Cursed Necropolis: Rio Grande Valley

会期 36 - Where there’s smoke, there’s fire (火の無い所に煙は立たぬ)


Ryan’s notes

Kazemde tells his followers to go find Citlali, they cower in fear as they fear her, but they go to look for her. Kazemde joins them.

Kazemde tracks Citlali’s foot prints to the city wall, deduces that she left the city and is now in the forest

Kazemde returns, tells us that Citlali has vanished, doesn’t know where she is. He then goes to push the drunken Nobunaga out of the cart, Nobunaga rolls on to his side and falls deeper in to the wagon as Kazemde moves to push him.

We’re on the road, now, and we venture from town to town. We decide to practice pretending to be a traveling circus troupe, even if we only get pennies for it.

We perform our magic act, we do pretty well. Kazemde manages to attract a crowd, and Nobunaga gets people to sing drunken songs with them. Bahiti and I don’t draw as big of a group, but we get tribute in the form of food and small trinkets.

Anum hands out Charms for protection, and gets some help from one of the buffer villagers who says he’ll look out for the elder who Bahiti read a death-mist-prophesy to him.

Later on our way out, we encounter a villager traveling who lets us know that Tahiti’s reading helped save the village elder.

Montage time: First village we perform at, we kinda suck, but the people here have a better idea where Kazemde’s cash is. I start doing well, and turn out to be the main attraction. Bahiti suffers a but, but still manages to get some attention. Bahiti also gets another vision of someone who is reviled getting taken away by the mist.

I secretly try to inform people that the mist is for realz, but no one believes me, and eventually my rumors develop in to their own things.

We decide to follow the defiler of daughters guy and watch the mist take him so we can find the mist’s body pile were there might be phat lootz.

We stalk defiler man man/’s house, eventually he comes out to pee, and while he’s doing that we see a woman behind his house beckon him over. When defiler man goes to follow, she runs in to the woods. We follow, but eventually we lose track of them (except for KAzemde). He sees the woman turn in to mist and attack the man.

Kazemde attacks the mist woman, but he has no success and simply passes through it. He takes minor ice damage from the frozen mist. Kazemde watches the mist envelop the defiler man and freeze him to death.

The mist retreats from a now visible Kazemde, and Kazemde turns in to a flaming bird of death. In a forest. He shoots molten glass laser beams. We all see him doing this, and have a forest fire on our hands. We leave.

Kazemde follows the mist woman as a firebird. The mist shapes in to a woman and asks him what Kazemde thinks he’s doing.

Kazemde flings more molten glass at her, and the mists disperses and fades in to nothing. Kazemde is still a giant firebird in the sky.

The villagers are panicking and feeling, we get in to our cart and make to leave, some of the villagers try to board and we let them. Kazemde’s cultists chide the villagers for following the wrong god.

Kazemde rejoins us, invisible.

After we leave the village, the mist person appears in the back of our cart, asleep and bleeding. Anum figures out that it’s a fear eating monster, and that Citlali (who this person is playing host to) is no longer in control of the body.

As we get to the next town, we get a lukewarm reception because people are more concerned about the giant fire that just happened and they’re worried about Nobunaga coming with his army. Bahiti reassures them that this isn’t the case, but I spread rumors among the nobles that Nobunaga is actually coming.

At the last town we perform well. Anum glasses the town and people are in to it. The cultist lays more groundwork, Bahiti reassures them, and I sow rumors hat war is coming to the upper class.

Mist woman wakes up and is silently tending to her wounds. Anum goes to Kazemde and signals that he might have to kill mist woman, then asks her a trick question of what kind of music she prefers.

The mist woman answers poorly, and Anum and Kazemde kill her. We now have no idea what happened to Citlali.


Teleute Teleute

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