Cursed Necropolis: Rio Grande Valley

Sesión Cinco - Suspicions (Sospechas)

Thoughts on The Mummy Returns:

The Scorpion King is defeated and exiled to Ahm Sher. I do not know this place. The name is unusual. He swears an oath to Anubis the wolf god. Anubis gives him a pyramid and a jackal army. I would not believe it had I not seen it. How does this device convey my vision? The jackal army destroys all of Egypt. I do not recall hearing this story.

In 1933, a family of incompetent scholars study the ruins of Thebes. I assume Thebes is now a ruins. Why does the vision from the T.V. device change it’s view often. It is disconcerting.

The badly behaved son of the incompetent scholars wears a bracelet. It is said he will die in seven days. Clearly, this story is a morality tale of the consequences of a poor work ethic.

The story is more confusing now. The female is taken by a cult. A priest named Imhotep is returned to life to fight the Scorpion King but he desires to take a bride. The female has a craven, incompetent brother.

There is much fighting. None of the incompetent family is injured. I lose the narrative as I realize the family is now in a flying wagon.

The female is Nefertiri, daughter of Seti, reborn. Somehow this device is telling a story. This cannot be truth. The flying machine crashes, as expected. Yet, again none of the incompetents has been injured. THERE ARE TINY MUMMIES! IT IS A HORROR! Imhotep and Anck-su-namun are unharmed for some reason. The incompetents are immune to injury.

Confusing fighting takes place. The incompetent, illiterate son asks his incompetent son to read to him. He reads badly, as expected.

The female was killed but now she fights Anck-su-namun. The man kills the Scorpion King in a most improbable manner. Anck-su-namun abandons Imhotep and they both die. I am very confused

The luckiest fools in all creation are rescued. Somehow, unaware of the great fortune which spared their lives. And, the story is done. There is no meaning to this.


The Mummy Returns is a: Poor use of time.

Ryan’s notes:

We try to trace the phones, no luck. The bikers and the collage kids are arguing pretty badly over who ordered the attack. Either some lady in government who hates gangs, or a rival gang.

My clairvoyance shows that the guy who called the was sandwiched between the cars, thanks to Kazemde. No luck.

Some people are worried about the Cops showing up. It’s strange that they’re not, especially since it’s in the back of city hall. This implies whoever ordered the attack is in government

Citlali stops the arguing and does a ceremony introducing the gods to the followers, reunifies the cult. Afterwards she sends them home.

Before they go The bikers suspect the attack was caused by the gulf Cartel. The hespanic dudes say that the attack was caused by a politician who pits gangs against each other.

We spot a uniformed officer sneaking looks at us around the corner. I tell the others that we should probably bail. We sneak out the back.

We make our way to Citlali’s place and bunker down, make plans. Bahiti and I investigate the politician lady. We learn her name is “Margo Aprec”. Bahiti learns she’s really interested in medical centers (opening, funding them, etc). It’s odd that a town that’s across the border from the Cartel is a center for medicine learning/research. She also wants to bring space exploration to the town.

I confirm that she hires thugs to beat people up, no explanation as to why. Also rumors that she’s behind kidnapping of pregnant woman. Also we have her home address. She also has a husband and a son.

We check the 6 o’clock news, they have a story on the attack on city hall (actually our base). There’s a general coverup of the weirdness that happened. The police are taking credit for it.

Citlali calls Margo under the pretense of social services work, leaves a message.

Bahiti investigates the Cartel to cover our bases. I also try, but thanks to the recent fight, they’re all laying low.

I ESP Margo, she’s sitting by the pool being given a drink in the middle of a party. It’s a birthday party for her son. Nothing shady going on, sadly.

I ESP the Cartel leader, Juan Guerra. He’s at Church, kneeling and praying in front of a skeletal version of the Virgin Mary. Santa Muerte. Nothing especially shady going on.

I check in on them during the night, not a lot of changes, at one point Juan shoots someone in the face. For Margo, I see a flash of a pregnant woman and blood spatter. She also does not go to sleep, at all.

To do: Investiate Margo, hardcore.


Teleute Teleute

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