Cursed Necropolis: Rio Grande Valley

会期 37 - Anachronistic Shit (時代 錯誤 の 糞)


Ryan’s notes:

Kazemde wants me to leave Anum behind at the behest of Oda Nobunaga for reasons unknown.

I just roll with it, Mummy shit, man.

Kazemde thinks he may be scaring his cult away from him.

Also, I’m no longer seeing weird psychedelic techno shit as I head in to nature, it’s all natural stuff now.

We bail on Anum, Bahiti manages to catch Oda Nobunaga leaving with us. He’s acting very strange about the whole thing, trying to play it off as everyone going to take a shit at the same time “It’s a new form of composting?”

Odas says “You should probably go with them too. When you see rats flee, it’s a sign that the ship is going to sink.”

Bahiti is very confused, only answer she gets from the cultists is “it’s the gods command.” “the god of fire and vengeance ” (Kazemde)

Bahiti tells Anum that a bunch of people are leaving, and that Oda is being obnoxious about it. Also tells him that Oda is talking in a modern way.

Oda is sitting on a wagon, waiting of Anum. They have a talk about why Anum is here, and about Apotheosis. Anum says his new attempts to find Apotheosis is to not look for Apotheosis.

Kazemde was invisible and watching this whole time, making sure Oda isn’t about to stab Anum.

In the meantime, Bahiti senses that despite being in the middle of nowhere, there’s Sekehem being used but she’s not sure how.

Kazemde notices that he’s not lost Sekehem until now, were he just loses a point of Sekhem.

Using my astral sight, I see the embassy room where we’re all passed out, however I see people busting in to the room, and they appear to be raising guns at us. One is shot at Kazemde, and the vision ends in a bright light. The people are carrying the weird weapons we say in the Nobunaga tomb.

I know that: We are not dead, it looks to be the same group of guys, and our bodies have not been moved.

Also, I have a nosebleed.

I can’t tell anyone because they all left me. Assholes.

I just wait for them to catch up.


Teleute Teleute

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