Cursed Necropolis: Rio Grande Valley

Sesión Dieciseis - The Faithful of Shulpae (Los Fieles de Shulpae)

Ryan’s notes

Back at the camp, Bahiti is asked by the servants to perform the last rites on the dead/dying servants. She does, during the process she hears something in the back of her mind. It’s mumbly, but it’s definitely not her own thoughts. It’s happened before, but not this strong. She completes the ritual.

Back to us, combat time. The leader doesn’t do anything, but his eyes start to glow red.

Kazemde cuts at the leader’s neck, the leader seems to teleport an inch away, but still gets nicked.

Anum tries to impale the leader with his spear, fails. More teleportation.

I stab the non leader guy with my knife, get a good slash in.

Citlali goes for a cut, the leader dude tries to vanish, but she gets a chunk out of him.

Non leader guy starts to hulk out, grows claws. Very top heavy.

The leader vanishes, appears behind Anum to grapple him, holds a knife to Anum’s neck. (Anum: I was only one day from retirement!) Says there’s no need for violence, he just wants the one girl. Says his group’s hunger demands it. Anum demands his death.

Kazemde tries to use his mummy powers, passes out for a split second, gets a vision of us in the modern time, passed out and someone dragging bodies away. HE tries to cut leader man, fails. Leader man asks if Kazemde is crazy and if they want him to kill Anum.

Anum tries to engage in some ball handling, succeeds. The leader doesn’t cut Anum’s throat, but doesn’t let go, even with the ball crushing.

I go for the eyes on the now wolf-guy with my sword, he backs away and tries to avoid brain impalement, but I cut out one of his eyes.

Citlali, following her god’s orders, attacks the leader man with everything she has, aiming right between the eyes and the hand holding Anum hostage. Success, the leader dude is down like a ton of bricks.

Wolf guy runs, Citlali throws her axes to trip him up, I turn in to a fox and chase after him. We kill him.

After mopping up, we search the bodies for any loot, find a bunch of survival gear and a book “The mandates of the hungry ones.” We make our way to their camp for the weather machine, come across three pyramids, with the one in the middle being where the tracks are coming from.

In fox form, I sneak in to the pyramid, moving past around 4 guards moving in a circle around it. In the pyramid I see lots of people doing things. When I’m 500 feet in, they see me and weirdly all try to kill me. Much more ruckus than a fox would cause.

I make my way to the others and tell them what’s going on.

Anum and Kazemde disguise themselves as the leader and wolfman, carry Citlali and I change in to fox form so we can sneak in.

(Kazemde rolls, 14 successes)

We stealth so well, the guards actually bow to us as we make our way towards the front door. We decide to chance it and keep going with me as a fox taking point. We get to an open area where there area a lot of people.

I fox-ninja my way towards the central area with a glowing platform and an artifact. The artifact is Iramite, it seems to be on the fritz, probably the malfunctioning weather device. I try to make my way back to the others, luckily the only people who saw me were children.

Anum and Kazemde puzzle out that the artifact isn’t broken, just poorly operated. It can be set back to better settings if we want.

I recall that the smells of the soup I got in fox form are of both humans and supernatural creatures.

I try to move to to the other end of the central area, get their attention (7 successes) run down the opposite hallway, turn a corner and turn in to fox and run. They keep chasing, and one turns in to smoke.

Kazemde sneaks up to the lone guard back in the central area, stabs him through the temple and the guard falls down like a sack of meat (which he now is). Kazemde sneaks off with the artifact

As I just get out the the temple, the smoke catches up to me and drops down to catch me.

The fight is quick and bloody. I resort to dirty tactics while Citlali, Kazemde, and Tadris kill the nomads.

We scout and infiltrate the temple. I feel greed, hoping to find the means to control the power within.

The nomads have tampered with but not understood the device housed within the main structure. It is a simple matter to enter and retrieve the control device.

We wait at our meeting spot. Tadris is late meeting us and I fear the worst.


Teleute Jp12x

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