Cursed Necropolis: Rio Grande Valley

Sesión Diecisiete - Dead Dreams (Sueños Muertos)


Ryan’s notes

The others head back to the meeting area, I grapple with the smoke thing, which is psychically smashing me, forcing me in to unconsciousness.

The others wait for ten minutes before starting to look for me, however at the same time, lights and people start to come out of the pyramid, looking for us.

Anum sends Kazemde out to look for me, the rest head back to the camp. Kazemde manages to sneak past them, he finds me face down in the snow, passed out with a big chunk bitten out of my arm. No one is standing over me. He wakes me up.

The others at the camp are fortifying for an attack. Anum uses the weather control device to change the weather to hot and stormy. The change is almost instantaneous.

Kazemde and I arrive in the camp, when we get there Anum racks up the bad weather to full blown monsoon + lightning. Citlali/Lahyah and I do a self check to see if they tagged me at all. I see that the veins leading to my heart are black, and leading to my neck and legs and shoulders. May or may not be spreading.

Bahiti/Ahdidi doesn’t know what it is, but they get a significant feeling of dread and that death/doom is coming. She panics. The others think it might be an infection of the blood or a possession.

Kazemde remembers that I may or may not have a mystic parasite.

Citlali/Laylah tires to heal my arm, success.

Anum makes the slaves get to work cooking the elephant meat, talks to Kazemde about making a profit off of dead elephant. He continues to mess with the weather machine to drive out the others. Calls one of the believers to sight for him, as the weather control is imprecise. He reports that one tornado is near us and on top of them.

We decide to alternate between tornados and lightning, as the temple that the others are in is more elevated.

I double over in pain, almost throwing up. I feel that my blood is boiling. We decide to tie me up, just in case. Unfortunately I collapse and vomit black fog, that goes towards Bahiti. Citlali interposes herself between Bahiti and the fog.

I recognize that the fog guy was riding along with me has the powers of an owl spirit. I remember that it’s weak to the sun, and tell Anum to lay on the sunlight.

Citlali attacks it with her axes, it seems ineffective, but it seemed to part the fog in a way that implies that it’s tangible.

Kazemde swallows some oil and uses it to spew fire on the fog monster. The oil suspends itself in the fog while on fire. I taste blood in my mouth, but I didn’t before. it’s hurting.

The fog envelops Bahiti, hears a voice saying “my child, you have returned to me. Do you not want to come? I hunger for your soul.” She rejects this, but it keeps saying it wants her soul. She thinks it might be the god who Ahdidi is a priestess to. It also doesn’t sound like a god, but like a hungry weird god. The god asks why she wont give it her soul. She points out the others in the pyramid. The god doesn’t understand. She asks how she can send him souls, he says “you have, you sent me yours.” The god seems to be having trouble controlling himself, keeps babbling. She says okay. She feels pain and hears “your fetch will be apotheosis.”

We all wake up, tied up in a warehouse. One of Irah’s people unties her. Anum asks her if this is a sex thing. Irah is confused and Anum tires to smile. I get my gun back, Citlali gets her axes back.

Irah is confused as to what happened, asks us what happens. We yell at her about how it was her idea, she says someone gave her the thing and that it would help her recall the past with people who shared the experience. She tires to name the person, but keeps giving different names. Does not seem to be giving the names of her own will.

Irah is confused, asks us again what happened. Anum says she didn’t know what she was doing, and that she should live with it.

Anum tries a banana from one of the crates in the warehouse. Kazemde points out that we know about a weather control machine that can be causing the snow and that we should be finding it. Irah says she has it, and was using it deter us from finding her as she was stealing Anum and Kazemde’s Sekhem stuff.

Irah wondering what Bahiti is, as she’s definitely something unusual among the mummies. She’s still confused as to what just happened, as she doesn’t have records of what happened. Irah says she’s going to investigate it with her people and Citlali wants to be there when they arrive. Irah says okay. Kazemde wants her weather machine, but Irah says “good luck powering it without the batteries”.

The mummies start bickering over artifacts and Sekhem and use of weather machines against us.

As a peace offering, Irah says she’ll give us records of the mummies from the past. She asks us us what we last remember. She points out that the fog thing was specifically interested in Bahiti. Bahiti tells us what happened to her. Irah asks if Bahiti would be willing to take her to someone who would be more knowledgeable about this kind of thing (not the guy who gave her the memory machine).

Citlali says if Bahiti goes, we all go, Irah says that’s fine, but we’ll need radiation suits to protect us, as it’s dangerous to be around him. May or may not be a god, likes video games. Irah goes “brb” to turn off the weather machine. Irah get huffy, but eventually gives it to Citlali to give to Kazemde.

When she gets back, Anum demands money from her. Says he’s not going to continue this cycle. Irah says this has happened before, elaborates and explains that they have very little control over how things work, other than that they Cults. Anum says he doesn’t care, wants his money and the files he mentioned.

More bickering between Irah and Kazemde, Anum notices that this is definitely an old routine for her.

Anum asks if he’s said he was going to stop using Sekhem before, Irah says yes, that she’s also trying to reach apotheosis. She’s using different methods, that the guy with the memory machine was supposed to help, even if she had “the stick of Irem.”

She was also apparently, involuntary, behind most of the issues that we’ve deal with on our way here. She’s careless.

We go to a hotel, ignoring Irah’s offer of a house. Anum wants elephants.

As we leave, we get a realization that we could draw upon the powers of our past memory selves.

Kazemde is willing to look for Tadris. As he is the sneakiest man I’ve ever met, I am confident he will not also become lost. The rest of us return to our camp.

As I hoped, Kazemde and Tadris soon rejoin us. I have studied the weather control device and begin t make the landscape a living hell for the nomads. Lightning, blazing sun, and tornadoes. I make certain to never allow the temperature to drop, as they are well prepared for cold weather.

We have a near-miss or two. Then, Tadris vomits up a fog monster. Fire defeats it and the vision we have been living ends,

We wake in a warehouse. I am changed. If true, this vision has shown me who I once was. I want more. I.

Irah claims many things. The conversation between her and Kazemde rings like a familiar bell. There is no point to this. I yearn to free myself from this cycle. This Samsara. Perhaps documents held by Irah will aid me. But, I am certain I have done this before. Were study alone successful, I would not still feel like a slave.


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