Cursed Necropolis: Rio Grande Valley

Sesión Nueve - No Church in the Wild (No Iglesia en lo Salvaje)

With the end of battle, I recall another face. A woman in white paint. It seems Bahiti may be the latest of a series of women I have known.

Waiting for the next wave of attackers, I think on my memory of fighting as a pirate. I am skilled with these firearms. Luckily, my search revealed a satchel of automatically loaded magazines. These weapons can be fired many times and easily reloaded. I am later shown a piece of modern armor. A vest made of kevlar.

When there seems to be no further attacks, I decide it is time to leave. Someone suggests collapsing this fortress. I assume this is due to the odious nature of their business. But, I have no time for this. The world’s wrongs may never be addressed and we have an enemy hunting us. These Zetas claim we leave in peace. This must suffice for now.

At Bagdad Beach, we find a priest. He prays to the holy death. Soon, Kazemde reveals the man has taken the traits of the jelly fish. The source of the power appears to be a nearby statue. As I approach it, weapon raised, Bahiti yells for me to punch it. Can I not pass a day without exerting Sekhem? I suppose I must call to my Ren for strength again.

After the attack, we all head to the roof to meet and discuss our plans for the future. The medicine man asks where Citlali and Bahiti are going, asks to come along to meet the “gods”.

Anum gets a memory of himself as a pirate tying on a holster for single shot pistols, also remembers a woman named “Iram”

I use my postcognition on the mutated bodies to try to trace them. I get a vision of Juan on a beach smearing blood in the shape of a cross on them, with a raven skull, they then turn crazy mutated. Also, a woman dressed as Lady Death is in the background.

Questions asked -
1 I recognize the beach as Bagdad Beach.
2 I do not recognize the woman
3 There is an odd looking statue of a woman made of driftwood
4 The ritual took place just after sunrise
5 The woman has no shoes, is 5’5’’

Other details: In the water we see a bunch of jelly fish beached, and a dead body that I saw getting shot, where they got the blood.

Medicine man offers to help, says he can tell us if there is going to be a second wave or not. Cithlali offers to take him with us if he’s not here by choice. He comes back and says that nothing is happening in the other areas.

Medicine man says that they aren’t real Naguals, says that whoever is changing them can’t leave the general area.

We leave, taking the Medicine Man with us. I point out the few remaining load baring walls to the Mummy/Gods, tell them it might be a good idea to remove them. Anum goes towards the second floor, Citlali and Bahiti follow him. The Medicine Man leaves.

Anum asks the people there who’s in charge, he moves over to those who say they are, asks if they part as friend. They reply “cordially” for gangsters, and Anum leaves. The others follow.

We head to Bagdad Beach, the Mummies sense a Relic in the direction of the Beach. Kazemde senses a cache of Relics back where we came from, that he feels a connection too.

We get to the beach, see a line of beach covered in footprints, they belong to the guys we just fought. They head out near the statue of the driftwood woman, where Juan is at a table, praying and surrounded by jellyfish.

Bahiti has a vision of Juan getting shot, and the bullet just ghosting through him. Tells us about this.

Medicine man asks Bahiti if she’s had any near death experiences, she says no. Medicine man says he wants to talk to her about this.

We approach Jaun, he’s praying to the Saint of Death, has a blood cross on his head and jellyfish burns. He also has an artifact axe and his eyes are closed.

I sense danger, signal to the other mortals of the group that there is danger and to be cautious.

Combat time

Citlali charges with her axe, slices his hands which just fall off without any blood. Juan looks unperturbed.

Kazemde attempts to snap his neck, as he grabs, Juan feels rubbery and slippery. He thankfully gets a grip, pulls off Juan’s head. It feels like pulling a suction cup off a wall. Juan’s features turn and he says “You cannot defeat me, I am powered by my goddess”.

Juan’s severed wrists and neck grow tentacles and attack Citlali and Kazemde. Citlali gets tentacle smacked, Kazemde gets shocked, but laughs it off.

I shoot at him, nothing happens.

Anum faffs about and looks for the source of Sekhem, finds one source somewhere on Juan’s body and the driftwood statue. Anum heads towards the statue.

Bahiti, on the urging of the Medicine man, attempts to do something mystical. Bahiti gains the power of spectral precognition, gets a vision of Anum punching the statue, and a woman falling out of it. She relays this information to Anum.

Citlali highjacks the mystical axe from Juan, also takes a little bit of him with it. The axes also start to glow slightly.


Teleute Teleute

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