

Game time:

Kazemde necksnaps a dude, his special features start to fade.

Anum and Kazemde sense crazy large amounts of Sekhem outside. Sees the space marines holding a strange chain thing that seems like it’s looking for him. Shoots at it, it lets out a birdlike scream, bleeds purple blood.

The grayscale space marine barely avoids seeing me.

Citlali throws her axe again, the axehead severs his artery. Blood fountains and hits the ceiling.

I delay a turn and take aim.

Bahiti hears the ground shaking again. She tries to hide, makes it, hears more rumbling and the sound of massive things jumping and crushing bones.

(volume issues, could not take proper notes for Anum)

Kazemde follows Anum, sees the chimera (oozing scorpions) rush towards the building. He then jumps down, and unleashes a sandstorm bullets on the chimera.

Anum busts a shotgun cap in the chimera’s face. The chimera jumps at Anum.

Citlali moves to join Bahiti.

The grayscale space marine takes out a support pillar. I shoot him in the back of the spine. Dick.

Citlali sees Bahiti’s eyes roll back in her head. Bahiti hears more walls being broken down. If this building falls on me, I’m going to be pissed. She then gets the hell out of dodge (with Citlali) as something bursts through the floor where they were. They make it to the central area where people are getting medical treatment.

I order a few of my dudes to come with me to take out the other grayscale space marine.

Anum takes a hit from the Chimera, who seems to be trying to get at the artifact. He’s sure that this is a creature that eats artifacts, decides to feed it BULLETS! (He only gives it a light snack.)

Kazemde uses crazy mummy mojo to fuck shit up everywhere. Shoots molten glass eyebeams at the chimera. He melts off it’s tail.

Citlali helps organize things in the center area, learns that others are being attacked, but for them it’s a matter of quantity over quality.

Me and my group sneak up on the nagaul, he dies of lead poisoning via bullet overexposure.

Bahiti uses her medicine skills to help out, she hurts him a but, but he’s alive so he should be grateful.

Kazemde fies up to get a better view, continues to snipe the chimera with molten glass lasers. Turns the chimera in to swiss cheese. Anum shoots it down it’s gullet. the chimera disintegrates, Skyrim style.

Citlali tells the dudes to hold position, unless they can get safely outside before the building collapses.

I split my guys in to two groups, each goes after one of the naguals. We attain harmonious bullet murder on the naguals.

Bahiti tries to help another dude, fails, Citlali sees Bahiti’s eyes glaze over again. Bahiti hears the death knell of the dying dude.

The battle continues.

Still near a mortal’s death, the chimeara returns. It attacks me through the fortress wall and deals me another deadly injury. It’s attack suggests it is drawn to the artifacts I carry. I must ponder this later. Perhaps the control of the beast is an illusion.

I make use of my new firearm and wound the beast. It has little effect. I expect this will take some time. Luckily, my reserves of healing are deep.

I am startled to see Kazemde leap to meet the monster. He is flying upon the winds of a sandstorm, hurling blades of sand and fire. Soon, he seems to throw molten glass spikes at the thing. It spills insects from it’s belly and cries in frustration and pain. The sight is truly awesome.

Soon, the creature is no more; the courtyard is scoured bare; Kazemde returns to my side. He seems unaware of the awe and fear on the faces of the Xetas. I do not think they will consider attacking us again.

We climb to the top of the tower. Another attack is going to arrive soon.


Teleute Teleute

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