Cursed Necropolis: Rio Grande Valley

Sesión Dieciocho - Cutting the Cord (Cortando el Cordón)


I am resolved to living as a man. I will avoid Sekhem. I will avoid The Judges. I will eat. I will sleep. I will breathe. The vision of the desert has stirred something in me and I refuse to let it slip away.

We visit a zoo. The elephants seem small but they are certainly elephants. Elsewhere, I am reminded of once chasing a monkey for a trinket. I do not feel emotion in the memory. But, I feel a fury arise within me. I will not chase a monkey!

Wearing a shirt from the zoo gift shop, I begin to feel I may be blending in. I wonder if pretending to be something will make it so. Perhaps.

Bahiti has a meeting with a man. I suppose it is part of her path. It concerns me not at all.

The man is odd. From my point-of-view, that makes him normal, as nearly everyone I meet is odd.

I ask Kazemde to assist in the man nearly killing Bahiti. Kazemde calls himself a thief. But, I think he has always been a better murderer. Does his choice to call himself a thief indicate a moral feeling? I may ask him sometime.

The ‘operation’ seems to be a success. I do not understand what was done. I look at Zombie Jim and notice he follows a path of ‘Humanity’ rather than ‘Morality’. It may be useful to know later. For now, I seek rest and study. I may also ask Citlali to prepare the Pet Cemetery for my viewing.


Teleute Jp12x

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